On June 19th 2015 the decomposing corpse of
Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet was found floating in a North Carolina river. His chest bore
a single, bloody bullet wound. Days earlier, Bradstreet’s office had been
mysteriously raided by the U.S. Food and Drugs Administration. The renowned homeopathic researcher
was working on a cure for autism. Health journalist Erin Elizabeth believes
Bradstreet was murdered by hitmen working for big pharma. According to her, this would
make him one of 50 practitioners who have been assassinated by pharmaceutical companies
in the last two years. Police claim Bradstreet’s death was a suicide.
But his motive for this is unclear. Bradstreet was deeply religious and owned a lucrative
medical practice whose products were sold internationally. After his death, Bradstreet’s
family hired investigators to look into whether something more sinister had taken place. They
concluded there could be no doubt he had been murdered. Bradstreet had controversially been using
the naturally occurring protein GcMAF to “reverse autism”. According to journalist Lori Alton,
he treated over 1,100 patients with this therapy, with an astonishing 85% success rate. Just
before his death however, he – along with many other apparently assassinated holistic
doctors – made a breakthrough set to destroy big pharma. The doctor had evidence that the enzyme nagalase
was being added to vaccines. Many holistic practitioners are convinced that nagalase
causes autism. Lori Alton says, “It is known that most, if not all, of the doctors who
recently died or disappeared were somehow connected to treatment practices involving
GcMAF to prevent the negative effects of nagalase.” Many people, including U.S. President Trump,
believe corporations are producing drugs that cause autism, especially vaccines. They claim
the FDA looks past the damaging side effects of certain drugs because of the huge revenue
the industry generates. Fortune writer Laura Lorenzetti has investigated the “cosy”
links between the FDA and big pharma. She says pharma is essentially buying fast-track
approval for drugs, while FDA officials are keen to approve big pharma products because
they often get jobs in the private drug sector when they leave public service. Professor Donald W. Light claims 90% of FDA-approved
drugs across the last three decades are no more effective than those already on the market.
As journalist S. D. Wells argues, if this were exposed by alternative doctors, it would
have the potential to destroy big pharma. Killing the doctors could be the only way
to prevent the death of the industry. Within a month of Bradstreet’s death, Florida
alternative doctor Teresa Sievers was found violently bludgeoned with a hammer in her
home. Several news outlets, including NBC, noted the possible connections between her
death and those of the other holistic doctors. Around the same time, it was reported that
Dr. Patrick Fitzpatrick had disappeared. Days later, his vehicle and trailer were discovered
abandoned beside a pea field. He appeared to have “vanished without a trace”. Reporter Mary Wilder states, “Given the
fact that people being murdered for financial gain is a large part of American history,
it’s not much of a stretch to believe that’s what happened here.” Yet the circumstances around Bradstreet’s
murder are not as suspicious as they initially appear. The doctor was linked to the deaths
of at least five children, whose parents had bought his so-called “autism remedies”.
In the lead up to their deaths, the youngsters had been treated with the GcMAF drug at a
Swiss clinic. Swiss medical officials ruled that supplying the drug was “an illegal
practice of medicine”. Had Bradstreet been found guilty of the charges that were accumulating
against him, he would have faced jail time of up to twenty years. This give Bradstreet
a stronger motive to kill himself than campaigners claim. The same is true of Teresa Sievers. In February
2016 her husband was found guilty of arranging two hitmen to carry out her murder. Prosecutors
found that the crime scene had been staged to look like a burglary. Overall, there is a great deal of misreporting
around the issue. Many of those who have died are not actually alternative doctors. Local
news reports of Dr Fitzpatrick’s death describe him as a retired ophthalmologist, not a holistic
practitioner. He was extremely frail and in a state of mental confusion around the time
he died, and there is no evidence he was murdered. The circumstances around the death of another
alleged victim of this epidemic – Dr. Amanda Crews – have also been twisted by media reports.
Crews was not an alternative doctor. More importantly, she was actually brutally murdered
with her two children by her partner Martin Martinez. This suggests that much of the news
around these killings is exaggerated. Or, disturbingly, it may even part of a conspiracy
against the big pharmaceutical companies by biased independent media. Unsurprisingly therefore, Erin Elizabeth’s
investigations into alternative doctor disappearances have come under fierce criticism. Her “evidence”
does not accurately represent the situations she investigates. Others have pointed out that statistically,
the number of doctors being killed is not unusually high. Based on the estimated 897,000
doctors currently practicing in the United States, the rate of deaths is likely down
to chance. Meanwhile, death rates in other professions have spiked. Between 2013 and
2015 an unusually high rate of banker suicides led to speculation that financiers were being
murdered by groups seeking revenge for the global financial crisis. Yet, investigations found that there was nothing
more to this theory than speculation. It is certainly possible that the same is true for
the alternative doctor deaths, too. While there are some holistic doctors who
have died in frightening and unexplained ways, this does not mean big pharmaceutical companies
are behind them, or that the government is involved. Jeffrey Bradstreet was the only
doctor with any link to the FDA. Something is amiss, but only a full and comprehensive
investigation can prove or disprove it once and for all.

