Arthritis neck pain relief. Is it
possible to get pain relief if you have arthritis? Well stay tuned and I’ll give
you a case example and explain how it works Hey I’m doctor Ekberg with Wellness For
Life and if you’d like to truly master health by understanding how the body
really works make sure that you subscribe and hit that notification bell
so that we can keep this content coming your way. I can’t tell you the number of
people that come through the office who have some sort of pain and the first
thing that they tell me is they went to the doctor and they had x-rays and they
were told that they have arthritis and that there’s probably nothing that can
be done about it but they’re desperate so we’re their last hope their last
option well sadly we are their last option we should be their first option
because if we could address that long long long before it became a big problem
than that arthritis would be much less likely to develop but what is arthritis
arthritis is bony degeneration when that joint isn’t working properly then it
starts to get some inflammation and the body tries to create increased stability
by laying down more bone a joint that’s working properly has a very fine-tuned
muscle control so joint can only move and work as well as the muscles that are
stabilizing and moving it and of course it’s the brain that moves the muscles
and if there’s any distortion in the feedback between the joint and the brain
and the brain can’t control it properly it becomes a little unstable and over
time it wears unevenly it gets them flamed it doesn’t repair properly it has
uneven weight bearing and on and on and on and over a period of years or decades
we develop bony degeneration and arthritis so most people over 50 would
probably find some arthritis on their spine if they had an
sree but that’s not the cause of the pain it’s a result of a dysfunction and
the pain and the arthritis are the result of the same dysfunction it’s not
that one is causing the other if we can improve the function typically we can
improve the quality of life the stability the range of motion etc so I
had this lady come in recently she is 65 ish and she could turn her head about 45
degrees to the right and she could turn about 10 degrees to the left and she
said it was very difficult to drive because if she was supposed to look over
her left shoulder at all she had to kind of twist and move her whole body and
I’ve had hundreds of people that tell me that exact story so not only is there
personal suffering involved but you can only imagine what it does for traffic
safety if people can’t look over their shoulder so long story short we adjusted
her a few times and two weeks later she has completely normal range of motion
she can turn eighty degrees to the left she can turn eighty degrees to the right
which is a normal rotational range of motion so she had been told that because
they found arthritis that was the cause of her limited motion and they told her
this would never get better get used to it take some pain pills etc etc but just
because there is arthritis on the x-ray doesn’t mean that that’s the cause of
anything it doesn’t mean that the function can’t be improved your body is
designed to heal your body is designed to self-correct and manage things if we
can just help it along if we can get rid of some of the interference if we can
provide it better feedback better signals if we can give the brain a truer
picture of what the world looks like your body will go right on to healing
and performing and functioning no matter how long it’s been
are there cases of arthritis that are truly causing stiffness and and
limitations of course there is a point where there are thright escossio ssin
and if all the joints in the neck fuse then you have no rotation then we can’t
do much for that range of motion we can still improve the function and reduce
whatever pain we can improve signaling and help the quality of life but there
is always a limitation of matter for most people they have a lot more left in
them than they believe because they’ve never had anyone truly help the body
along and figure out what’s interfering and reconnect everything to where it’s
working properly if you have some arthritis if you’ve been told that you
have it if you have been told to get surgery let me know what your
experiences are if you know someone who has that kind of situation write your
questions write your comments I’ll be more than happy to try to get back to it
and see if I can address some of it if you’re new to this channel and you enjoy
this sort of content make sure that you hit the subscribe button and the
notification bell so that we can keep this content coming your way thank you
so much for watching

33 thoughts on “Arthritis Neck Pain Relief”

  1. Chiropractic helps the brain get better information from the body and helps the body work better so you feel less pain

  2. Love your videos! Why you don't have 100,000 subscribers is beyond me! After adjustment/treatment, what type of ROM re-training do you use? I'm a fan of FRC and CARs for my clients. I'd love your thoughts on this.

  3. When I have been to the medical (in the past) I had pain, they took an x-ray and said oh yes it is because you have arthritis – take this drug. Thank you for the great videos on how to get healthy naturally.

  4. i am glad i found your channel i will need a lot of medical advice lol left a like and smacked the red button ;p

  5. nice video doc,,saw u on James Cox live i am apart of iamacreatorcommunity and here to support u we super like and hit the red support botton for you doc.#814

  6. I have been told that I have arthritis in my knees because I went to the doctor about knee pain. I just deal with the pain based on an assumption that it was permanent. So, thank you for this information. Found you on the #IAmACreator livestream. You got a like from me and I activated the red support button.

  7. Showing our support. We liked, watched, commented and learned of course. I would also offer tips on the ideal sleep position, recommended pillow and mattress to use and to get the highest quality of sleep in terms of the environment of the bedroom (temperature, humidity, etc.). Keep up the excellent work.

