(howling animal) (spooky music, moaning, and laughter) (lightning flash) – [Annoying Orange] Hey, yo,
it’s A to the O back again with another game in video. And it’s Happy Halloween Shocktober time! That’s right, we’re gonna play
some horror Halloween levels for Happy Wheels (laughs psychotically) Woo, Let’s just jump
right in the horror house. (laughs psychotically) What kinda horrors do you have here? Okay, guy’s hanging. I’m pretty sure she deserved that. This guy’s in the fetal position because he was probably being chased by Justin Beiber. Ow! (laughs psychotically) Knife! Knives do not go in my chest. Alright, let’s keep
moving on down the line. What the?! Is that Donald Trump? (laughs goofily) Yep, it’s Donald Trump. (laughs psychotically) (crashing bike) Wow! Yet, you just know that anytime you hear screaming people that’s probably where Donald Trump is. It’s probably coming from that area. Continuar? Si or no? Si? Si. (grunting) Massage it with my face a little bit. Maybe, I gotta get a running start. (struggling) (squishing noise) (laughs psychotically) Oh, the horror. Now, I understand the level. (laughs psychotically) Okay, moving on. Horrored UNFINISHED. Hey, how’d they know he was Finish? (laughs psychotically) ‘Scuse me, coming through. (laughs psychotically) Okay, now I know why
it’s called unfinished. Alright, toads, leave me alone! Alright, moving on to
the next spooky level. (laughs psychotically) Oh, one sec. Aah! (laughs goofily) Oh, what happened? (manic screaming) What the heck! That’s the first jump scare
that I’ve ever experienced on Happy Wheels. What’s wrong with that guy? Looks like he just found
out Zayn left One Direction. Come on buddy, that
happened a long time ago. Get over it. (laughs psychotically) Oh, this looks creepy. Those spikes look dangerous. I’m sure I’ll be fine. (dislodging metal)
Ow! Not fine! Not fine! I’m not doing okay. I think every single one of those spikes is inside of me right now. Alright, come on, come on.
(dislodging metal) No! (explosion) The number of cases of people
getting stabbed has spiked. (laughs psychotically) Okay, maybe if we go slow. Oh, yeah, gonna shut that light off. Okay, gonna shut that light. Oh, there we go. And put that on the (scream) (laughs goofily) That’s not where spikes go. Oh, that Segway guy’s
not gonna have children. (explosion) Oh, that’s not gonna be good for him. Oh, the horror. (laughs) Poor Segway guy. I kinda feel bad for him. That’s not good for anybody. Okay, shut this light off. Come on, no. Okay, now don’t let the
spikes hit you in the groin. Okay, we’re gonna jump over it. There we go. (explosion) There we go! That’s how you do it. Okay, now do I have to shut them all off. No! (laughs psychotically) I didn’t know if I was
supposed to go fast or slow. Timmy, what are you doing up there? You’re creepy peeping
at me from the spikes. That’s a little weird. Okay, now that’s there we go. There we go. Just jump over that like that like that. Hey! (explosion) No! Ah, this place is haunted. I don’t like it. Probably haunted by the
ghost of this guy’s groin. Really didn’t appreciate getting stabbed. (laughing creepily) Okay, one (explosion) there we go. Jump. There we go! That’s how you do it. Okay, okay, slow it, slow it, slow it. Okay. Shut off. Shut the light off! (click) Thank you. Timmy, what are you doing up
there above the spinning ax? Timmy, can I ax you a question? Why you gotta be doing that? Okay, just wait for it. Here we go! Hey, that was easy. Spinning Timmy wheel ax
has got nothing on me. There we go. Oh, there’s another. Oh, wait, what’s the button do? If I press it, will it get me peanut butter
bowling ball sandwiches? No, didn’t give me peanut
butter bowling ball sandwiches. Do I have to turn the light off? How do I get the coin? I want the coin. Okay, no jump scares. I don’t want any jump scares. Oh, no, I lost my head. What are you doing? Ah, you’re just losing legs
