65 thoughts on “Back Pain? Should You Wear A Back Brace? 5 Rules to Follow”

  1. I'm watching this as I lay on ice. I have a love hate thing with the back brace so this will be interesting to watch

  2. Thank you Bob Brad You the Best ๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป๐ŸŒป

  3. I've been specialising in fixing back pain for over 30 years and I disagree guys. The typical muscle strain comes on towards the end of a day because the already tight muscles become fatigued through less than good circulation and putting a brace on as the pain starts to come on, is a very good way to not make the tightness/ fatigue worse. It's a case of listening to your body and when it says the muscles are starting to fail the back brace is a great help when you have to keep going. As far as using a brace to help with support during heavy load periods (preventative) that's also a great idea as an already tight back is weaker, so the extra support helps ensure the problem doesn't make your back worse. Again it's about protecting an already existing tightness when you have to do a heavy job the support is great. I agree though that the brace should also be used short term during difficult times and ultimately you are better to fix the cause of the poor circulation/ tightness which is usually a problem with the way your spine and pelvis is carrying the load of your body and gravity i.e. your posture is wrong due to muscle imbalances.

  4. That last one where people lift things wrong with a loose strap that tightens to remind them seems like an excellent idea. Great video as I've contemplated whether those pull-your-shoulders-back strap things are worth wearing while at my desk job.

  5. Have you guys done an episode on pushing a stroller or wheelchair?
    I push 8 wheelchairs around every day at school. I have sore wrists, and back if I do something wrong. I'd love to know how to push these properly. Because I have all different height chairs, varied weights, from a 20kg person to an 80kg person. I'd love to know how to best push without hurting myself please.

  6. In summary, the 5 rules for a back brace are,
    1. Don't use it for a muscle strain.
    2. Don't use it for a preventive measure.
    3. Don't wear it all the time, only use it for stressful tasks.
    4. It may be helpful for a short term. (Spondylosis, osteoarthritis, degenerative disk disease, etc.)
    5. Try not to use it for a long term.

  7. Not for preventative but yes for stressful tasks? Contradictory advice.

    I liked it better before they started using mics and have the sponsorship.
    Looks less casual now and like an infomercial.

  8. Thanks Bod And Brad
    Could I wear a back brace
    Even if I have a lower back compression due to fracture in my vertebrae I was 5'10" and now I am 5'5" Due to my osteoporosis.

  9. I have acute heel pain for a few steps after getting off the bed or sitting for even half an hour. This is more prominent on left heel. Help please. Some 6 months back had Sciatica atteck on right leg. I used to run upto 10k, a year back. Should I attempt to restart running??

  10. As a condition of employment we were made to wear the cinch type brace. I had worked in Nursing Homes for over 15 years with not one incident of back trouble. After being forced to wear the brace at a new facility, my back lost most of the strength I had. Have had back trouble ever since.

  11. You two are solving all my problems and I've only been watching for a month. This is brilliant. I have a back brace I never wear but I've been thinking of doing so again as I'm trying to become more active. I have degenerative disk disease L5 to S1. I have been doing brisk walking 20 minutes a day and my lower back has started to hurt. Will a brace help or is something else going on?

  12. I'm trying to keep a more active lifestyle to keep my weight down but I have a herniated disc in my L4/L5. I ride my bike a lot but sometimes I do get spurts of pain if I don't keep my core locked. Is it okay for me to use a back brace just during that period of time? It really helps when I'm sitting at my computer desk to keep me from rolling my back forward.

  13. Iโ€™ve got a million problems unfixed. Right hip fai (canโ€™t put on socks and Iโ€™m barely 30 with inner groin pain with moving it many ways), left si shows some arthritis and pain with numbness that makes the entire left leg go numb when I sit on it and back spasms on the left side when going up a hill or doing things like vacuuming or bending to lift something and carrying it for even one minute. Paired with restrictive lung disease in terms of pft but my lungs are clear but ongoing sob and high heart rate for no good reason.

  14. my husband drives Uber up to 8 hours per day and has experienced back pain while driving and just started wearing a brace. Should I tell him that its best not to wear it all day?

  15. I was told to wear mine for 2 hours if the pain still persist take off for hour and put it back on for another 2 hours

  16. In my experience in rehabbing a cervical sci, I found the less I relied on "crutches", the better. Address the root problem and don't let yourself rely on external helpers. Make yourself rise to the task.

