Hi, I made my vacuum chamber and… ‘and…’ [dramatic, deep] ‘You thought I wouldn’t make it didn’t, you? No! No!’ I’m sorry. I’ve been watching too much ([high, synched with PewDiePie]) ‘PewDiePie’ recently. I should probably stop I mean, what is he, 27? And I’m 40. In some darker corners of the world, he could be my son. Anyways, I almost gave up last time. #{sad piano music}–# Now I have made my chamber but I haven’t tested it yet. I thought I should share this moment with everyone. I really made only one change to it I picked a much thicker base for it. It’s made of… um… material. White… rectangle material. When it comes to material and chemistry, I’m a baboon. But you know; This is much stronger. I think it’s made of the same stuff as the kitchen cutting boards. I made a silicone sealing ring the same as I did in my other video. Glued two wire rings on the base, filled between them with silicone and let it dry, added in more silicon, rubbed soap on the glass, and put it on silicone and let it dry, then peeled the glass off. [yelling, echoing] Let’s suck the air out with this balloon in chamber and see if the vacuum works well. I’ll put a straw beside the balloon so it sucks the air from the top of the balloon, too. {{click, loud electric motor noise…}} Hey, I’m already ahead. One of my friends at work said there will be a huge pressure on the glass and it will implode. I calculated the outer surface of the glass is almost 430 square inches or 2717 square centimetre, with atmospheric pressure around 14 pounds per square inches or 1 kilogram per square centimetre, there will be a total of around 6,000 pounds or 2770 kilos pressing all around the glass. This is huge, but since my glass has a symmetric shape, most of these forces cancel each other. {motor pulses probably because of resistance} So far it is holding like it– {{glass donks}}
Sh*t! For a second, I thought the glass popped. Well, let’s test the glass strength by throwing a calibrated Allen wrench at it. {motor noise continues) {{ding-g, wrench hits and travels on floor}} There. This is pretty safe and solid. {no motor noise}
{{air whooshes in glass}} Now before I put my Tesla coil in the vacuum chamber, I saw the video of this guy that used a syringe and– {{loud smokey blam}}
G– Sh**!! F****** sh**!
{{thud, carnage snaps and rattles}} M*th**f*CK*******R!!! This … circuit … simply blows up if I run it too hot. (And, I … should design a better circuit.) Now I know my arcs in air look like this! {{snapping}}
Sh*t, sh*t! Should try with something else.
{{snapping and buzzing}} [heaving] Now what happens if I try a syringe with vacuum? Ah, look at that! Need much less light. Let’s try it again (Ah, look at that!) (You see it?) Here we go much closer. {{crackling}} {{sighs}} My syringe melted. Sealed again, let’s try it. {{exhales}} (See?) It’s beautiful. Seems like electrons travel … easier and further in vacuum. [heaves] Can’t get enough of this. {{buzzing}} (Hey!) Ah, look at that. {{fwoop}}>Heh. Look at this. Well, there seems to be great hope for the Tesla coil in the chamber. Imagine the whole Tesla coil glowing in there. {{chuckles}} {{drill noise}}
{{drill noise, thud}} {{gasps}} Ah, ahh-ow! Always mind your body parts when working with power tools. #{ElectroCUTE playing piano piece}# Okay let’s run it in vacuum. No needles this time. I want to see if the tower glows on its own. {{motor switches on, motor noise}} Oh look it’s going. Oh what’s that? I don’t want that! What is that on the bottom?! {{camera bumped}} Look at that. I don’t like that. It’s probably heating up the coil. I put something electrostatic bubble wrap around it to insulate it better hopefully. {{motor switches on, motor noise}} There we go. It’s coming out of the sharp spots of the top load. Well, I was hoping for a more magnificent glow, but, hey, his is better than nothing I suppose. Maybe the vacuum is not that great. Because I can still hear the arcs. #{ElectroCUTE plays piano piece}–# Sh**! What happened to my tower? It broke in half! It seems like there has been a lot of heat, and it melted or something. I guess it’s time for a new tower, but let’s make one last use out of it. {{gasps in pain}} Ow, it’s hot, … obviously molten One last time using my spinning wheel. It probably won’t turn much when there’s a vacuum. #–{ElectroCUTE plays piano piece)# There, just a steady spin. Since it’s spinning, it shows that there is still air inside. {motor noise} Mm. Interesting experiment I thought without air, we wouldn’t see much glow, but … seems like electrons glow on their own, too. It stopped spinning. Is it out of air now ? Really? Such a nice glow. The body of the wire is glowing, too. Seems like the electrons are floating on its surface. Nuh, f*ck! Better turn it off. My tower is burning. Now let’s do a minute of monetized silence to celebrate the lifetime achievement of my tower. {{imitates trumpet playing memorial piece}} Sh**! Do you know why the tower is melted halfway?!! It’s because I’m an idiot! Let me show you. See I left this length of screw inside, so it was arcing from the end of the w– … screw to the windings and melting them. Ughh, idiot! No wonder it wasn’t glowing better most of the energy was wasted internally. Let me see if I can cut this and do one last try. (Okay, here we go.) {{motor switches on, motor noise}} F***. Ah, f*ck! Stupid tower is arcing to itself. {{sighs hopelessly}} [sad] Another lost project. Well, half-lost. Some of it was running. #{sad orchestral music}# #Giveaway Time!# If it wasn’t for the awesome Keysight scopes, I wouldn’t be able to continuously troubleshoot this abomination. I found two more of these awesome newly released oscilloscopes that I’m going to give away to my patrons at Patreon.com Also don’t forget about Keysight’s Scope Month. It’s running till the end of March. And they’re giving away 5 of these every day. You can sign up at ScopeMonth.com Also if you want to see some cool electronic projects and more knowledge on oscilloscopes, make sure to visit their channel: Keysight oscilloscopes ##{{beatboxing}}##

100 thoughts on “Arcs change shape in my vacuum! RIP Tesla Coil :(”

  1. You succed up arcs in a syringe… Are you God?
    Also, props to your daughter playing the piano music, it was great!

  2. I tried making an plasma gun. It failed miserably. It shot goo that did nothing. Threw an shoe at it, nothing. But my foot in it. Nothing but 2 degree burns.

  3. I think also in the vaccum is (obviously) no air or other material to cool the tower. The only chance to loose the heat energy is from radiate it…
    Maybe you should find a way to cool it…

    Im not a physican but i think this is one part of the solution… =)

  4. Isn't there a risk of generating X rays due to the very high voltage and vaccum ? (I'm thinking when there's plasma between the secondary and the primary)

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