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  1. My hair colour was discontinued too… twice! First was my purple hair… then I switched to green and it was discontinued… 😭😭😭

    On the up side your current colour is lovely 🙂

  2. Ooh I missed out to ask a possibly rude question and getting an answer but I'll try anyway . Since you plan on having children and they require a lot of maintenance, won't the majority of emotional labour, responsibilities and care fall to Claudia? Wouldn't she have to stop working or you would have to hire someome to take care of the kid since you can't possibly be expected to do that with your illness acting all unpredictable?

  3. Claudia, the thing where you accidentally switch opening syllables of words is called a spoonerism 🙂

    Great video guys, thank you xx

  4. Will u be selling that Christmassy sweatshirt past Christmas? Maybe into the new year? I really like it and want it. I do happen to be on disability and get paid the third oof the month.

  5. I think not infantilising someone can be practised. It's viewing helping someone as just another thing you do for each other. I've definitely had some people view me as very fragile, which for me isn't the way to go about things, it borders on patronising. Normalising disability, so that it's just another way we help people out, could make such a huge difference! Helping someone to the bathroom is no different to grabbing a cup of tea for them. It's just a change in how we view these things, but it makes such a big difference for those of us who do need help 😀

  6. Not to be rude, but people can be so rude sometimes. 😂

    In all seriousness, Claudia is that gorgeous and she’s not wearing makeup? I am jealous as hell! And I love the way you dress Jessica! It’s not my style, but it suits you! Everyone has their own style and that’s a beautiful thing. 😊

  7. My child is an ambulatory wheelchair user (newly diagnosed with MS). We are getting used to being a disabled family, and when you answered that question, I teared up. People can be so harsh.

  8. my red hairdye has also been discontinued. I asked in the store and they said lot's of brands have discontinued their reds. I was lucky and got to stock up on a years worth of the dye because they had some leftover stock. But yeah, it really annoyed me.

  9. Have you tried the mirena coil, its way less drugs, can be taken out and put in easily enough, once its in and it works it can left in for a few years, its ment to really help heavy periods and cramps etc especially for people who don't do well on the hormones from other pills!

  10. Woah woah wait you have EDS? Was your MCTD dx changed to EDS? I also have EDS(#3) and started watching your channel during your Malaysia trips and was AMAZED at how manageable you made traveling look while having a connective tissue issue. I kind of saw you as my disability cousin from across the pond, but were disability twinsies!!!!! (I too am a vintage loving, lgbt, red haired Jessica)

  11. I don't wanna be rude but… the fact that your sweater is missing one of the little pom poms is really grinding my gears xD

  12. Thank you for helping healthy people wrap their heads around life with chronic illness. Your work benefits everyone. ❤️

  13. The infantilizing is very real for people with disabilities. I'm invisibly disabled and was out with a friend in a wheelchair, btw also one of those that can stand and walk for very short periods of times mainly just for transfer, and he asked someone for the way because we had gotten lost a bit and my phone was acting up. That person literally talked to him in a baby voice and then just talked to me directly over his like he was not capable of understanding directions. Shit like this happens way too often and it makes me mad every single time. That's one of the few good things about having an invisible disability, people don't tend to directly go to the baby voice because in their head I just look like any other adult.

  14. 13:30 please dont use language like that. its extremely cisnormative. some women have penises and use those penises in sex and that doesnt make the women they are having sex with any less of a lesbian. and while i understand that you and your wife are both cis, the way you said it implies that all lesbians are cis/only like cis women.

  15. I’ve worked with a lot of blind and deaf people, both are a spectrum so I know this may not apply! Yet, I have met some people with ailments such as yours and they combat these issues on creative ways such as:
    Reading Braille with their lips and signing their response!
    Using toes to read Braille, then signing their response!
    The most common thing I have seen is people signing into another’s cupped palms to communicate! My friend has limited sensitivity in her palms, so her communicator used some rough textured gloves to sign into her palms! I know that she couldn’t feel certain signs so they created their own language to accommodate this!
    I know the idea of loosing your sight is scary, and I don’t want to be intrusive, but from what I’ve seen you have so much love around you! I don’t see your family’s love changing drastically if you can’t see it the way you used to!

  16. I had the same thing happen with my mood and birth control. I don't use it any more. I dislike having to trick my body into thinking it's pregnant all the time.

  17. Claudia not understanding the question on infantilization warmed my heart more than anything could have. What a star human, honestly. Just A+.

  18. Love you guys, glad you're here. I have a 2 cm long lesion on my C2 spine, right amongst the central nervous system of the whole body, and even though you can't see my problems I sure can feel them , happy to know that I'm not alone out there with problems that no one else can physically see, because gets very dark and depressing, with everyone else not understanding… when limbs don't work right or go numb, episode of slurred speech /bad vision.

  19. Jessica! You probably won't see this but discontinued hair dye colours will most likely still be available online if you look hard enough! Find a seller and stockpile!

