Welcome to all of you who’ve logged in. We will go ahead and get started. It’s my pleasure to welcome you today. I’m Dr. Adrian Larsen and today’s webinar is something, kind of new, that we haven’t done before. This is hot, off-the-presses stuff. And Kimberly, I gotta tell you,… Continue Reading Extraordinary Tx Acupuncture Protocol Explained!

Hi, my name is Vanessa Ho a licensed acupuncturist here at Healing with Zen! Today we’ll be talking about acne and its relation to Chinese medicine. For this first part on this two-part series we’ll be talking about acne and its roots in how we treat it with Chinese medicine… Continue Reading Video: Facial Acupuncture- How to Treat Acne Part 1

Let’s start with safety. So there really nice, large observational studies available. The first ones have been from UK, and they evaluated both sides – the professional practitioners and the physicians. And they observed over 60,000 treatments and came to the result that there are no serious adverse events of… Continue Reading Safety of Acupuncture

I’m Kristy at the West Jordan curves in Utah. And we are talking about how to reduce body fat. One way to reduce body fat is it’s pretty much everything, you have to eat right, exercise. If you need, they basically the rule of thumb is if you need to… Continue Reading Weight Loss Tips : How to Reduce Body Fat

Hi, I’m going to try to explain one of the misconceptions. A lot of people are familiar with acupuncture as a therapy for variety of ailments. But really, acupuncture is a small part of traditional Chinese medicine. So there’s actually five branches of traditional Chinese medicine. The best known is… Continue Reading Acupuncture Therapy : Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

in this video we will show you how to grow height by activating this single acupressure point step-by-step acupressure is an amazing therapy that was originated 5000 years ago and is used and widely mainly in Asia it works magically by doing this correctly so let’s get started look at… Continue Reading Acupressure Points for Height Increase After 25 | Increase Height in 1 Week

If I’m serious about my health, I gotta try something new– acupuncture with my girl Kara. Hey, Kara, good to see you. Have a seat. This is, like, all calm. Very cozy. Yeah, I already feel relaxed, like, I’m thinking we skip our whole needle situation, maybe. Uh, no, we’re… Continue Reading Upscale with Prentice Penny – Acupuncture 101 | truTV

my name is Jason pettet board-certified acupuncturist NCCAOM today we’re going to be treating an individual with a lot of tendinitis things and with the investigation realizing they relate to the long-term digestion issues digestive allergies and sensitivities to balance the system out improve digestion with the intention that the… Continue Reading South Haven acupuncturist Jason Pettet

Hello, hello. (sigh) I’ve been having a time! Alright, so there was this article and I’ll link it below… about a woman who parked in a handicap spot and walked into a grocery store came out and found a sign that said “FAKER” on her car. She then went to… Continue Reading What Do You Think Disabled People Look Like? [CC]

Spleen deficiency, I didn’t even think my spleen was necessary. Hi, my name is Mark Brinson, doctor of oriental medicine and physical medicine specialist. When someone in the realm of Eastern medicine says that you have a spleen deficiency understand that in ancient China they really weren’t talking about the… Continue Reading Acupuncture : What Is Spleen Deficiency?