Hello You are visiting this hospital because of trouble sleeping, right? Are you not sleeping enough? Is that so. Is it your first thing visiting this hospital? How long have you had trouble sleeping? Since last summer? It’s been about a half and a year, right? Then, is there anything wrong with your body or anywhere aching? So there is none. Don’t worry, I will take care of it for you. First before we start, let me take a brief checkups. This is very simple. I will measure your temperature. First with this side of ear. Let me take it once more. This thermometer is not working well lately, so I have to try for several times. Your current temperature is normal. Let me do it once more. Thank you. Most of people with trouble sleeping tend to have either a very low or high body temperature. But your temperature is normal. Yes, it’s because the temperature is not well controlled if you are sleep-deprived. I just notice your eyes are bloodshot due to lack of sleep. Let me see them. It’d be quite bright for your eyes. I think you have been thinking a lot when you go to bed. That’s why you cannot sleep well enough. Now I will take a blood test. Are you scared of needles? I will make it very quick. Great. I hope it did not hurt that much, because I am good at it. You must be under lots of stress even though we need to see the blood test results. I guess you have trouble sleeping because your stress influences on your sleeping. Let me give you an acupuncture treatment to relieve your stress. Oh, you said you are scared of needles. But you see the needles are very tiny, do you see them? Can’t see? I will show them later. You don’t have to worry. It doesn’t hurt that much. I will also give you respiratory therapies, and vitamin injections between the treatment. While I’m preparing for the treatment, there is one thing that you have to do. Please take it easy, and about the worries and concerns that you usually have, Forget about all of them, and put your mind at ease. Do you understand? While I am away, do need to do that. Are you relaxed? Awesome. It must be your first time receiving a sleep treatment. Just think of it as a cold remedy. Because many are getting this sleep treatment. I will give you a vitamin injection first. Please clench your hands slightly. Yes good job. This shot will sting a little. I will tape the spot for you. The vitamin shot will last for an hour. Even after the treatment, you are welcome to sleep here until you feel rested. No one will bother you, so feel free to take a rest. If you have anything uncomfortable, do not hesitate to tell us. I will show you the needle that I previously said. This is very tiny. It’s for the ears, so that’s why it’s very small. Now, I will start the acupuncture treatment that can relieve all your stress and tension. I will apply acupuncture mainly on the spots that help relieve stress. Here and here Are you comfortable? You are doing well. I’m going to apply also on this side. Here on the bottom, slightly. I’m going to apply also on this side. I will continue the acupuncture. If you are feeling uncomfortable, please tell me. Here may be sting a little, should I try this spot instead? So, this may sting a little. You are doing better than I expected. You said you are scared of needles. Here as well. I applied acupuncture only around the pinna area. Now, deep inside the ears. Since it’s sensitive inside the ears, I will brush smoothly with the brush so that you won’t get surprised. I will also brush the other side. Yes, now let me apply acupuncture. Now all the acupuncture have been applied. It’s been mainly on here and spots for relieving stress and tension. I did it very carefully, so I hope it did not hurt that much? While you are getting acupuncture, I will start a respiratory treatment. This apparatus is usually used for patients with bronchial disease. We also use this for those who have irregular sleeping patterns. When you cannot fall asleep, do you usually feel your heart burdened or have difficulty in breathing? This is a common symptom found in insomniacs. So that’s why we give respiratory treatment, combined with other insomniac therapies. This is very easy. You just be relaxed, and then exhale and inhale as before. Comfortably, breathe in as much as you can. Don’t need to force to breathe deeply, just do it as much as possible. So breathe in. Yes, Good. Then again, exhale. Inhale and exhale comfortably, Let’s do it one more time. Breathe in very smoothly, and then exhale it. Just think that you are breathing in very fresh and cool air. Very good. You are doing very well. ¬¬Now, let me remove all the acupuncture. That must be hurt, sorry. I plucked it out too abruptly. I will disinfect the acupunctured areas. You cannot feel it working right away, but it supports your blood circulation temporarily. So it may take care of your headache and other efficacy. You need to visit and receive treatment consistently. I will help you cure insomnia by your side. Please visit the hospital whenever you are available, I will put time aside for you. Please tell me. Oh, you are taking a rest for a while? Yes, you are always welcome to do that. I actually brought a cup of warm tea for you. Sipping this tea, please take a rest until you feel relaxed. Then, if you need me, call me anytime. Please make yourself comfortable, and if you need anything, please press the button. Then get some rest in comfort. Thank you. I will let you be relaxed.