  20. I know that this is going to sound stupid, but I had a lot of the same symptom as you describe all through growing up. My migraines became fewer and further between with each successive child. (I had two.) . I get maybe 1-2 of them per year these days since my youngest and they are nowhere near as severe as they were when I was younger. Good luck with the baby-making, Ladies! Happy Christmas!

  21. being disabled myself, and knowing you both (well, to the extent I do from watching your videos, I'm aware I don't really KNOW you, but I hope you get it), the question about infantilising is weird (absolutely no offense meant to the person asking, please keep reading), BUT I think at least most (maybe even all?) disabled people have had people infantilising them, so looking at the question from that pov, it's not weird at all. also, Claudia's commentary is AMAZING!

  22. Thank you for continuing these videos. I suffer from various chronic illnesses and you always lift me up on my worst days. Keep spreading your optimism to the world 🖤 we need it.

  23. I love you guys. So so much. I have EDS pressure palsy and others. I'm hoping to be home for Christmas having just had sepsis. You guys make me smile

  24. Claudia is so stunningly beautiful that I'm gobsmacked each time I see her. So very rare to have such perfect physical beauty. What a joy it must be to wake up to Claudia each morning. Jessica, you have such a sharp & perfect wit. It cracks me up to see you with that hearmelting smile just tearing some idiotic person or subject a new anal opening. I adore you both & am grateful that you share yourselves so openly & intimately with us. My life is enriched & blessed with you both in it. Thank you. Happiest of Christmases & I pray nothing but goodness in the new year. 💞🥀💐

  25. I have pcos and endometriosis. My pcos is migratory, meaning I can and do get hormonal cysts anywhere in my body as wellas debilitating migraines and daily pain in my lady organs. The only thing that helped me even a little was a hormonal iud. It stopped my period completely. Its better, im functional, its not gone but i can live like a normal human who is in bearable pain instead of just being in bed all day. I know there is varying research about the safty of IUD in people with pcos, but im an extreme case, and it has been a true blessing.This may be an option for you. It really made things a lot easier for me.

  26. YES!!! PETTICOATS! 😀 I have to do piss takes at the doctor's a lot and I've gotten quite good at doing it with my layered petticoats on. I was shocked at how easy it was, actually. XD

  27. The infantilizing thing really gets to me. People do that to my brother (22) all the time (he has autism and is developmentally delayed. Also his hand coordination is horrible). The worst part is that instead of making things more accessible so that he can do it on his own (like replacing laces on his shoes with slip on laces so he can put them on himself), they just do everything for him! I get home and he is asking me for help to put on his jacket. I realized within 5 min that it’s because his hands don’t allow him to hold the flap out of the way and attach the zipper together at the same time. So I fixed it temporarily by clipping the flap out of the way with a paperclip. After that it took him 3 seconds to do it all on his own. It breaks my heart thinking that the whole winter before I got there he had no choice but to ask for help for something he should have been able to do on his own. All because people STILL treat him like a child. They should be looking for ways to make him as independent as possible. It’s not fair for him and I can see his frustration. When I get home I’m sowing down the flap so hard that no one will be able to remove it cuz my brother deserves all the independence! Sorry for venting😌

  28. I know you mentioned you have been misdiagnosed. I'd love a new "My Disabilities" video! I also think other then vlogmas your videos are usually edited to cut out the "bloopers" if you will or filmed when you are at your best. So it can be hard to see when you aren't doing so well. Not a criticism! It's just something I've noticed when youtubers get lots of comments like that.

  29. 0:15 Agreed, Claudia.
    1:22 You're making me want to share a blog post about something similar. If you'd rather have me remove it, then please let me know and I'd be happy to do it.
    6:52 Did you hear something rude then, Claudia? I did not.
    7:13 There are times when both of you speak at the same time and I can't understand either of you.
    7:19 French? I can't remember ever hearing either of you speak French.
    9:03 Aaww!! How could a question like that possibly be seen as rude? <3
    9:57 I watched that video and loved it absolutely to bits!
    10:13 I'm sorry, but I don't see it, and yes, I do have annotations switched on.
    10:42 That sounded so funny!
    17:34 I would hope so! LOL

  30. A spoonerism is when you mix up the first two letter sounds of two words next to each other like Claudia was describing! I also do this a lot

  31. OK I know this is off-topic for this video, but I clicked over to the Hannah Witton's Roundtable video because I hadn't seen it yet and – why is "Chronically Beautiful" not on a pin or something?? I know it was Nima who said it, but she said it about you!

  32. The videos of when you aren't feeling well are some of my biggest comforts. The one you filmed while you had a migraine, I still rewatch a lot. It's very very helpful. ♥♥

  33. I don't mean to be rude, but…

    Can I just say I am happy about the two of you existing and sharing these wonderful videos with us?

