(gentle music)>>There are a consolation of
options available for patients in terms of the spectrum
of care for spine. This involves doing
nothing, physical therapy, medication management,
interventional pain management, and surgical management. Within each of those
categories, there are a subset of options, as well, and so
it’s kind of a partnership between the patient and the treating team what options we pick and then
which route we decide to go. Do we do one of them and
be very conservative, or do we try to be aggressive
and try multimodal therapy? That’s something that we
decide after we evaluate each person on an individual basis. (gentle music) Patients come to Johns Hopkins
to get world-class care. They come to Johns Hopkins because we have a multidisciplinary model
where we work very closely with physical therapists,
we work very closely with nutritionists, we work
hand-in-hand with surgeons, from a neurosurgical standpoint,
orthopedic standpoint, other subspecialties if
we need to involve them, and us as a physiatric model. What we do is we’re
physicians of function. Our goal is to restore
whatever function may have been diminished or lost due to the
diagnosis that you may carry. So, the reason to come to Johns
Hopkins is to have experts evaluate you, help you come
up with answers to what the cause is of your ailments,
and then come up with a comprehensive plan,
partnering with other providers, as well as yourself, and
try to restore function. (gentle music)

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