we need to dance so we get the baby want to come out when the style come on let me see you get down Eddie mama this just one month to hit the baby mom oh yeah I’m pregnant but I got an airflow trying to make some money buy some Huggies from as well as to the to a double lock a today sha and I don’t play doing my way prego but on stereo doing moves by Beyonce yeah I said I’m pregnant pregnant get the child support and pay my rent pay my rent your opinion is irrelevant because I’m a baby mother [Music] for the fourth you’ve got a point why do we love you you guys are very special to us and I want you to know that I want you to understand this new baby doesn’t change anything okay it’s only gonna give more love for our hearts you good son son it’s not a high-five it’s a handshake right hand you shake with your right okay nice what don’t be okay mom and I we’re gonna go get this kid we’re gonna bring him home okay you good where’s my kisses easy I know I hope so I hope I’m not gonna come back again tonight without the baby but I think the baby’s coming I think we danced so good that he really wants to come now you’re gonna you excited to see him I love you so much I love you guys so much you’re the best thing I’ve ever had in my whole life yeah mom you like having children until I’m 100 years old okay okay I can keep our let’s try this again hopefully this time it’s a real deal well hopefully you just told me that this is it I feel like this is it but now you know well if you can squeeze this kid out within the next four hours then it’ll be on the due date so I think that’d be quite nice the boys weren’t sad at all they were so excited yeah someone in the comments said to do the baby mama dance challenge and they said that it was it induced like a few people that did the challenge you imagine pretty give birth do they have to do this dance I mean we’re going to give birth that was my understanding I know but I don’t know I don’t know stop you making me nervous this could be false alarm as well feeling something right now I’m feeling something right now I think we should get my mom to come because if she’s gonna miss birth video that’s not gonna I don’t think you understand well forever lose every like credit you ever gained with her the girls are already in the waiting room and they had to cancel their plans it is a Sunday tomorrow’s Thanksgiving Canadian Thanksgiving I’m super grateful so I really hope this is not a false alarm because it’s gonna suck have to buy them some presents if it’s a fossil yeah I don’t know if it’s like nervousness that it’s a false alarm or if it’s the real deal or you guys if it’s a false alarm I’m buying you the biggest present ever you get Bush presents you guys are so pretty did you have plans or something okay guys back at it this is already like my second home in the past week my girlfriend from LA she said she had a few false alarms that she went to the hospital a few times so I truly hope that this is not the case we’re just here waiting and we don’t know if it’s gonna happen okay so I was at home eating Thai food and we got a call saying it’s the real deal yeah we’re here hilarious in the other room getting checked out she’s having contractions about five minutes apart and we have no idea how much east eileen is I’m gonna be a long night and we could meet this baby in 20 minutes or 20 hours so don’t say 20 hours why did I say that I’m gonna play a joke on the girls watch I mean you’ll see it on the vlog guys watch what I’m gonna do to Jess and Emma okay guys it’s happening right now it’s happening right now no just sorry I’m just screwing with you beep that out I know no but it’s great content why no come on this is so much fun I just have to go to the bathroom I figure I’d come down here no but Valeri just had like a good contraction so she says she thinks this is the real deal I’m gonna turn this off for when I go to the bathroom okay let’s see how she’s doing cuz the last time she said she’d had a contraption she said it was a pretty serious one so let’s go check on her she’s the guest of honor at this party baby are you decent okay no look she just she just squirted with Rihanna that’s a chunk of edema given my I mean notary Josiah okay Josh watch it Jimmy I was 19 my tuition okay nationals diet if she does not marry Jewish Ellucian avianna da by pressing upon you my dear Vika you start a contraption what did I tell you why are you correct me don’t correct me I’m your husband I’ve never heard of stand by your man Wow this is ridiculous what did you say to the girls pick them out and I ran into the room with the camera wrote the rolling and I said oh my god oh my come on the baby’s about to be born right now did I believe it if you come up with this not know no you need to muster – I shot you know much about the motion video meniscus I’ll a busy baby Freda Halle no baby don’t come back this child doesn’t want to be born they told us that I only have about 2 to 3 centimeters opening she said that I should walk around for like a couple of hours three hours ago the McAvoy two to three hours she said two after one and they’ll check me again that’s convenient yes guys my mom like made me do squats before the doctor came like enough some karaoke all right players gonna go work out they told us to take a hike literally like literally take a hike move walk walk this baby out do you think we’re going to have the baby yeah yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna have the baby what do you think we’re gonna go back home it depends everything depends on your attitude because right now you’re feeling a little negative about this you got a chill you got to chill a little ask your mom she said I’m a domino game savonia no Kabuto disaster but like Kabuto Niva three shots at the money was urges to do much to them sure bleep him zaboo’s him mama’s Ghazala baby Moses was a true mom what time is it 12 we’re going to the office operation get this baby out is on the move bob is the only one who’s missing it’s because he’s working let go very stirring around trying to burn time look at this one Hey [Music] Happy Thanksgiving today giving mama I’m sorry I didn’t bring you baby brother home I didn’t want to come out he’s too comfortable in my belly no I was really excited for him to come and see you guys but we have to wait a little bit longer today I don’t know if today he’ll for sure be here by the 14th for sure six more days yeah it’s okay babe you’ll be here sooner than that think positively look who’s still pregnant this is the lat do you hear me baby this is the last week we’re doing this okay no 41 weeks okay just shot our 40 weeks