100 thoughts on “Are Alternative Doctors Being Assassinated?”

  1. Those religious cunts think they can cure autism. The fact that one of them commited suicide by shoting himself in the chest i stead of the head isn't even surprising. Those morons' jobs are as legit as "alternative facts"

  2. hi alltime conspiracies just finished watching this video and was wondering if you were going to make a video on the big pharma conspiracy by the media?

  3. At first he defends the alternative doctors then eventually dismissed the pharma's evil deeds and doctors deaths… is this narrator also a part of conspiracy? does Big Pharma control him?

  4. Big pharma isn't about curing people or killing them. The goal is to keep someone in a constant state of sickness but still functional and dependent on the drugs they sell to make living with the illness "easier".

  5. Disgusting greedy big multinationals at least I am aware and not buying your poisonous products fuck you Bigpharma 🙂

  6. so funny that anyone is in denial about the motives of the formulas of the vaccines. They are trying to kill us. Do not apologize for them, it is not about $. They have plenty of that. These people are psychos. They want everyone to be pathetic and weak and in need of constant care.

  7. Next theory "Are black people actually shadow people,and are mexicans samd people?"
    If I say something about white people theyll get butthurt.

  8. The "alternative doctor" was probably unstable from not ever seeing a real doctor and killed himself, chest wound or not.

  9. ok, I have watched this a couple times now trying to be open minded from both view points, coming from a person who has worked in healthcare for over 20 years plus has a son with pdd which is in the autism spectrum and has a daughter diagnosed with borderline split personality disorder with narccistic tendencies (socialpathic when she reaches the age of allowable diagnosis) yet, I also have a daughter who will be going to college this fall and another healthy fully active son. My mother and I both were Times Beach, MO victims for those familiar with that government cover-up ( a town here in the United States that was bulldozed over after the flood in '82 and told there was a mistake and no poisoning could have occurred to the residents that had lived there) and yet my mother lost her battle to an extremely rare almost never seen brain tumor, the oncologist treating her starting making threats toward us ( because after radiation having absolutely no effect we opted to stop all chemotherapy and other so-called treatments so she could enjoy what time she had left without being sick and miserable from poisons ) due to the Dr using my mother as research study and we succeeded to keep her alive triple the length of time any of the Dr's said would be even remotely possible unless keeping her on their drugs. Also, many many others from that non-existent dioxide poisoning have also since died or been diagnosed for rare and uncommon disorders and diseases. I was the type to avoid any and all substances during the length of all my pregnancies including the numerous ones that I lost( no alcohol, no tobacco, no nutrisweet, no caffeine , as well as no over the counter meds like Tylenol and I suffer severe migraines, the only thing I did take were the prenatal vitamins ) when my oldest was born (sufferer of PDD) he was extremely smart and intelligent walking at 8 months old starting to read a little by 2 and a half years old and than around 3 things started to change and a regression set in. By the time my daughter (college bound) came along my son was at a standstill in progression and my daughter surpassed him quickly. He's 22 now with a second grade reading level and will never be able to live independently. My second daughter (dx this year borderline split-personality w/ narccistic tendencies) was completely healthy until round the age of 5 to 7 years of age (now 14) completely changed in behaviors and mentally and my youngest son (11) has been just fine. There is no family hx on my side of mental health or autism and both sets of my children ( 2 older and 2 younger ) were by 2 separate ex-husbands neither had family hx of mental health or autism and all 4 children were normal healthy babies and than something changed. In recent years, granted yes Dr's know more which is a big factor and I understand that, but how is it that more children and young adults are now having more of these mental health issues than in the past, if not due in large to meds the government requires our children to have and the poisons and toxins allowed to contaminate the soil and water we use everyday and the additives and preservatives the FDA allows our foods to have in them. How is it that the government will not allow non-FDA meds to be administered to patients upon request that other countries have shown benefits of in patients dying that could potentially keep them living instead? Other than the 1 rare chance that a continental outbreak possibly could have occurred (referring to the accidental contagion of all the continent's a few years back, after the red cross went to Africa to administer vaccines ) soon as victims started arriving in the U.S. immediately, FDA laws were tossed out the window in favor of using experimental drugs from other countries to cure citizens so the whole country did not get sick with a disease almost completely eradicated except for level 5 high security laboratories who use pathogens primarily for biochemical warfare research. Another example, the epipens that a lot of us have to buy and keep handy for the off chance of coming into contact with an allergen causing anaphylaxis and/or death will cost on average here over $200 and around $40 in other countries for exact same med. Also, the flu vaccine that is pushed on everyone each year, there is no way they can predict how organisms will mutate much less provide a stop to it when it hasn't formed yet, all that can be done is vaccinate against already existent strains that, previously, people probably already had contracted and developed an immunity to or not contracted and by now the mutations undergone by the pathogens would be more advanced that tx still would be ineffective. Not to mention, all the additives mixed with the vaccine can be altered pending on whichever entry sourced is used, meaning nasal vaccine uses less additives than the injection vaccine and the preferred methodology is the injection vs the nasal. There are numerous examples of the government using the more costly than not forms of treatment when other cheaper and less riskier treatments exist unknown to many just so more pharmaceutical companies and governmental bureaucrats can keep making money since they are not being affected. I do not see how there could possibly be an autism cure, as they called it, but maybe a blocker to stop or slow down, reducing the extent of sever to minimal autistic but no cure, and in any case the more chances of people, rather it be these possible or not possible Dr's, there will always be cover-ups and risk of exposure taken out of the picture while money and greed are around, if there wasn't than they wouldn't need everything to be top security and secret or threats of possible information leaks if everything was always on the up and up and nothing to hide. So think about that for a moment …… why would they need to keep info classified if there wasn't anything to hide?

