oh you’re awake hi sweetie I know I know shh shh it’s okay you’re home no you’re in her bed yeah someone got ahold of my number I came as fast as I could I guess you blacked out from the migraine you were barely awake when I finally got you home you’ve been gone for an hour is it still too bright yeah I’ve tried to block out the light as much as possible but I’ll promise I’ll see what I can do hmm don’t worry on your home no no no no your supervisors promised to take care of everything yeah they told me you shouldn’t be concerned about that at all so don’t worry your tired little head about that all you should do now is rest rest and regain some energy let’s see hmm a cold cloth through your forehead a sleeping mask painkillers and a heating pad to keep you are is there anything else I can get for you yeah I’ll get a bucket in case your launch decides to see the light of day and in the soft below – of course hmm I’ll be back very soon sweetie don’t worry you’re home I’ll take care of you hey-oh I’ll be right back don’t worry I’m not far away hey there sweetie I’m back okay darling I know this might hurt a little but I need you to sit up for a moment let me help you here hold onto my head I promise it’ll be quick can you sit by yourself that’s good okay here’s the painkiller and I bought some herbal tea to wash it down I figured it could maybe ease the pain a little and the sleeping mask I’ll place it right here if you feel like you want it on just tell me and I’ll assist okay all right we’re going to be done soon I promise have you gotten the pill down oh that’s good I’ll just place the pillow here ah there we are alright you can lay down slowly now are you comfortable all right now the cloth it might be a little wet okay try to keep your head upwards so it stays in place do you want to get the heating pad and place yourself yeah you know where it feels the best here you go I’m right here sweetie it will be over soon don’t think too much I will take care of everything if there is anything you need something is bothering you you tell me okay I’ll try my best but for now try to close your eyes or if you want let them stay open and just drift off to sleep here hold my hand I am right here this idea mm-hmm I know sweetie I know it hurts he just gotta try your best if I throw out love you’re okay you’re all right don’t worry baby you’re doing great that’s the way sleep [Music] you hmm hmm Oh baby I’m here here hold my hand hmm squeeze it whenever you need to or kiss it I guess silly there we go Oh squeeze it be I know it hurts like hell I know this is hard on you hmm Shh I understand you can’t help it but if you can manage try to not moan or a whimper it only makes it hurt worse try to relax weepy baby Shh no no no look at me don’t think try to ease your mind let any bad thoughts fade away all you need to think of is you and me in this room and this cozy bed and shifting oh to sleep unfurl your brow it’ll make it more bearable that’s all it’ll pass I promise it will pass you’ll be fine if you can try to drift off to sleep get some rest that way you won’t be bothered with the pain anymore and when you wake up you’ll feel much much better sure baby I’m staying right here I’ll be here for you throughout the night okay I’m here for you I’ll always be here for you [Music] [Music] [Music] it’s gonna be okay lovely breathe slowly breathe I not me but you have to remain calm try to keep still are you laying comfortably okay let me get the cloth so you can lay sideways I’m right here what did you say one more time baby oh yeah of course you can rest your head in my lap of course love hold on here lean against the little so I can place the pillow in my lap there we go all ready for you laying comfortably cuddle up sweetie and I’ll pull up the covers around you is there anything else you need stroking your hair noted close your eyes you’re doing god I’m here for you your aunt’s a fans you can sleep now love I’m watching over you

100 thoughts on “ASMR Voice: Does your head hurt, love? [M4A] [Comfort for migraines] [Whispers] [Humming]”

  1. sometimes I’d rather die than have a migraine like there honestly awful and people who don’t get them you’re blessed

  2. I just got my headache back when I looked at the description and flipped. December 5th is my birthday.

    Thank you lord and Cardlin.

  3. At some points in the video it got quite so I thought the video ended and I clicked a new one but I had to keep going back

  4. FUCK!
    (*Bonus* Me after listening to it: Oh shit, it actually helped my migraine. Thanks, Cardlin!)

  5. I get migraines often, though I don’t have one right now I’m still going to listen to this.

    I have a question for other people who get migraines. Do you get stomach aches with them sometimes?

