I’m Jennifer Hoger, I’m an acupuncturist.
I practice traditional Chinese medicine and I am licensed in both California and Texas.
I specialize in providing gentle, effective acupuncture at an affordable price. I have
recently made Austin my home, and opened my own practice here. Chinese medicine is effective
in the treatment of so many common conditions people face today- from back pain and stress,
to sciatica, IBS, allergies and more- I have used acupuncture to effectively treat all
of these conditions. It’s also a great preventative medicine. People often ask me, “how does acupuncture
work?” It is fascinating. Acupuncture helps allow the body to heal itself by promoting
the smooth flow of energy, bringing you back into balance. I hope to help you achieve optimal
health at Jennifer Hoger Acupuncture.

1 thought on “Austin Acupuncturist Jennifer Hoger”

  1. Today was my first visit to get acupuncture and cupping and I was honestly not sure what to expect. I found Jennifer to be very professional and to have the heart of a teacher. I was happy to get all of my questions answers and overall, my session at Jennifer Hoger Acupuncture was a very pleasant experience. I left her office feeling a bit more balanced and energized. I have my next session schedule and am looking forward to this new experience.

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