  8. Body is designed to heal and self correct. Awesome! Thanks again for your comments about my channel. Following.

  9. Deepest apologies for only getting to your channel now has been a crazy couple of days but am here now and we love your channel (My wife will especially be visiting you lots lol, she is very excited to have a doctor in the house). Drop by again soon and say hi, so we can stay connected. I am creating a new playlist featuring channels that have supported us "Our Peeps – Th Best of our supporters" And you're definitely on the list and would love to have you on as a guest, please message us on Twitter. Cheers and keep creating

  10. Hi, I saw your comment on another channel, oh, now I don't remember her name, but she was working on her van and you mentioned that you always wanted to live on a boat. Boat dwelling is supper cool but it takes lots of maintenance. I lived on a boat but only on weekends. Your explanation was very interesting, you are right about the brain being the center of everything and it is so important to have good alignment. I am enjoying your video so much I am hitting that red button on your channel and maybe we can become friends. I also make videos. yipppeeee!!!

  11. I’m 53 and have it in my lower back. Stretching definitely helps me but I haven’t been to a chiropractor. Good info!

  12. You channel is very interesting!! It has great info!! I am happy I found you!! Full view and left a like too.

  13. I was diagnosed with JRA 36 years ago. Sadly I didn't receive any treatment back then, so for years the RA had a field day spreading through out. I had a C1-C2 fusion 4 yrs ago but still experience pain in that area but have a little more movement. Excellent video for those who aren't aware of RA. Thanks for sharing with us.

  14. My Husband has been diagnosed with arthritis in his neck, which causes pain an stiffness, his chiropractor used to crack his neck,is that safe with neck pain ??

  15. I had a ct scan done. During the reading of the results, I had some bad news that I have a degenerative arthritis issue on two or three places. Im currently not bothered yet by this. Im wondering what to do about this since Im only 40 years old.

  16. my inner ear and eyes also in pain my right face neck and shoulder and neck clicking sometimes,is it possible that i have arthritis in neck?im 33 yrs old..thank u

  17. I have this situation.
    The pain I’m feeling is very “Excruciating”. Plus my arm is getting weak…
    A lot of throbbing in my shoulder going into my bicep , into my elbow, then stopping in my forearm continuous.
    Not to mention the pain I feel around my collar bone wrapping around my arm like a horse shoe going to my lower neck stopping right around the bottom of my ear.
    One of my brothers in church referred me to a chiropractor.
    I truly feel like this pain is a disability.
    It’s been going on now for almost two weeks.
    I thought it was a pinched nerve at first.
    Until two days ago,the Orthopedic doc said my results from my x-ray is “neck arthritis”.
    Also, I just had a mri done today.
    Playing it by ear with this pain can be frustrating.

  18. I have major autoimmune issues due to c-ptsd, major depressive disorder etc. Rheumatoid is all throughout my body and very much so in my neck. My neck, head and shoulders hurt so bad. I had an l5 s1 surgery due to a fractured back and it was knife pain. Now I'm dealing with this. I just wanna be pain free, maybe smoke an entire field of weed. 😭 I just looked too far to the side and my neck kiiiillllsss…feels like a Charlie horse and like I pulled something. I pulled a full exorcist move. I looked behind me while standing forward lol. Damn! What are some exercises for rheumatoid? I appreciate info but I want to know some exercises until I can get into a specialist. I have tinnitus as well and I wonder if it's from my neck 🤔

  19. I'm only in my early thirties and I have full blown rheumatoid. Used to be a dancer and gymnast now I'm like a stiff sore mummy popping Advil like tic tacs

  20. Could you explain the difference between a Chiropractor, physiotherapist, and message therapy. Do you all work together for different conditions.

  21. I was attack by a resident from work and strangled me in my neck and i get on n off of swollen neck and shoulder of inflammation and i can’t look over my shoulder due to pain especially when driving

  22. I'm in my mid-40's and have had neck pain for years, leading to severe headaches, that were diagnosed as cluster headaches. I started intermittent fasting and DDP Yoga and my neck pain is mostly gone and I have been headache free for over 100 days.

  23. Instead of the smug, (I'm young, healthy and wealthy) talking, why not provide viewers who are in real pain, some practical help?

  24. Dr. Ekberg, I have been watching a few videos on gout and kidney stones from Keto. What are your thoughts and remedies? There is a 1:55 minute video called Gout & Ketosis that says lemon juice and potassium citrate is a remedy.

  25. Dear Dr Sten thanks for the insight about fasting , it has never been this clearer to me. I have arthritis in both knee and the creaking is getting worse, do you have any advice for me. Thanks

  26. Great video Dr. Sten.
    I’m 47 yrs old and I started having pain in my hand joints. It started 3 yrs ago with a finger and now 4 fingers and knuckles. I cant crack my knuckles or open a bottle of water. Its getting worse year after year. I am afraid to visit a med as I heard they stick a needle in the joints to relieve the pain, in addition, rheumatoid arthritis (as I know) has no cure and I don’t want the symptoms to spread.
    So, what can I do?

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