So, In ayurveda , the most important thing whenever we are checking the imbalance, we have to check the properties, what is your body type? and the properties we check watching you, what do you look,? how do you look? and then, we check the pulse and then we ask the questions. It is not necessarily that you are looking like this, you are always like this. So, we need to check your past, we need to check your family. and then we ask many many questions, also and we compare your body type with your family to decide your properties. Once we decide your properties, then we check the pulse. Pulse we always check on the root of the thumb we check 3 pulses. First pulse is Vata, second pulse is Pitta and the third pulse is Kapha So, the medium pulse is pitta. So, whenever we check pulse , first thing it should be morning time, with an empty stomach or at least, 3 hours without food If you are checking with food, then the pulse will be different. And we check always both hands pulse. Not only in one hand. Sometimes, imbalance is only in one side of the body. Then, you have to compare in the other side of the body also. So, then once you diagnose the pulse according to the condition, if you are in movement, Vata pulse is going to be high If you eat food within 3 hours you are checking pulse, Pitta pulse will be high. When you are sleepy, you are tired, you eat a lot, Kapha pulse will be high. So that, most accurate pulse is in morning time, either 3 hours after food. Then, we always check the eyes. The down of the eyes we check the anemia the person how is hemoglobin level, we check in the eyes. So , sometimes people who are vegetarian / vegan you can check either on the eyes. Sometimes we look upper side. we look this part of the eye, we check the colour. If it is yellow, if it is blueish or like this. Once we check the properties and it is like blue, we can say it is like a liver problem. Then we check hair. Hairs are thin, thick, the texture …. So, to check vatta, pitta, kapha. Then, we check the nails Nails shape, nails size, nails soft, any kind of spot in the nails. and check the tongue also. The normal tongue is pink. It look like a normal tongue. And we check the coating, white coating, yellow coating, grey coating, What is the taste of your mouth?, How do you feel? thirsty or not? Then, we check teeth. The teeth we check which is the colour. So if it is yellow colour, we say it is pitta. When the teeth are unformed and different shapes, this is a pitta thing. Then, we check the cavities. So, it shows the dehydration. So, if you are not drinking enough water, you can have possibilities of more tooth caries also. If somebody has gum swelling, gum bleeding this is a pitta issue. So, we check that kind of things, we check the body colour, and then, we decide the properties. Then, we talk about the imbalances. So … through all these checkings, we collect all the information, Then, we can say this person, look, these are your properties. and your pulse is like this, these are your properties and these your disturbances. Now, these points you have to work So, through all these checks you can say: Ok, this is your dosha . Yes, your dominated dosha is this. That is how you need to work with that dosha or some doshas, like this . Can you also see imbalances in my body looking in my eyes, my tongue ? Yes, yes. We can see if your tongue is white coating, We say kapha is not working. If it is dark coating, dryness of mouth, this is Vata. An if you have , sour taste, metallic taste, radish tongue, This is pitta And with the eye colour also, we suggest blueish is vatta, red or yellow is pitta, if it is more white, it is kapha. So, these pictures we consider to decide the properties

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