and hats and everything. I’m just trying to press the button. Button, can I press you for some answers? (neck cracks) (laughs psychotically) No! My other leg! I didn’t need it anyway. (grunts) I’ve got a secret. I see dead people. I mean it’s Happy Wheels. You can pretty much only see dead people. (laughs psychotically) Ow! That’s not where the ax goes. (explosion) Aah! (explosion) No! Well, he didn’t mean to fall apart. It was ax-idental. (laughs psychotically) Alright, Horror House. Let’s go again. Oh, now this is looking creepy. Look at that moon. Why is this with every
level has screaming. Creepy. (screaming) Cemetery. Oh, what’s going on in here? Oh, another haunted house? I’m losing all my food! All my food friends
fell out of the basket. Thanks, lady. (laughs psychotically) Okay, what’s going up ahead? Was that door made of foam? What the heck? Aah! It’s a ghost! Die! No! What is happening? Aah! Now use it. Come on lady, lean in to it. There we go. Yeah, survival of the fittest. That’s what they say. You can’t haunt me ghosty, toastie. No! (laughs goofily) No, don’t go down there. (squashing head) (laughs) I said don’t go down there. Oh, I was supposed to go down there. – [Impaled Man] Save me! – [Annoying Orange] Hey,
stop thinking for yourself. How about you save me. I’m the one without a head. You just have a spike through you. You’re fine. Just call a doctor. You’ll be okay.
(screaming) Stop screaming, I’m not a ghost. I’m just a lady in a
Segway carrying some food. (screaming) Ah, settle down. (laughs psychotically) I lost my mayonnaise. Whatever will I do? (laughs goofily) (woman screaming) What? Why you screaming? Don’t be. Okay, just gotta go down here now. I thought I wasn’t
supposed to go down here, but it looks like you
have to go down here. Of course, now that I
want to go down here, I can’t get down here. Just get the wheels going. Come on, get the rascals riding. Pump the breaks. Pump the breaks lady. Hey it worked. (laughs psychotically) Alright, go down. Here, I’ll get that out of you. Oh, nope, okay. I just removed more of your limbs. Ah, you eh-splo-did. I’m not cleaning that up. I was trying to help you. Yeah, you’re definitely in way more pieces than when I first got here. But, that’s not my fault. It was like that when I found it. ‘Scuse me. I don’t mean
to drive over your limbs, but I gotta get a running start. Excuse me! Could you move? Thanks. Hey, when they were
designing this haunted house, they really weren’t thinking
about anyone with disabilities. Can’t get up the stairs. (laughs goofily) Why didn’t I get the rascal with nitrous? I should’ve gotten the one with nitrous! Okay, get a running start. (explosion) (laughs) splo-dee spleens! (conveyor belt) Lady! This is not gonna help you. No, this is not helping
you get up the stairs. Nope, you’re still not there, lady. Come on! Is there like a ghost or
something that could help me? Help me flip this thing around. I’m stuck! (explosion) (laughs goofily) Head-splosions. Alright, moving on to
the next spooky level. Let’s go with Santa. Cuz I’m sure Santa gets tired of being the only time
he’s around is Christmas. Sometimes, he wants to enjoy
other holidays as well. Right? I mean, come one. I mean everybody likes
dressing up for Halloween. What if Santa just really
wants to dress up like a zombie or like Flo, from the
Progressive commercials? (laughs goofily) Wow! This really is a horror level. He lost all his presents! (goofy laughter) Poor Santa. Elves are still looking pretty good. (laughs) Never mind. I was just gonna say they
were looking pretty good and then that happened. (slay crash) (creepy laughter) Oh. Is anybody in the mood for some elf stew? I’ve got plenty of body parts
(jingle bells) If you want some.
(jingle bells) (laughs creepily) Oh, boy. There’s no business
(jingle bells) like snow business.
(jingle bells) Come on, get out of there Santa. (laughs) Santa’s really flipping out.
(jingle bells) Ow, he’s flipping out with elf parts.
(jingle bells) It’s a little weird
(jingle bells) Yay! I’m juggling elf limbs. Oh, yeah. There we go. Push it. Timber! Oh, sorry, lady.