  6. i went to the hospital yesterday for a migraine so i can tell you upfront they aren’t fun lmao thanks for making this it helps a lot

  7. I've had a really bad pressure/sinus headache ongoing for weeks now. Nothing close to migraine material but this is still comforting to listen to ❤️

  8. Had a migraine for like 3 hours now and my little sister was like "hey watch this dudes asmr about having a migraine" and I said "why the hell would I if it's a guy?" Then I got forced to…. and now I am subscribed and I have only see like 2 minutes of it… dude your voice is so soothing… not to sound weird… and now I owe my sister some time on my computer to play games.

  9. Whenever I have a migraine, someone… JUST SOMEONE DECIDS TO WALK IN, and blind my with there presence. Then it gets worse and I yell at them to leave.

  10. How to: Get a migraine, WITH KAYLEE!

    First, don’t sleep.

    Second: have a migraine at school and have no one understand what is happening and yell to you from across the classroom “HEY!!! YOU OKAY?”

    Third: go on a rampage, and kill anyone who made the migraine worst by yelling or laughing really loudly

    Four: Go to the nurse and tell her that your head hurts and you are having a migraine

    Five: Nurse doesn’t understand what a migraine is, so, she leave the bright as hell lights on

    Six: kill the nurse and go home!

    And that was: how to have a migraine with KAYLEE!!!

  11. I get migraines all the time that make me physically sick. I feel like I can't do anything. I was on meds but it messed up my stomach. Just got to deal with one once every week or so.

  12. i have really bad migrains (usaully at home tho) were i would feel like i was going to throw up and the room would spin, it just isn't good.

  13. Duuude, I had chronic migraines almost every day until I was 15 years old (currently taking vitamins to prevent them). They suck sooo much, but soft sounds and low lighting can help bunches. Good luck all you fellow… migraine-ts. Is that what we are? I'm sorry.

  14. I needed this today, I have an art final tomorrow and I had to finish my final project, BUT I can't find a good frickin app to get the pictures from my camera roll and put music to it because NO APPS ARE GOOD FOR ANIMATICS XC

  15. Thank you so much for this. I had a violent allergic reaction to something I ate last night and this was one of the only things that comforted me through the intense pain and nausea.

  16. I suffer with migraines everyday. The pain is so bad I cry in agony. And pain medication never works so I have no relief. The only thing that really helps is caffeine. And it has to be a RedBull because Pepsi doesn’t do shit for me.

  17. Oh gods, you have no idea how many times I wanted to cry because I want someone to take care of me during a migraine like this.
    Thank you, Cardlin

  18. I have chronic migraine and wish I had someone like that to take care of me; even if it was just on the worst days. It's hard having them and having to take care of yourself.

  19. I never knew what migraine was. Now I know. Thx Google for helping me understand what it is

    (Idk why i didn't research it before.
    Maybe bc I'm a dum dum)

  20. Him:shh shhh SHHHHHHHHH

    Me in a angery meleodias scottish acsent: what am i a mother fucking dog

  21. I don’t get migraines thankfully, but I do get tension headaches often. I had one tonight as a matter of fact. They get so bad that I can’t sit down. But an ice pack, a rapid release painkiller…and now this seems to have aided the paid fading.

  22. Oh how i wish it was longer😍it helps so much when i have migraine or a headache🙏🏻your voice is so nice and soothing it doesn’t hurt my head more❤️

  23. The pain and dizziness and fatigue is wearing me out this video is so nice and calming thanks for making and for the awesome writer

  24. That one moment when you're about 100 of these views because you constantly have migraines

  25. Thanks for this! I’ve had chronic migraines for 13 years, and this really helps. The bucket and all the little details were perfect. I pass out from pain quite often and am very sensitive to light and movements. This helps when I’m crying because of the pain, it’s nice to feel like someone is caring for you…even if they are a stranger.

  26. I was asleep in computer class listening to this until some brat turned it off and i jolted awake yelling “CARD?!”

  27. Hadn't realised I had so much tension in my face until he said to stop furrowing your brows… Oops.. Thank you for the amazing audio though, as always

  28. You are so sweet and loving and attentive
    I really appreciate everything you are doing but…
    Don't take this the wrong way
    Leave me alone…
    Stop talking please…
    Sound and movement make my migraines worse.

  29. This ASMR started with nice comforting words and I accidentally skipped it and it cuts to "MMMMM MM MM M M M"

  30. When it’s 3:00 pm and you have a migraine, watch this, but have school tomorrow.

    Me: Tomorrow, I’ll be dead….. Why…..

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