  10. What about Dr. Sebi? He clearly wasn't mentioned here and I was waiting for him the whole time. He cured many people of all types of ailments with his alternative medicine. Truly a very influential man and I was disappointed when I saw the whole video and did not see him included. Otherwise it was great.

  11. One of the things of the best thing about this channel is the 2 given arguments each video gives.

    It makes it more authentic and more reliable.

  12. You can't cure autism, it would be like trying to cure Downs Syndrome it just can't happen, however in the future I believe you will be able to genetically engineer it out of the genome so that way there won't be children born with it.

  13. I see what this is about , Use one actual BS story about Doctors to dismiss a credible one about bankers…sneaky.

  14. Leftists HATE Big Pharm , and then protest for politicians taking huge amounts of cash from them…retards. Too much Nagalese?

  15. my mother knew an alternative doctor they say he died of a heart attack, his family called for an independent autopsy there was nothing wrong with his heart

  16. big pharma has cures for cancer, aids, kidney, heart, lung and liver disease plus many others but its all about the money, you don't cure these but continue to treat until you die.

  17. With a little bit of investment from Big Pharma, beaten to death with a hammer would be considered a suicide too.

  18. okay so pretty much someone goes to school for 10 years and dies at 35 for making good money…
    not worth it fuck,that

  19. I'm autistic. And we've been surveyed REPEATEDLY. And guess what!! THE VAST MAJORITY OF AUTISTIC PEOPLE DO NOT WANT A CURE.
    The majority of "cures" that get peddled to parents are actually extremely dangerous and cause injury, disease, and death in plenty of cases. STOP IT. Your children are perfectly fine the way they are!!

    Besides. All this anti-vaccine bullshit is pushing an idea that it's better to be dead than autistic. Which directly contributes to the high murder rates we suffer. JUST LET US LIVE FOR FUCK'S SAKE.

  20. As a conspiracy theorist, Donald Trump is the best for the job because he also does not believe everything the government has told us, everyone makes mistakes but his triumphs will be hard to ignore

  21. Assassinations are pointless in big business. Big companies can buy small ones. They don't have to kill their "competition".

  22. Oh joy…anti vax propaganda. Yeah big pharma is evil but for god sakes vaccinate your kids so we don't get outbreaks of measles.

  23. Bradstreet was a freaking quack! He gives those of us in the medical community who look for alternative approaches a bad name.

