alright what’s up guys? It’s just a quick
update to yesterday’s video. flipper.was.a.dolphin got a hold of me in the
comments and came up with an idea of using a needle to do the anodizing so
we’re gonna give that a shot here and I came up with another idea while I was at
it, so let’s try both of these ideas out and see what we get here so
I’m using 3 9 volts just like I was yesterday already got my piece cleaned
ready to go what I did I drew some lines on the piece of paper here I also I’m
using a piece of ti wire. you can do it either way you can hook your red lead
this is, you can’t see it in the shot but this is the red lead hooked up directly to your
piece you can hook the alligator clip directly up to your piece but I did that
and then the piece of paper couldn’t sit flat on a piece if the ti wire was
hooked up to it so, or I’m sorry if the alligator clip was hooked up to it, so I
just hooked up a little bit of ti wire and hooked the alligator clip to that
then you’ll take your negative black wire hook that up to the negative
battery terminal and then we’ve taken a needle and then taking the sharp end I’m
not using the sharp end I’m using the dull end of the needle, put that in my
alligator clip ok and then what I came up with was using a this is just a piece
of milk carton HDPE as a stencil because like I said in the video yesterday I
suck at drawing straight lines so I’m gonna use this on here as a stencil
and I figured I’d use something plastic so it doesn’t so it doesn’t short but
then I’m just lining the stencil up with the lines that I drew on the paper and
we’ll go down the down the road following the stencil with the needle we’ll keep moving it down all right so that gets you a little a
little more even line looks like I went a little faster in some spots. Maybe we can put
that back on and redo that yeah that’s a little more it’s a little
more even you see when you go slower you get the bleed so it’s like the whole
piece gets anodized but you just get the just get the dark dark lines kind of
cool still a little wet but

12 thoughts on “Anodizing With A Needle – How To Anodize Titanium (2019)”

  1. That turned out pretty good. Glad my idea worked out for you. I might give another shot some day, but I ran out of some of my ingredients.

  2. Probably a stupid question but was that just standard printer paper? Thanks for the videos man. Canโ€™t wait to try some of this stuff.

  3. Thank you for the video ๐Ÿ‘ can you please make a video showing how to make what I believe is called the nebula pattern. It looks some what like timascus.

  4. What type of finish is on the titanium? I want to anodize a stonewashed handle but fear the colors wont come out as vibrant. Best wat to remove stonewash? Sandpaper?

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