Dr. Tymothy Flory: Okay, Phillip. What problems were you experiencing prior to coming to Atlas Spinal Care, and why did you seek care with us? I was suffering from chronic migraines and chronic headaches. And what was the second part of the question? Dr. Flory: What improvements have you had as a result of your care with us? I have had a decrease in headaches and migraines. I’m able to be a little bit more active. I was seeing neurologists and they couldn’t really diagnose my problems. They just said that I had headaches and migraines, and that it was genetics. They put me on all these meds, and the meds weren’t working. And a friend that came here told me about NUCCA, and I decided to try it out. Ever since, I’ve been able to get off my meds and have found a decrease in my headaches and migraines.

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