Hi everyone,
my name is Dr. Ryan Shelton. You can check out some of my other videos over
at Doctor Shelton’s Zenith Labs. Let me ask you something, what do you think this
toy car has to do with painful aching joints? If you give me two minutes today
I will explain everything the next time you’re driving down a highway, take a
look at the road surface you’ll see where the cars have passed over the
asphalt and concrete and again and again causing grooves bumps and cracks. Let me show you anytime you have repeated stress on a surface no matter how robust
that surface is it’s going to degrade take your joints for example we stress
them every day when we walk when we sit down when we get back up even when we’re
lying in bed it’s unavoidable of course our joints are designed to
withstand moderate strain but for many unlik unlucky men and women over 45
their joints are just more susceptible to damage
and once the achy stiff damage starts it doesn’t take much to make it even worse
it’s like this toy car going down a bumpy Highway if that highway is already
beaten and broken even this child’s toy can damage it even worse it’s only a
matter of time and repetition if you do not want your joints to slowly get worse
and worse like the asphalt of a highway with time and repetition it happens to
everyone you need a way to protect your joints from decay that’s why I’ve put
together a free master class on the five pillars of joint health it goes through
everything you need to know to get your joints back to being strong resilient
and pain free no matter how fragile they are
right now to discover these secrets for yourself click the link before it
expires to claim access to your free joint health masterclass
right now. Thank you you

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