There was a team of doctors, probably about 5 of them, that came in and visited me. They had told me about TB control and what would be happening and the process that they would be following in regards to contacting me. They then gave me Pat’s name and number.… Continue Reading A TB survivor tells her story. Part 3: Treatment

The powerful force of an earthquake can collapse bridges instantly, stranding, and even killing people. That is why, with funding from the National Science Foundation, engineers at Texas A&M University are leading an NSF-funded collaborative research effort with the University of Colorado-Boulder to investigate alternative bridge structures. Traditional bridge columns… Continue Reading Earthquake resistant bridges columns

Proteins are the building blocks of life, they make up our cells, tissues and organs and they’re critical for our nutrition. At ECU, we’re working to better understand the proteins in the food that we eat and in the plants that make them. We’re doing this through proteomics. Proteomics is… Continue Reading Proteomics Research at ECU’s School of Science

welcome to thamizhmottu the subscribe button and continue to the vedio today wat we are going to see is you can guess it on the thumbnail its needle case holder in which i will be giving the cushion effect for that we are going to do a pattern for… Continue Reading DIY needle case holder|needle storage |needle organizer

>>Voiceover: What is body image? How does it affect you?>>Adrianna: I think body image to me has always been my representation of myself. Definitely I grew up, like, always thinking about like my weight or, like, how tall I am… or, like, you know, how feminine I look.>>Simon: Body image… Continue Reading Body Image

Going to sleep isn’t just one thing, there are five phases of the sleep cycle, and we go through all five phases over and over all night long. Getting through every phase of the sleep cycle is important to our body’s ability to heal and recover from the physical and… Continue Reading Get Better Sleep – Let Your Body Experience Recovery

Hey everybody it’s Doctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you the top five ways to relieve neck pain and tension. so let’s get started. So the first treatment is going to be a chin tuck. chin tucks are my favorite because they’re easy to do and if you’ve… Continue Reading ‪5 Best Neck Pain Relief Treatments‬ – Ask Doctor Jo