(jingle bells) I didn’t mean to make
you lose another leg. Here we go, here we go,
here we go, here we go. Timber! (crunching trees) (laughing goofily) Oh, they were squishy! Oh, no! This is the weirdest
Halloween horror level ever. Okay. Oh, synchronized double kicks. Nice. Oh, excuse me.
(jingle bells) Ladies! (laughs)
(jingle bells) Oh, I ruined their
synchronized double kicks Yeah, blocked them. I knew you were trying to
shoot me with some arrows. I get the point. (laughs creepily) Hey, can I ax you a question? Where we going? (congratulatory trumpet music)
Yay! I beat a level, finally. (laughs psychotically) Alright, let’s go on to the next one. Hey, it’s Horror Chistmas! (Explosion) Santa, what’s going on? Santa, I’m stuck. Help me. Oh, no, that’s not gonna help anything. Ow, the Segway wheels
are grinding on my groin. Worst Christmas ever!
(laughs psychotically) Alright, moving on. If you see a killer stand in place. Don’t move, otherwise he
will cut you into pieces. Don’t move until he leaves. (screams awkwardly) (laughs psychotically) He cut himself into pieces. Alright, let’s try this
one more time. (laughs) I gotta restart. That happened so fast. Whoa! Was that a Jimmy Dean sausage? Excuse me. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hit you. Aah! (laughs psychotically) (explosion) He destroyed himself again. Timmy, help me. Can you help me get back on the bike? (laughs psychotically) Okay, gotta go. Hey, what the heck was that? Was that a pot pie? Okay, just hit him in
the butt a little bit. Yeah, I’m just gonna hit you in the butt. (screams) (laughs wildly) He splo-deed himself. That’s how you do it. Video games are so informative. Whoa, what happened to you, buddy? He must have splo-deed himself too. Excuse me, man on the
chain, I gotta get through. Dude, are you performing
acupuncture on yourself? You should probably see a
licensed professional for that. (explosion) (laughs like creepy child) (laughs goofily) ‘scuse me! I’m trying to drive here.
(congratulatory trumpet music) You shouldn’t sit in the way. I know you’re trying to get
your acupuncture all done and all that good stuff,
but I’m riding here. You gotta get out of the road. (laughs psychotically) Alright, the Horror Story.
(laughs psychotically) Alright, let’s go on a
date in the Horror Story. (mimics musical score) Who wants to go? (irate screaming) That’s a lot of screaming. (screaming man) (goofily laughs) He was trying to steal my nachos. (breaking bone) I’ve got some secret nachos
in my pocket for our date. Ow! What happened? I don’t think that’s where our
date was supposed to end up but it happens. That was a fun date. Okay, let’s go to horror run. Just try, I will. Here we go Timmy. We’re
gonna go on a horror run. What kinda horrific things
do you think we’ll see on our ride? I think we’ll be fine as long as we don’t see Grapefruit’s mom. (laughs like a creepy child) Okay, falling Santas. Wow! (laughs goofily) That’s not good. Santa’s gonna be a little late
delivering presents this year just to let you know guys. Wow, my leg’s backwards. That’s weird. He doesn’t seem too concerned about it. Hey! What the heck. Timmy, where’d your arms go? I’m gonna go out on a
limb and say you lost it. (laughs creepily) Hey, speaking of losing
limbs, I lost my leg. It’s fine. Jump over this.
(mechanical whirring) Oh, wow! That’s way too many arrows! Ow, arrows in the behind. That’s okay. It happens more times than I can count. You know, you’re just riding along and all of a sudden you fall in a pit and you get stabbed by a
thousand arrows in the back. It happens. It happens all the time. I bet it’s happened to
you guys every single day. (laughs goofily) Alright, guys. Well, thank you so much for watching. This is a great episode of Shocktober. (laughs goofily) Halloween Style! Okay, guys. Make sure to like, share,
and subscribe button. Do everything. (speeds through words) Have you in Happy Wheel Halloween. Until next time, later spooky taters. What? – Sure watch. (throws up) – (throws up) – (throws up) Yay! – What the? – You try. – There’s no way. I can’t do that. – Oh, really? – Whoa, what’s happening? (throws up)

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