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Hi.. no, no no, everything’s fine there was, um, there was a little bit of… an accident yeah yeah, right on the head mm-hmm I really think that you should probably come pick them up if you can okay listen, I’m training to be an EMT, so I’ll I’ll take care of everything until you get here I’m sure everything is fine brain injuries usually aren’t serious okay ok great she’s gonna be here to pick you up, um really soon I’m just, um I’m telling my friend that I’ll be a little bit late oh my god, no no no no, don’t worry about it do you want me to take a picture? that way if you go to the doctor… they get to see what happened turn this way yeah.. yeah that’s a rough one ok, well… let me think.. what did they teach me? let me get you an ice pack yeah there should be, um, you know a little kit somewhere inside with medical equipment let me grab it okay there was a kit, and it is full of useful things that we can use for you and, there was an ice pack in the freezer it’s nice and cold for you let me just… break up the… sort of gel on the inside so that it’s not just one big ice block before I put it on your head but I figured getting something cold will make you feel a little bit better okay here you go, ready? oh my gosh, does it hurt? do you know what day it is? do you know your name? do you know my name?? It’s ok, we just met is that too cold? okay I’ll leave that there for a second you’re doing great I really think you can just shake this off, there doesn’t seem to be too much lasting damage or anything do you want me to break it up a little bit more? well it’s gonna be a few minutes before you can get picked up yeah… yeah… ok, let me see… cold ice pack right there cold… there you go, we can just keep that.. on there there was some antibiotic, um treatment in the.. in the bag I’m gonna grab that for you you can keep holding the ice pack if you want I’m gonna put it right here for you let’s see… oh! this is some really good antibiotics ummm… yeah, it just comes out in a gel let me make sure that my hands are nice and clean, actually first yeah.. just… grab a little.. hand sanitizer well the first thing that they teach you is that you know, you wanna protect your patients and yourself, so make sure I sanitize my hands nice and thoroughly and then we’ll get that antibiotic cream on you ok? okay here we go.. now this might.. sting a little tiny tiny bit but let me just.. make sure some can squeeze out there okay here we go just put that… in your… wound and this should help so you don’t get… infected with anything your brain is very very important, you wanna keep it safe probably a little bit more right here.. I didn’t really see this scrape ooo, ya oh, ya oh no, … okay well… let’s see… don’t worry I could do some tests.. just to sort of make sure everything’s in order here here look, um, there’s a little flashlight in this bag, and.. I’m just gonna use it to look in your eye ok? now.. all I want you to do is.. while I’m using this little light here, I just want you to look at my nose, ok? it’s just.. um.. just so I can see inside your eyes make sure your pupils are dilating and contracting as normal um, so I’m gonna go ahead and turn the light on okay.. and… look at my nose I’m just gonna.. peek into that eye there peek into your other eye peek into your other eye here now I’m gonna bring the light.. close… and far… close far okay.. it seems like your pupils are normal, which is a good sign if there were… you know, traumatic brain injury that might not be the case but I’ll go to turn this off there’s a stethoscope in here as well we could check your heart rate and make sure there’s nothing irregular yes I am an EMT in training I’m just gonna get the stethoscope and listen.. to your heartbeat here breathe in.. breathe out.. breathe in.. breathe out.. breathe in.. breathe out.. breathe in.. and breathe out.. I’m not gonna lie to you.. I am not really sure what I heard so I’m gonna need to do some more testing ok I’m ready breathe in… and out… ok.. okay ok ok okay yeah, um.. well I’m training to be an EMT not a cardiologist, so you… are… probably fine in the heart department I can definitely offer you some ibuprofen you aren’t allergic to ibuprofen are you? are you allergic to anything? no.. ok, great! there is.. a little jar of ibuprofen in here so all you need to do, is just take I think we can probably give you two pills ummm and that should help do you have a headache? well I don’t blame you no I’m not surprised I’m just gonna… two pills.. you take this one.. I’ll get the other one two. You know what? I kinda have a headache let’s be real here taking care of people is.. hard work just take.. one myself down the hatch down the hatch okay no, you need to take the ibuprofen ok? good good good, yeah you’ll be fine, you’ll be fine I can wrap that head though I can wrap that head with some gauze well, since we put the uh… antibiotic cream on your head, I was just waiting for it to dry but now that it’s dried, we should probably, um, you know cover you up a little bit I’ve got this gauze here, and I’m just gong to wrap it around your head here like… so is that too tight? let me try it again okay now we’re going to wrap.. arouuuund.. your… head that way.. you will.. have some more protection for that wound okay is that more comfortable for you? ok, good just, you know, sort of kind of touching your face there you do seem a little, on the warm side I’m going to take your temperature yeah, there’s a thermometer in here how do I turn this on? okay now, this is… a pretty standard thermometer so go ahead and, open your mouth go ahead and put your… tongue over top the thermometer and we’re just gonna hold that there for a second ok good let’s see, is it ready? ohh, you’re okay yeah.. yeah, no fever that’s funny though, because I really think that you’re kind of on the warm side here maybe we need to get the uh, the ice packs back here.. just.. get that for ya put the ice packs back on it shouldn’t be so bad on top of the gauze ya a little less.. shockingly cold exactly exactly, exactly you’re cold?? oh, you’re cold ok… well.. there should be, um, a blanket around here somewhere I can find the blanket for you okay let me find that blanket is it…. down here? Oh! here it is! this is a really, really warm fluffy blanket yeah, I’ll just put it around your shoulders okay.. there ya go there.. is that better? ya, no problem that should, you know keep you warm until your friend gets here Oh! speaking of which! let me just make sure that they’re still on their way heeeyy.. yeahh,.. no no no, ..everything is totally fine I’m… took care of them yup I’m just seeing, um, you know how far you are ok! oh yeah, you’re right around the corner no problem.. no problem, no problem um, what car are you driving just so I know what to look for? mm-hmmm OOOooooo oh wow! ok! yeah, no kidding! oh my god that’s awesome! alright, cool yeah.., no, DM me on Instagram yeah! oh! yeah, ok, yeah.. we’ll talk, we’ll talk see you soon ok, bye! your friend is almost here let me just make sure that you have everything you need what did you come here with? your bag? and your wallet? and your keys? okay okay do you remember where you left your bag? umm…. okay… it’s blue… oh! here it is! here’s your bag is this not your blue bag? you did hit your head really hard.. well, let’s see what’s inside then well… it looks like… your keys.. and your wallet to me are these not your keys? to your house? well, this is definitely your wallet look… your ID’s inside you little silly head you really need some rest I’ll put your wallet back into your bag with your keys and make sure that this gets.. in the car with you okay… now.. remember to get lots of sleep and to hydrate, alright? and, uh, probably be a little bit more careful from now on, huh? yeah… oo! there’s your friend! I’m gonna go get, um, I’m gonna go get her, and.. uh, we’ll get you into the car, ok? ok, feel better! feel better, feel better…

100 thoughts on “ASMR | Using the Wrong Props to Treat You”

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    P.S. ~ Sorry about any grammar errors.

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