Hey guys welcome to the channel! Today
we’re going to talk about some things that do to alleviate my back pain. These
will be more immediate things that I do when I have back pain now. This
is going to be the first of a two-part series. In the second part of this series,
I’ll go over some things that I do to prevent back pain, but first a disclaimer. The opinions or information in this video should not be taken as advice in any form, medical, financial, legal, or anything else. Please pause the video now to read the rest of the disclaimer or read it in the show notes. I came up with this list over 15 to 20 years through trial and error. We’ll start with number 10 and count our way down to number 1. Number 10 is the Spineworx. This is an
item that I got off Amazon.com. I’ll have a link to it in the show notes, but
basically it is kind of a rigid piece of plastic thing and you lay on it. It is
supposed to align your spine. I did get some relief out of this thing. I have
been told that I have reverse curvature of the spine, and to be quite honest when I first lay on this thing it’s kind of painful and doesn’t feel very good. But,
after I lay on it for a little while, that starts to feel better, and I think
it does provide some help for me. Number 9 is an ice pack — not too long though. I only use one for ten to 15 minutes at a time and if my skin starts to feel numb in that area I will remove it immediately. I was a little skeptical
about this one, but it actually works better than I thought. It seems to have the effect of taking an ibuprofen or something similar. It’s a non-drug way to get some relief from inflammation. All ice packs aren’t created equal though.
This blue one that I’ll have a link to in the show notes is a lot better than just putting it in a plastic bag. It seems to sweat a lot less, and it’s a lot more comfortable. They’re dirt cheap too they are a pretty cheap and effective solution. Number 8, stretching, especially if my hamstrings are tight from working out too much from running or biking. I’ve got two simple stretches that I’ll do. For the first one, I just sit in the floor and try to touch my toes basically a lot of times I’m so tight I can’t even get close to touching my toes and I’ll just grab my leg or and try to pull forward as much as I can. I’ll hold these stretches for, you know, 20 seconds, maybe up to a minute, and over time I’ll get a little bit more
limber even during that stretching session. The other stretch I do is the
ballerina stretch. It’s where I hike my leg up on a bar, sometimes a windowsill,
just something a little over a hip height, and I’ll lean forward and when I
do these stretches it seems to loosen my back up. Number 7, a high density foam
roller, similar to the one I’ve got pictured here on the slide. I got this at Amazon.com. I’ll have a link to one of these in the show notes. I keep a smaller one of these
at work too which is very handy. I have an office that I can actually roll on it
sometimes if I’ve having some back pain at work but at home I’ve got the bigger
version it’s about 1 yard wide it’s probably 6 to 8 inches in diameter and
it’s pretty dense and it actually kind of hurts a little bit when you’re
rolling on it but there’s various different ways you can roll on it I
mainly just roll on it lengthwise sometimes all the way from my feet to my
head sometimes and it will loosen you up quite a bit I was quite pleased with how
well this works this thing works super good in my opinion it’s probably
one of the most bang for the buck stings that I have in my arsenal to treat my
back pain and it’s predict an or 20 bucks so I wish I’d found out about
these years ago number 6 magnesium as a muscle relaxer and non-steroidal
anti-inflammatory drugs or NSAIDs those would be like ibuprofen naproxen those
sort of things of course before making any changes to
any of your supplement or medications please check with your doctor or
pharmacist or healthcare provider as far as the magnesium goes I take one capsule
nightly sort of as a preventative measure just to kind of keep my back
loose at night and that seems to work pretty well for me when I wasn’t taking
one nightly I would take one when I was having a back spasm and that seemed to
help other people I know use magnesium oil and will rub it in they get some
relief from that they’ve told me other people will use epsom salts and a bath
and soak in it and that seems to work well for them as far as the insects go
my preferred NSAID is naproxen i’ll usually just take one I think it’s a 220
milligram tablet I’ll take once or twice a day 12 hours apart and
I’ll just take that first little time as I possibly can
doing this seems to help get the inflammation down which provides me with
some immediate relief number five bio freeze spray this was
first recommended to me by my chiropractor
I bought it his office but I’ve since found it on Amazon and Walmart and I’ll
have a link in the show notes it has menthol in it so there is a bit
of a smell however I find that the spray evaporates pretty nicely and it doesn’t
get all over everything too bad I will wear a t-shirt or
something often to kind of shield that menthol from other things I don’t want
to contaminate but this stuff’s pretty awesome
number four warm water I start out my morning by taking a warm shower and of
course that just helps get me going but I also use it if I have acute back pain
I’ll jump in the shower or a tub or a hot tub and just soak for a bit
obviously not too long I used some precautions here but the warm water just
fine just loosens me up quite a bit number three movement movement in
general really helps out my back road biking really helped it out just that
movement from the pedaling walking about 400 meters even when I really don’t feel
like it which is basically every morning really helps to loosen it up also I’ll
do some exercises called cat and camel I’ll do about 10 of those quickly just
jumping on the floor and do those real quick google it and you’ll find some
really good examples on those number two a great chiropractor they are not all
equal let me tell you I have been to a few that have been awesome though and
I’ve really been able to help me out especially in the short term they didn’t
fix it for the long term but they definitely helped me over the short term
I like to steer clear the ones that want to put you on some sort of a payment
plan I’ll mention physical therapy here as well
I know that’s a lot different than chiropractors but I have seen a lot of
people get good results from them just not me personally because I haven’t
tried them but they do seem to provide a lot of help to a lot of people from what
I have seen and heard and finally number one
Bowen therapy also known as the bowing technique bowen therapy helped fix the
reverse curvature of my spine and other therapies never did you can google that
I didn’t get an official diagnosis but I had several chiropractors tell me that I
had it over the years they could never fix it locally it cost about $60 per
session and I saw a massive results after just three sessions those
three sessions made me feel so good and I went back and had several more just to
see what else they could fix it had long-lasting effects for months maybe
even years I haven’t been back probably in a year or two and I still feel better
from it it’s just phenomenal it’s kind of a weird technique so I’ll tell you to
go ahead and just google it right now it’s bizarre but it’s the best thing
I’ve ever found thank you so much for joining me today for the video if you
liked it please hit the thumbs up button and subscribe and also look for the link
for the second part in the video where I will explain some things that I do to
prevent back pain in the first place until next time we’ll see you

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