Ayurveda is not a physical science that relies on evidence and repeated experimentation it is a shastra which works on the basis of logic and greasing ability and similar to mathematics it is one of the greatest contributions india has made to the world like any other Indians shastra ayurveda is also based on the philosophy like sankhya ayurveda explains the physical world without contradicting the understanding of it from the angle of upanishads and with us which are considered to be 5,000 years old the traditionally of imparting the knowledge in the form of piston starboard Brahma explaining shots tried to property then to us really kamada and sages like our prayer etc finally it reads sages like up Alicia who made it in the present form as a text briefly speaking the quest for knowledge for life started as soon as the human life started on earth through the fresh local method this knowledge of life has been preserved by the intellectual of Shasta and is still in the living form in spite of adversities


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