Body Transformation I did not think we’re gonna get this far to be honest with you there’s already not much I can share the emotions are very mixed and it’s not the baby’s fault I was laid with my other two it’s everyone around who kept telling me that I’m gonna give birth much earlier because it’s number three so I started literally already planning to be like not carrying a baby in October I thought that at the end of September maybe on my birthday I’ll give birth okay so I’m basically like I think like three weeks overdue in my mind so it’s been it’s been rough but I have my doctor’s appointment today he’s gonna get in there with his man hands and this baby for sure is gonna come out here this is he’s gonna get scared [Music] so still 2 centimeters which means nothing the doctor said that my cervix is ready but my body just needs to click in click and body clicking again I have my in-depth induction scheduled for the 14 so I mean that’s it I’m done talking about it whatever is gonna happen it’s gonna happen still have like five days left it’s not a big deal also I so my doctor offered me to get induced on Friday which is not today’s Tuesday so two more days but I kind of want to avoid being induced am I gonna lie I did a little research and when you get induced I mean your chances of having a c-sections and stuff are higher I’ll obviously do whatever I need to do to make sure this baby is healthy and everything but I really kind of want my body to do its own thing I booked an acupuncture session tomorrow to induce me and I also have a foot massage like a reflexology where they’re basically like nowhere to press so I got it both booked tomorrow so I’m like on another mission here because I did all the things that I could have done like dancing and moving and jumping and walking so now we’ll see if any of these methods will help okay now I’m gonna put my robe on and eat noodles need a break [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Applause] that’s you do with your partner yeah [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh my god that was absolutely amazing I can’t believe it Mama’s crying I was so beautiful yeah I’m gonna show you oh my god my pimple cream that was so beautiful you’re climbing cuz I’m so happy it’s so good you made me cry that was so pretty good job Jeff we’re on PJs we’re gonna read a book and go – yes let’s watch you’re beautiful okay let’s do this I hope it will help okay so I’m here this is my first time to adventure okay so this is what friends are for you are so good this is Sandra you guys this is really cute Sandra I didn’t know they have like rooms I know yeah so cute and the baby’s gonna fly out hopefully not here it’s pretty comfy you don’t understand I was already at acupuncture today no you were not yeah they put like needles in me and she’s she said she booked me for tomorrow as well so if you’re not gonna give birth today come back tomorrow so I’m like oh my god I’m on a mission you guys I’m trying to but I need to get induced but I don’t speak Mandarin so I’m gonna go translate here I need to induce labor – with the feet the babies already made if anyone’s watching this and then there stood what this translation said I hope it didn’t mean something else so I had the best foot massage other and better get in do why are you being weird is it gonna make me go into labor yes so we decide to finally do it three four oh my god yes okay then getting dams on and cement saying that I’m gonna give birth because I have birth face right now my face is swollen hey Paul who’s Paul what’s up what’s up yeah so I’m having a birthdays so like I’m swollen and they said that it’s like a indication for labor coming we a lot of meetings tomorrow though we just do it Friday instead of tomorrow it’s true look at my cheekbones no God no we can’t it’s so kind oh my god how sweet are the girls for surprising me I was really cute it’s so cute that means have to sit in a pink chair huh no it’s not your office remember do you think any of these things will work for me the acupuncture I think at some points I think at some point the baby will be born you can do all this stuff that you want I don’t think it’s gonna make any difference it’s coming money through it he’s gonna come when he’s ready you can eat tacos you can bounce around in the car you can get acupuncture and but massages I don’t know whatever the heck you’re doing you can do all that stuff they won’t make any difference it’s gonna come he’s gonna well you guys are really hopeful I feel like I did so much today I don’t know if that’s actually the case but it feels really heavy I’m trying to do as many things as I can and move as much as I can just so this baby will feel ready to come out we’ll see [Music] okay so who do you want to come to your birthday yeah he doesn’t want hey relax anywho don’t you want to come okay Jessica welcome [Music] Emma – okay and who else Jessica M idea what about Kimmy we’ll invite everybody everybody’s coming with another day another mission I’m going back to the acupuncturist she told me that if I don’t give birth after the first session we should do like two to three in a row on Sunday I have my inducing appointment booked up so I’m hoping that there will be something before that but if not at least we know it’s Sunday the 14th the baby will be out for sure here in Canada they don’t really let you go past 41 weeks so I’ll be 41 weeks on Sunday you’re watching this Sunday I’ll be giving birth as we speak but hopefully we’ll be a little earlier than that but honestly at this point I’m just like letting go I feel like my body is a little tense as well just because I feel like I’m just waiting for it so much and people keep messaging me and calling me and like I need you give birth day did you give birth yet and it’s like so I think I’m just gonna like chill and not respond to anyone let’s get some needles in me castor oil I’m doing this I was a little scared to look into it I heard from many people about castor oil but today my doctor told me that I should take 1 tablespoon so I decided I’m just gonna do it I’m gonna do it jakey trying to get your little brother out oh okay now the question is if I take the castor oil how long will it take for me to go into labor because Gary is not home I read on some forums online that some people went into labor and like 2 3 hours and we’re already like super dilated and they didn’t have time to get a federal so all of these are very important questions to ask I’m just gonna make sure that Gary is not too too far out at I want to take your time um [Music] you


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