hi beauties and welcome back to my channel so today’s video is all about my favorite skin care body care and hair care for the year of 2019 recently I completed my best of 2019 series that was related to makeup but I still want to talk to you guys… Continue Reading Best of 2019-Skincare, Body Care, and Hair Care | This Stuff Works! πŸ‘

Now that we’re all experts at caricaturing the human face, we can’t forget about the rest of the body. Oftentimes, an inexperienced caricaturist will spend all of their efforts exaggerating the face and just throw on a neck and a small body as an afterthought. When you’re working as an… Continue Reading Cartooning the Body – How to Caricature the Figure

Good evening, everyone. Welcome. I’m Nora Cain. I’m the director of the Stanford Health Library. And it’s my pleasure to welcome you all here tonight for the first of our community lectures of 2017. So happy new year to all of you. And it seemed like an auspicious way to… Continue Reading Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow: Emerging Treatments for Hair Loss

– [Voiceover] Hello, this is Jeff Luzel, I’ve already provided some lectures on psychopathology covering chapters 14 in your textbook. Today I’m going to be covering chapter 15, which deals specifically with the treatment of psychological disorders. Let’s start by asking the question, “Who seeks treatment?” And I want to… Continue Reading Treatment Lecture

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Hey guys, my name is Dr. Sam. Today I’m going to answer the top eight questions I get about a medicine called Nitrofurantoin. In this video I’ll teach you what it is used for, what are the side effects of Nitrofurantoin and of course how you should best take it!… Continue Reading 8 Things You Need To Know About Nitrofurantoin for UTI πŸ’Š