  34. Try depoprevaro, it stopped my period and I only get it twice a year so not as bad as most birth control side effects

    I DONT use it as birth control because it's not so reliable but I just use it to stop my period

  35. Randomly stumbled across this vid, and when you mentiond being blind on (in?) one eye. I immediately thought "she would really rock an eye patch" 🙂

  36. As a person with a disability it is at times excruciating trying to explain to people how it all goes. It's like pulling teeth because you truly don't know unless you're disabled. But, so it goes😀

  37. I really needed this video today 😍 You two are adorable, and I needed to see Claudia's confusion about the infantilizing question… My husband is wonderful, but I personally have a self-consciousness that his mindset could change, or that he's being polite? But Claud's perspective was eye-opening to me, and of course how Jess takes care of Claud…. Duh! Of course! Thank you 😘

  38. About the part with the birth control pills (this might totally not be applicable in your case), it's not unheard of for individuals with Hyper mobility syndrom/EDS to get allergic reactions to progesterone, which is in most hormonal based birth control thingies (not only pills).
    Found that allergy out when a doctor was trying to figure out how to treat my endometriosis, and it turns out that I'm allergic to even the progesterone my body produces.
    I have found that the times when I have to go off my hormonal blockers (only treatment that I didn't get ill from, so I don't have my body produce either oestrogen or progesterone while on them) and have that allergic reaction I get a similar feeling of dread to what you described.

  39. My boyfriend is able-bodied and he doesn't infantilize me. His attitude is "this is just a thing you need help with and that's okay."

  40. I love the part about Claud swapping random words! I have this happen, especially with the words "ice" and "salt" when talking about road salt. There were many Canadian winters of me telling my partner we needed to pick up a bag of ice for the ice on the driveway. 😭

    You two are the absolute cutest and I just love watching you banter with one another. I could listen to it for hours, and if you two ever felt like making one I'd be the FIRST to subscribe to a Jess x Claud podcast!

  41. Regarding Claudia's voice, I turned on the radio the other day and thought Claudia was being interviewed. It was Priya Basil, who was raised in both London and Kenya, but went to the University of Bristol. I was wondering if Claudia went to U of Bristol, too, and if there is a regional diction associated with the university.

  42. #ambulatorywheelchairusersexist ❤️. Our family of 4 uses wheelchairs most of the time due to several disabilities including EDS. Out in public a few days ago, a personal trainer introduced himself to us, said he could “fix” us, and was livid when he saw my son walk out of his chair. 🙄 Ridiculous in this day & age that some still don’t know that most wheelchair users can walk some.

  43. Relating to your fashion choice… i love your fashion and i love it and would love to wear clothes like that everyday. But im a trans boy and its incredibly annoying to be misgendered or have no masculine outfits of that style.

  44. Finding the right birth control really helped my migraines. Mine were 3-4 times a month, 2-4 days long, almost debilitating in terms of pain, and I have a high pain tolerance. But they have improved 90%. So manageable. Yes I know everyone’s body is different and bc has side effects but for me totally worth it. Hope you find a solution that is right for you.

  45. Jess!! You should do contraceptive patches instead of pills. Since you have memory problems like me I would really suggest it because you only have to change your patch once a week and you get reminded of it because it’s on your body. So you don’t have that problem of having to remember if you’ve taken it already or not. It’s also more effective and the hormones are less high.

  46. So, I don't mean to be rude, but . . . are you posh? Your accent reminds me a bit of Phoebe Waller-Bridge, whom I would consider to be quite post. Sorry, clueless Yank. The other stuff seems fine – rock on.

  47. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia a few days ago and I've just been binge watching Jess and Claud to remind myself that even with a chronic illness, I can still live a happy and fulfilling life

  48. About the not infantalising a person with a disability I think it's like Claudia said: a mindset thing. But not a personality thing as you also mentioned. Because you can learn a mindset if you really want to, or as you evolve as a person, your mindset can change as you learn new things about yourself and your surrondings. So as some people already can have that mindset that Claudia has, I think other people, if they decide to change it to the better, can have equal mindset towards helping others.
    (Sorry for potentially bad English and not choosing exactly the right word, but I hope I made my thoughts understandable.)

  49. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for you. Let's hope your migraines just keep messing up your left eye. Maybe your migraines don't know they've done a sufficient job on the left eye and just keep going after it! I get debilitating migraines, and since watching your channel, I now have a fear of losing my eyesight! Not to be rude or anything, but If it happens, I'm totally blaming you for letting my migraines know that they can cause more than just pain that makes me want to take my brain out and put it in a jar for a few days.

  50. Again, I don't want to be rude. But with your illness, can you safely carry a child? The reason I ask is because I had horrific periods painful, disgusting, and practically debilitating. I've had my children, and at 31 I decided to close the factory down and get a hysterectomy. I still have my ovaries, so no early menopause. Have you considered this. It changed my life!!! Besides the lack of pain…NO PERIODS! Just a suggestion. Not necessarily the right one for you. But it made such a difference in my life.

  51. The petticoat disability made me laugh so hard! I love those little moments between you two ❤️. So adorable and pure. Take care—happy holidays 🎄🥳

  52. I don't mean to be rude, but you two are totally adorable together. I have literally not smiled in four days and this morning you guys actually made me happy for a few minutes. So thank you for that. Bless you and have a wonderful Christmas.

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