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  1. Will you come to our Christmas dinner? Mom told me to tell you to bring Jamaica Water and some tostadas for the tinga 🥺❤️

  2. 첨에 티백소리랑 라텍스장갑소리랑 소독하는소리랑 좋은소리들 적으려다가 계속 좋아서 포기했어욥 히히 지금 소독소리나오는데 너무 행복 ㅠㅠ 2/3정도 듣다가 다시 앞부분 듣는중이에욤 🤦🏻‍♀️🥰💜

  3. 나라님
    항상 영상 잘보고 있어요!
    직장에서 힘들고 지친 몸 이끌고 잠들기 전에 보는 영상들로 하루를 마무리하는데요.
    다음 하루를 살아가게 하는 힘을 주세요.
    언제나 감사합니다!

  4. 2:57 부터 ㅋㅋ 도대체 내귓구멍에 체온계를 몇번이나 쑤셧다간거지 체온계끝이랑 내 달팽이관이랑 만난듯..

  5. 천사야 날이 춥다.
    건강 잘챙기고 아프지말고 옷 따시게 잘 입고다니고잉 어잉?
    언제나 응원해~^-^

  6. 02:30 치료 전 검사

    —02:44 체온검사 (강추👍)

    —05:48 눈 검사

    07:12 주사준비

    07:26 피검사

    09:11 처방/치료전 당부

    10:38 치료준비

    (11:58 라텍스 장갑 소리)

    12:54 치료시작

    —13:57 비타민 주사

    17:03 침 치료 시작

    —17:29 침놓기 시작

    —23:00 귀안쪽 쓸기(오른쪽)

    —23:54 귀안쪽 쓸기(왼쪽)

    —24:30 귀안쪽 쓸기(오른쪽)

    25:28 귀 안쪽 침놓기 시작

    28:10 침놓기 끝 /설명

    28:51 호흡기 치료 설명

    30:55 호흡기 치료 시작

    32:42 침 제거 시작

    35:53 소독

    36:36 마지막 설명

    37:54 차 제공/ 휴식

    38:54 빠빠이😊

  7. 나라 누나 항상 좋은 영상 감사해요 덕분에 매일 꿀잠자고 있어요 제가 체온계 귀에 들어가는 소리 좋아하는데 이번 영상에서 많이 반복해줘서 좋아요ㅎ 혹시 기회가 된다면 체온계asmr 영상 한번 찍어주실 수 있는지…개인적인 바람이에요 🙂

  8. 어제 보다가 7분만에 잠들어버렸어요.. 이번 영상 너무 제 스타일이에요오오
    항상 감사합니다
    나라님 오늘도 굿나잇이에요오🌙🌙🌙

  9. 저번에 체온계 재는 거 오래 해달라고 하시는 분들 많으셨던 것 같았는데 이리 길게 해주시면 감사함니다

  10. 와 ㅜㅜ 나라님 체온검사 부분 소리 너무 좋아요 ㅠㅠ 팅글 폭발입니다 😭 오늘도 영상 잘 보고 갈게요 ❤️❤️

  11. 오늘도 잘 보고가요 쉬는날 일이 있어서 마무리하고 쉬다보니 하루가 정말 빠르게 지나가네요 ㅜㅡㅜ 또 한주가 시작되는데 영상 보면서 꿀잠 자고 힘내보겠습니다
    나라님도 한 주 잘 보내세요 ~

