Hey Malerie here in this video I’m gonna
be sharing with you some common questions that I get as an alternative
natural holistic healthcare practitioner for those of you that don’t know I
practice East Asian medicine which is a complete system of care that includes
acupuncture herbal ISM dietary health as well as mind and body guidance and we do
also include some movement medicine in there too which follows chi gong
practices which is a similar type of Tai Chi so these questions that I get asked
are asked by my patients that I see in my practice here in Cleveland Ohio these
questions are so common and they come up quite often that I figured I would just
do a video on them share them with you because I’m sure you probably have some
of the same questions too so the first question is kind of a funny one do you
do this to yourself and this is being referred to
acupuncture and yes I do do acupuncture to myself I give myself full-body
treatments if needed or sometimes I just do simple points that I feel like I need
to give myself a boost there’s a point at the top of the head that I like to do
that helps to draw the energy up if I’m feeling tired or fatigued the second
question that I get is do you and take herbs and yes I do
I take herbs all the time every day sometimes I’m taking herbs continuously
so the same formula for a long period of time sometimes I take herbs
situationally just like I was explaining with the acupuncture I will sometimes
just take herbs because I need a quick boost or I need to clear my system of
something I love herbs I rely on them all the time
I love making herbs love finding different uses with them
from old folk traditions and even from new research that’s coming out in the
Western world the third question that I get commonly is where did you study or
where does one go to learn this medicine I went to a small private school down in
Asheville North Carolina called Taoist traditions there was I think maybe 22 of
us that graduated in my class it was a four-year program that was comprehensive
of not only East Asian medicine but Western medicine as well so I’m very
well and my colleagues that graduated from that school are very well versed in
Western medicine pharmaceuticals herb-drug interaction and dietary
therapy and health the third question that I get is you must be really healthy
what do you do well just like everybody I get colds I get flus I don’t feel like
doing today or I just feel run down from whatever it is that I’m doing and the
best thing that I do is keep up with my herbs keep up with my acupuncture make
sure that I get regular sleep that I go to bed at the same time nearly every day
I’m someone who needs eight hours and that’s really important to me I exercise
and I take time for myself and try to live as a balanced life as possible I
could do a whole video on my daily regimen and what I do and what that
looks like and if that’s something that you’re interested in seeing let me know
in the comments down below as you can tell I kind of have a little bit of a
nasal congestion right now so I’m doing the best that I can a question that I
get is you have such beautiful skin what do you do and this goes back to really
just what I was saying before it’s that daily regimen that I do
continuously over and over and over again and I’m not trying a whole
different product whole I’m not trying a whole lot of different products and I
really stick to natural simple skincare if you’re interested in knowing a little
bit more about my skincare let me know in the comments below and another common
question that I get which is the last one that I’m going to leave you with is
does this really work yes yes it does and I have to say that some people
respond really fast to natural medicine it’s like their body’s like whoo yeah oh
yeah this is what I’ve been waiting for and other people whether it be the
chronic condition that you’re working with or because your system is just not
used to receiving Whole Foods and natural medicine it takes a little
longer to respond just because it takes longer it doesn’t mean that you’re in a
worse situation than someone else or that you’re just not going to get the
results that you’re looking for it’s just simply gonna take longer and we all
respond a little differently to this medicine it works it’s amazing I
absolutely love it of course I’m a huge advocate for it and if you’re interested
in finding a practitioner in your area I’ll link to a video that I did to help
you find and discern between some practitioners that are in your area I
hope that you enjoyed this video I definitely like doing it if you had
other questions for me let me know in the comments below I’d love to do
another one like this and I will see you in two weeks and until then stay curious
thanks for watching

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