Hey! Welcome to Tingting’s pharmacy. How can I help you? Can I see your list? Let me check. You need, uh… Oh, I think that I have everything you need. Please wait a minute, let me prepare it for you. And a little bit of this… That’s enough. And, uh… also need a… some powder… This one can help you sleep well. I also drink it every night, before I go to sleep. Let me see… This one tastes very good. Let me help you… mix them a little bit. And also… let me give you this. Just a little bit… Oops, don’t waste it, it’s really hard to find. First, let me prepare it for you. Let me sign, so you can remember this medicine is from me. 🙂 Come on, we are not going to waste it. Just drink it every night, before you go to sleep. Trust me, it’s very good. It can make you have sweet dreams. And also, it’s very good for your blood flow. So you maybe will feel that your body [will be a] little bit warm. It’s very normal. So here is the first one you need. Put it here… And also… Next you need, uh… I think I have enough for you, you’re very lucky. Because, mostly… I give it to our king. I love this smell very much. This one is very good for your skin. It can make your skin very smooth, and glow. A couple years ago, this medicine was only for our queen. But right now, everybody can use it to make them have very beautiful skin. Yeah, I also use it! And, uh… hmm… Just a little bit… You don’t want too much, medicine [being] balanced is very important. I only have four. Because the weather is very dry, this one is really hard to find. Okay, that’s enough. We call this “guide medicine,” because this one can open this medicine’s energy. So, that’s why you need this. I’m going to very gently mix them… And remember to use warm water to drink it. You have to not use cold water. Let me see… Don’t forget, this little stuff is a very important one. You are so lucky, because some medicine I think you can find them only here. It’s really hard… The doctor told you how to drink it? Yes, same [as] the first one. Here we go. And the last one? Hmm… Your doctor wants me to prepare a very special tea for you. Don’t worry, its taste is very good. This one, this tea, can help you relax. Then you eat this medicine, you will feel better. Some of this… So here, you can drink it. Let me put it here… Try it! It should be tasting a little bit sweet. Very refreshing? That’s good. So we have… Oh, let me give you this! It is also very good tea. You can make it by yourself. You can drink as a medicine, it’s okay, and this one can help your heart, help you calm down, and relax. Let me put it here… So you can save this list, if you need anything else, just come here! Let me help you, okay? You’re welcome. Have a good day! See you! Thank you to my lovely Patrons! for their support. If you would like to become a Patron, check out my Patreon page for cool rewards. And don’t forget to leave a like and to turn on notifications, so you don’t miss any future videos. If you enjoyed this video, don’t forget to subscribe. ^-^ And here are some other videos you might like too. Also, check out my other ASMR channel. Sweet dreams

100 thoughts on “[ASMR] Chinese Herbal Shop Roleplay”

  1. I love you as soon as I saw you love you, your delicacy, your presence, your beauty everything in you is perfect

  2. Ting Ting I loved this video. I am new to your channel. I was wondering if you could tell me a few things that is good for overall health that is popular and used in China. Like things for good blood pressure and circulation to good gut bacteria. Thank you love your channel. Christy Weikel

  3. Can't understand why so many thumbs down,, ..if you don't like these calming videos,,, dont watch them…go and wrestle a Gorilla…

  4. I love these asmrs, it's like I'm in a whole different time, place. I think about the person's backstory, why they're in the herbal shop, TingTings backstory for this character. Ahhh i love This!

  5. @Tingting ASMR congratulations on your videos being added to the in-flight entertainment of a major airline. If anyone deserves it, its you. Your videos are amazing and very well made. You are so creative and lovely and you deserve all the success in the world.

  6. If there was a place like this that I could go to and watch someone prepare special tea for me, I’d be there weekly!

  7. I love all the herbal shop videos. Also the Chinese tea one. They are so unique. I realise that the natural sounds , are far more tingly than manufactured sounds.

  8. I thought you said "let me see your wrist"
    "Ohh, don't worry I'm ok"
    * Reaching out hand *
    "Oh ok"
    Pulls out paper
    "O-oh.. you said list."
    Ting ting: …
    "Yeah I tink you may need some medicine.. :D"

  9. 婷婷 could I know u so proud of u and appreciate ur hard work for people who couldn’t sleep and also for C B ZG WH

  10. I don't know why she is cringe my when she always said “ wercome 🤣💔 🌟REALLY NO HATE🌟 .

  11. Tingting could take 2 hours but we wouldn't make it through the video. So sweat and soft spoken. ASMR at its finest.

  12. I love the outfit! I love how your going into your Chinese culture, I also love Chinese culture so it was cool seeing some of the stuff they do.

  13. Just the way she moves hypnotises me ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️🥰🥰🥰

  14. I ABSOLUTELY adore these videos, I just recently discovered your channel and I am in love. I love the concepts and how slowly you do everything, very meticulous. You're doing a fantastic job!!!!

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