  12. 타임라인
    0:01 0:01 인트로

    0:50 0:50 안녕하세요

    2:43 2:43 간단한 점검 / 온도재기

    5:51 5:51 눈 점검

    7:12 7:12 주사 준비

    7:11 7:11 혈액검사 준비

    10:39 10:39 간식 준비

    11:58 11:58 수면요법

    12:58 12:58 비타민 주사

    16:00 16:00 침 놓기 시작

    29:52 29:52 호흡기 치료

    32:30 32:30 침 제거

    36:00 36:00 소독

    36:35 36:35 당부의 말(?)

    anj의 타임라인을 참고하였습니다
    한국어 타임라인도 있으면 좋겠다고 생각해서 조금 더 보기 편하게 몇가지만 추가하고 번역만해서 만들었습니다.

  13. 그냥 이쁜사람이 아니라
    진짜 진짜 이쁜사람이네요…

    이세상 예쁜사람보다 예쁜 이 사람!!

    그리고 나는 이영상으로 매일을 굿밤하였다고 한다….

  14. 화면에 호호 불면서 눈 세척해주는 안과! 시각적 팅글 영상 기다려효,,,,,나라님이 꼭 찍어주셨으면 좋겠습니당,,😍

  15. 새 사업 추천..! 요즘 작은 책방이 조금씩 생기는 거 같아서 그런데 책방 asmr은 어떤가요.. 선반에서 책 꺼내는 소리나 종이 넘기는 소리, 주인장이 직접 책 추천 혹은 책 찾아주는 부분같은 걸로 해도 괜찮을 거같은 느낌적인 느낌..

  16. 혼자만 알고있던 맛집이 점점 구독자가 늘고 댓글중에 외국인들도 많아지니 뭔가 딸 시집보내는 느낌이네

  17. 많은 도구를 사용하는 동영상이 마음에 듭니다. 나라가 이와 같은 동영상을 더 많이 올릴 수 있기를 바랍니다.☺️

  18. 요즘영상 감성적이고 소소한거 하나하나 다 맘에 듬 물론 제일 좋은건 나라님 미모가 열일하는거고..

  19. 누나 진짜 궁금한데 구독자 수는 왜 비공개로 하신건가요?? 궁금해요! 아 그리고 인스타도 게시물 많이많이 올려주세요~~!! 오늘도 파이팅!

  20. 나라 공쥬님..공룡이 왜 멸종 됐ㄴ느지 알아요..? 우리 공주님을 보고 박수를 치지 못하길래 내가 다 멸종시켯어요,,,,,,.. 아..,나라님 정말,,..,,.,,,,,,…너무..,,옙…뻐..,,,,…..ㄷ졸려죽겟는데 나라님 보고 십어서 눈 부릅뜨고 폰 처다보는 제 맘 아시나요…?

    포르투갈어에서 한국어로 번역
    그녀는 나쁜 친구 ASMR 비디오를 만들고 싶어

  22. 나라님 혹시 단어반복asmr은 생각없으신가여 나라님 목소리로 단어반복 들으면 팅글폭팔할것같은데ㅠㅠ

  23. The 52 dislikes fell sleep and their faces touched the phone or computer without noticing it, producing the dislike without wanting it, there’s no other reason.

  24. 이번 영상도 팅글 너무 쩔어요……. 매 영상마다 팅글이 새로워여…… 속삭이는 목소리도 너무 좋고ㅠㅠㅠ 제 최애 영상 등극했어요,,,, 그리고 영상도 너무 이쁜데 혹시 카메라 뭐 쓰시는지 여쭤봐도 될까요???ㅠㅠㅠ

  25. 아..감기걸렸어요 목이부어서 귀에도 통증이 오네요 ㅠㅠ 감기 조심하세요 나라님

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