Decreasing kids pain can help improve the overall hospital experience and has been shown to positively benefit recovery too. As a part of the Comfort Promise at SickKids, babies will be offered the following four techniques to help reduce needle poke pain. Numbing Cream. Numbing cream helps to reduce needle… Continue Reading Comfort Promise for infants

– Hi. I am currently back home in Arizona. I’m actually waiting outside of the hair salon for my hair appointment time slot, so I figured I would go ahead and film the intro and outro of this video. Just raw, honest style. I’m kind of tired of the studio… Continue Reading i felt like crap about myself (and my body) so i made this video

In this tutorial, we’re going to run through the techniques used in my new sock pattern written for flexible double-pointed needles. And really the techniques used in this sock pattern, you can use any kind of needles, you can use DPNs or nine-inch circulars or magic loops or whatever but,… Continue Reading Knitting Tutorial – Socks on Flexible Double Points (aka FlexiFlips)

AMNA NAWAZ: It’s often dismissed as just a headache, but a migraine attack is much more than that. Fifteen percent of Americans are affected. But, as Stephanie Sy reports, the stigma associated with migraine disease has meant fewer resources for desperate patients. The story is part of our regular series… Continue Reading 15 percent of Americans have migraine disease. Why aren’t there better treatment options?

Your Upper Trapezius Muscle works to shrug your shoulder and can cause neck pain due to having Trigger Points, more commonly referred to as knots. To find these areas, feel around your Upper Trapezius muscle until you feel a tender spot. Press down on this spot and tilt your head… Continue Reading Upper Trapezius Release – Trigger Point Release Neck Pain Relief

Hello every one The video is rather long but for everyone’s benefit 00:22 history of punch needle 03:55 Needle Parts 06:33 Needle method One interesting thing about punch needle is its unique history Here’s the short version: Miniature punch needle embroidery has been around for a very long time Ancient… Continue Reading التطريز للمبتدئين .. ابرة النفاش punch needle

Hi everyone welcome in a new tutorial Today the tutorial is about a pattern designed by Sparkling light Creation studio by Gloria Nelson It’s time to Saint Valentine day I think to do a pendant heart shaped this one Let’s do it! in the description I put the link to… Continue Reading Chiacchierino Fantasy by Angie – Tutorial n°16 – Needle Tatting “Cuore/with all my heart”