100 thoughts on “Author Robert Greene on the Utility of Weirdness, Fear, and Pain Inside Quest”

  1. You can actually see the faces of the audience slowly getting the gist about power. Hands down to mr greene

  2. My goal is to be the best football coach (soccer for the us, I am from Portugal) of all time. I dont shy away. I am in the death zone atm and I wont fail cause I cant fail. My name is Afonso Gonçalves. Look me up. You will never forget my name cause in 500 years time everyone will know my name

  3. " I'm in love with you" " can't believe the degree of personal pleasure you bring to me". Dude, you are GAYYYYYYYYYY!!! Stop hitting on the man, you're making him unconfortable

  4. I love this guy , smart, and humble, quality person.. I rade this book. . getting in to his mind is givings you real satisfaction

  5. When Heaven is about to confer a great office on a man, it first exercises his mind with suffering, and his sinews and bones with toil ; it exposes his body to hunger, and subjects him to extreme poverty ; it confounds his undertakings. By all these methods it stimulates his mind, hardens his nature, and supplies his incompetencies.
    – Mencious

  6. Both of these gentlemen are SO expertly and genuinely delivering these theories, wanting to help spread this not-so-innate knowledge. This left me inspired and deeply moved. Thank y’all so very much, I can’t wait to get my hands on the books! Overwhelmed in a good way😍

  7. 50:36 This hurt me to hear the term "loser" because personally I am going through that same kind of thing in my life now at 28 and it feels damaging and hopeless to call it being a loser. Trying different jobs out seems like I took the hard road but maybe, the difficult path is the one that will bring us to a more concrete and stable future? It really fucking hurts to hear that negative term used for someone going through a transition and man does it suck to have to go through the job searching process over and over again. Doesn't that account for something?

  8. So, I'm watching it with extreme fascination and admiration for Robert Greene's wisdom and personality until, Bang!, he says something like: … and then you turn forty and you don't have the energy to change your career… Please, why did you do it to me, Robert? I'm working my as off to actually change my career and I'm going to make it possible, regardless of what you think 😜

  9. I truly believe that if you persistently apply his laws to your life, you'll be the shit! I mean totally unstoppable at every and anything that you go for!

  10. I feel so privileged and so lucky to have known this author.. he has been a great, great help of me.. his books are my guiding principles.. he helped me improve myself, to see things as they are.. to realize how important it is not to be governed by emotions.. to be a good strategist, to understand myself and to understand people to a visceral level!
    Thank you so much for sharing us your knowledge and your experiences .. I’m praying for your health .. you deserve to live longer and enjoy life to the fullest..

  11. yes excellent interview (agree with others that the swoosh sound for titles below is really annoying and totally unnecessary).

  12. Learn learn learn and unlearn learn unlearn, each level of ur life u will have to go through the process of learning and unlearning and that’s the key to quality and becoming human. Perspective is learned.

  13. Why does this channel "Less" have complete content from Inside Quest? How can this be ethical or allowed?

  14. depressing message if you are old…he makes it seem like it is too late to make changes and be successful. Won't buy his books. Not inspiring.

  15. "Words are used to deceive you from what a person is really thinking…" Robert Greene quote,… I think the same thing is he paranoid or is it true???

  16. I love it he's a paranoid pessimist its the most invigorating experience to know who you are to find the direction your going!!!!

  17. I wish Tom would go back to this style of interviewing. I think he's changed a bit too much and doesn't ask the same level of questions and allows for more distractions. He is still a great interviewer though and picks the absolute best people.

  18. Love Robert. The death ground doesn't always work. For instance with stopping smokng you're often encouraged to share your goal with the world. In my experiense, the once who share their goal with the world, don't succeed. And the once who doesn't share succeeds. E.G my mother, ubcle and brother, none of them told anyony, and just qiut ! done! with no crutches.

  19. 40’
    It is life and death. It really is. The pain and boredom we experienced in the initial stages of learning a skill strengthens our mind. You have to put yourself on death ground. 背水一战。self awareness. Work inwards. You grow older, you grow more and more like other people. You become a copy of other ppl. Create a business that reflects me. And my strangeness and who i am. Your website, blog, your niche and reflects you. Failure in life is not not having money, it’s not realise your potential!!! Set of skills combining.

  20. 47:24 “when I’m 40 years old I’m gonna create a business that reflects me and my strangeness and who I am” powerful 💯💯💯


  22. 32:15 ironically the interviewer sounds like a whiny little child when he cries "Nooo!"

    Robert deserves a little more respect than that

  23. 16:46
    "We don't practice this. It [empathy] is like a muscle we don't use – "
    "ALRIGHT then RIGHT NOW'S the TIMEEEEEE. HOooooow do we get these guys to use it? Because I think you are OOOONNN TO THE SECRET OF THE UNIVERSE aaaaand my partners and I break the company into three things…"

    The guests are usually great but this host is excruciating sometimes. The show isn't about you, let your guests speak. Maybe you should actually listen to the advice your guest has been giving and get out of your egotistical head. You don't need to constantly remind yourself and the audience that "I'm the host! I'm hosting a show! My show! Me! Look at me!"

  24. Does anyone know why this interview is on a separate channel? It's been removed from Tom Bilyeu's (formerly Inside Quest) channel.

  25. I love you Robert Green! This other guy I don't dig just not a good pace. This interview with this genious deserves more awareness of themselves.and this other side needs to work on himself.

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