Hello Dr. Zachary Ward back with another “Ten Patients in Ten Minutes” In this episode we’re talking about a female in her mid-30s with migraines, head sensitivities, left ear plugged, sense of brain fog, anxiety, chest pain, a whole gamut of symptoms and of course a reverse curve and this… Continue Reading Reverse neck curve correction improves brain fog, plugged ear, migraine

Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I’d like to show you how to needle tat this lovely bracelet. Also, I’ll tell you about the giveaway I’m running. It’s terms and the present. Are you intrigued? Then keep watching this video. Here are the supplies… Continue Reading Needle tatting. Bracelet with beads. Giveaway/Фриволите иглой. Браслет с бусинами. Розыгрыш подарка

b48 + b44 + b42 Tutorial – Needle change, needle threader (6/15) Needle change Slightly loosen the needle set screw Push the needle fully up Tighten needle set screw When no needle is inserted tighten needle set screw slightly This prevents the screw from coming loose while sewing Needle Threader… Continue Reading b48 + b44 + b42 Tutorial – Needle change, needle threader (6/15)

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My name is Brenda Gomez I’m 51 years old um my dad is in his late 70’s and he had started getting headaches about 4 to 5 years ago and…they were just getting worse and worse. And I suggested he go to an E.N.T. doctor…he did a specialist they didn’t… Continue Reading Dr. Smith Saved My Dad from Migraines – (Migraine Treatment Testimonial)

Posttraumatic stress disorder, also called PTSD, happens when some memory of a past traumatic event—like war or sexual assault—causes recurrent mental and physical distress. Now the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual 5th edition or the DSM 5 categorizes PTSD as a “trauma-and-stressor-related-disorder” that happens when the symptoms of an acute stress… Continue Reading Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) – causes, symptoms, treatment & pathology

Joe: Tuft & Needle or Nectar? Two very popular mattresses, but which one should you get? It’s exactly what I’m going to be telling you about today. My name is Joe, I’m from Mattress Clarity. Let me tell you about the similarities, the differences, the construction differences, who should get… Continue Reading Tuft & Needle Vs Nectar Mattress – Which Is Best For You?

Good morning guys today I have a pine needle clean up. Its a whole lot … sorry about that… it whole lot of pine trees so I’m going to do a pine needle clean up. I figure that I can do this be my self and it probably will take… Continue Reading Easiest Pine needle cleanup (by my self)

Started when I was eight years old. I had headaches on and off throughout my teenage years, throughout my college years, throughout my years in graduate school. It wasn’t until about 2001 where I had a change in my headaches. My headaches became where I would pass out. I would… Continue Reading Victoria; Nerve Stimulator Migraine Treatment Allows Dedicated Educator to Return to the Classroom

hi my name is Melanie kneeling and i am a client of dr. randy hands brauer and i have been a victim of migraine headaches for 45 years now and they’ve been very debilitating and i miss work you know they’re really really very painful they make you have to… Continue Reading Migraine Inflammation