    Big Pharma is corrupt as hell and a HUGE problem, and so is the FDA, but Bradstreet's research and history is sketchy as hell. Willing to bet that his "remedies" are what had killed his patients and the parents of one of the children who fell victim pulled the trigger.

    As for that reporter, she is completely biased and trying to create links to Big Pharma that aren't there

  24. completely agree tehy kleld. im bugegd cancer patient, my mom got eliminate dby same ay by activating acncerw ith electronic micro wave technology in 2001, they want to eliminate me but i opted homeopathy. they left no evidence that im cancer patient all in my life they stolen and fooled , manipulated my reports……waiting to proove again but to big ppl involved , and indiian goverments and spy departments, they have media, mob, money power everything

  25. The problem I have with all of this is the misinformation within the alternative health fields. Or disturbingly disinformation in a few situations. Alternative medicine has never really been my thing but optimal nutritional practices is something I've always been looking into. And if you aren't really careful nutrition is one of those things the more you study the more confused you become. Id imagine alternative medicine is similar, having hundreds of different conflicting data. It's operation mockingbirid. It's used to spread misinformation and disinformation as well as controlled opposition to keep you permanently confused about what you're doing. So more then likely, most people end up just taking prescription meds at the end of the day. Just like in nutrition, most people try their fad diet for a month or two (some probably make it a year) but they almost always go back to potato chips and donuts. Not saying the truth about things isn't out there, but you will dig through a gigantic pile of cow shit. Big Pharma preys off the aleternative's inconsistency.

  26. Are you certain that "Alternative Doctors" aren't just getting killed by their own Alternative Medicines. I mean, most of these deaths sound oddly like how most standard holistic treatments tend to look like.

  27. Or…. the news reports on the deaths were selected because it shrouded the real murders in skepticism. It's a win win if you look at it like that, the news can still say it reported on the subject and at the same poking holes in the entire subject as a whole. Just my theory.

  28. they are relocating them. they cannot be intelligent enough to create cures but incompetent enough to not be aware of the risks behind the dirty players. wake up people! if tupac can fake his death then so could these holistic docs.

  29. Autism is not caused by vaccines.
    Homeopathy is basically just water.
    Big Pharma sucks, but isn't the fucking Illuminati.
    GcMAF doesn't cure autism or cancer.
    Alternative Medicine is just as corporate as Mainstream Medicine.
    Natural Medicine can help minor maladies but not life-threatening illnesses, but it can soothe the pain.
    Many Alternative remedies are dangerously unregulated.

  30. I have autism. So this guy thought he could completely rewire an autistic brain with a homeopathic med…That's fucking retarded…

  31. I was a patient of Dr. Bruce Hedendal, one of the holistic doctors that died. He was really active and healthy and you would have never guessed he was 67. I remember in 2015 when my mom and I first heard he was found suddenly dead in his car we felt suspicious, and this was before we knew anything about this conspiracy

  32. Alternative medicine is just another term for con-job. I wouldnt think big pharma would reaply care about con-artists…maybe it was the countless vicyims of their con-job….seems much more likely..these people prey on people who dont hace much to lose and the false hope they give can be completely devestating…yeah, the masses of victims would be the probable suspects if these accusations have any credibility (very questionable)

  33. If you look up holistic medicine on YouTube you will see some of the most ridiculous claims by "doctors". Like vinegar can cure cancer.

  34. It’s like electric cars that was perfected in the early 90s the gov cancelled the project …why? Bc who will buy all the oil ,same with this if we’re healed naturally then who will need medication or drugs

  35. It’s already been exposed it’s going into millions of people’s hands because of me and other people and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it keep killing people go ahead still in the right hands idiots

  36. Slightly off topic but why are these "alternative" doctors on a crusade against autism? All the legitimate research shows that autism isn't a condition or illness or anything like that. It's a set of developmental deviations that mark someone as just being different to the normal population. People with autism might not have the same social skills as other people, but they do often show a higher than average capacity for logical reasoning and memory. People with autism are just people who are different, no more no less. "Alternative" quacks forcing crap on kids and giving big speeches about how sick they are and how awful they are is going to mess up a lot of poor kids with autism.

  37. For those wondering whybsomeone would kill themselves by shooting in the chest, its actually not that comkon for someone to shoot themself in the head on purpose, it is in fact common for suicide to be by shooting self in the chest, as far as gun suicide goes, one reason has to do with ego, some people even though they are killing themself still wanna make sure they can have open casket so everyone sees them, others are just too afraid shoot in their head

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