  17. I have misaligned one or both of my pelvic bones in one direction or another. Which would you recommend, a chiropractor or an orthopedic doctor to determine the exact problem and get it fixed? Thanks!

  18. Well, that brace did look very sexy.
    So, want to avoid pain from mowing lawns? Get rid of your lawn! Keep enough for the dog or to play catch; but otherwise, give the land back to the wildlife. Plant NATIVE (to your area) trees, shrubs, and flowers. Plant native grasses, not bluegrass! Save our native bees.

  19. would love a video about supporting back when you go to your kid's sport events where you are either having sit in bleachers or portable chairs for 3-6 hours at a time. (i.e., what are the best portable chairs to buy or best portable bleacher supports to buy). Thanks.

  20. ุชุฑุฌู… ู„ู„ุชู‚ุฑูŠุฑ ๐Ÿค”


  22. Could I wear this for my 6 hour shift barista job? I'm on my feet all day, and I have scoliosis and also injured my back due to a car accident. Because of that I experience severe pain throughout my whole body and I can't stand it anymore.

  23. If you need back braces, or any other braces. and you're with the medicare insurance. It will be free for you. Just drop your number in reply and i will get back to you with a call.

  24. Bob and bradley the 2 most famous physical therapist on the internet……(singing)
    Hello from the philippine physical therapist

  25. I used to wear a sacrolumbar support when doing physical therapy on a heavy patient.and when carrying my knapsack with my p.t gadgets etc

  26. At work i move heavy tires. Iโ€™m in pain for days at periods of times. Iโ€™m looking for what belt would be good for me. Would a thick leather lifting belt be a good choice?

  27. I've had terrible problems with my L4 vertebrae. My chiropractor said that the problem developed after spending over three years carrying 50lb boxes on my right shoulder down a long flight of stairs. The L4 and one of the ones next to it are totally fused together, but fused perfectly straight he said. Now, I'm getting ready to start a motorcoach driving job where I'll have to load and unload passengers' luggage from the cargo bay. I have a brace like the one Brad was wearing, except with no straps. I also have a four-inch wide weightlifting belt. Which one, if either, would be best for the job? And, would it help to wear one or the other while making the very long drives? Thanks.

  28. Can you guys do a video on Brad's workout? I – and I'm sure lots of other people – would like to know what kind of a workout is ok for someone with Spondylolysis or Soindylolisthesis. Many of us think we can't do anything more than cycling/swimming/walking and it's very restrictive! I can feel myself getting flabby!

  29. I just slipped my s1 and l5 disc and I'll be back to work in 9 days in total I will have had 12-13 days to recover. Would a good back brace be smart for my first month back ? I'm a pool service tech 5 days a week I take care of about 100 pool. The stuff I'm worried about is loading my truck in the morning with cases of my chemicals which usually are 4 gallons per case along with other chemicals that range between 10-30 pounds, then I also have to bend over at every pool to test the chemicals, and then I have to use a net to clean the pool. With those activities and the injury I have will it be a smart decision to wear a brace for a few weeks ?

  30. My left hand side of my lower back has a lot less muscle than my right. Iโ€™ve been recommended to do loads of swimming, so will this help to or not?

  31. 1978: Back braces are great for back injury prevention.

    1999: Back braces linked to rise in back injuries.

    2019: Copper Back brace, great for back pain prevention.

    3129: Copper back brace company class action lawsuit.

  32. what brand of brace are you wearing in this video? i would like to get that one but i can't find it online. i appreciate your reply.

  33. I'm having numbness on the front left side of my thigh and I was told that's due to low back pain which I do have. Should i wear a back brace for short term since i do bend and some lifting at work.

  34. you 2 guys are such clowns in your videos…. exactly why i like to watch them so much. ha, ha.
    i first found your vids about 4 yrs ago, when i had patellar tendon issue…. since then, i have watched your vids to self diagnose & successfully treat the patellar issue, a piriformis syndrome, strained forearm tendon, lower back spasms from prolonged sitting, and meralgia paresthetica…. it has saved me a lot of money on PT visits & therapy.

  35. What about the posture correctors Bob and Brad, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis and I thought it might help??? Thanks Dudes

  36. I'm overweight and sometimes when I wake up and sit up my lower back aches when I do stand up it takes like 15min to stand up straight will this help?

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