What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. What am I doing down here on the floor? Well
I’m going to show you today why it is that when some of you are down here doing your
ab exercises that you stand up and you’ve got back pain. What the hell is going on? You’re supposed
to be doing something that you thought was good for strengthening your core when all
you’re doing is really hurting your back even more. Well, the problem is that our bodies are usually
too smart for our own good, meaning that we are masters of compensation. If we know that during a regular Crunch we’ve
got to get from point A to point B, we’re going to get there. We just may not get there the right way because
muscles that aren’t supposed to be doing the job will kick in and do the job. And in this case when you’ve got weak abdominals,
your number 1 enemy is going to be that hip flexor that is too eager to kick in and try
to do the job of those weak abs. You see, I’ll show you here on the skeleton.
As you see, this big muscle right here, this is the solas major. This is the big muscle. It’s actually almost, it’s almost 18 inches
in length. It’s a big, thick muscle, and where it goes is it starts from the very front of
your leg, your upper leg, and it attaches through your body all the way to the back to your spine. You
can see the last thoracic vertebrae all the way down through every single lumbar vertebrae,
this muscle has attachment to that, to each one of those. Now you can see what happened if that muscle
was too tight, or contributing too much or overactive. It’s going to start pulling on
those vertebrae. So, you have your direct link. You have your direct cause of back pain, but
we’ve got to figure out a way to get that muscle to stop acting up when we don’t want
it to. And we can do that with a properly executed
Crunch here, and it’s one we call the Jonda Crunch. And you can do it with just a resistance
band and somewhere to anchor it, right. And what you’re going to do is, you’re going
to take your resistance band, anchor it around something. Stick one foot through, and one
foot through. What we’re going for here is, we want to have
something that we can pull our hamstrings down into to activate both our hamstrings
and our gluts to reciprocally inhibit the hip flexors. See, what happens is in order to create movement
at a joint, our bodies are smart enough, again, to realize that we need to shut down the muscle on the opposite
side of the joint if we want to allow a motion in the opposite direction. So, if we’re going to flex our bicep, we have
to reciprocally inhibit the triceps to allow us to move into flexion at the elbow. Well,
the same thing happens here. If we could activate the muscles on the posterior
side of our hips so our hamstrings and our gluts, we can reciprocally inhibit the muscles
on the front side, the flexors, the hip flexors from doing anything
that we don’t want them to do. And we’ll do that here with this Crunch. And we do that by just sticking our feet,
anchoring them through this band, pulling against the resistance of the band, digging
our heels into the ground. If you don’t have a band, you can simply dig
your heels really hard into the ground and squeeze your gluts up. And then, from here we know that any Crunch
that we execute is going to rely on only the strength we have in our abs because we’re
not allowing the hip flexors to contribute anymore. So you really pull down as hard as you possibly
can. You want to breath in deep, and then exhale as you pull yourself up, ok. Now, what you’ll find is you’re likely going
to cut your range of motion down significantly, but that’s okay because it doesn’t matter
if you can come all the way up to here if all you’re doing is hooking your feet under
a piece of furniture at home and using the force of your hip flexors to create leverage
to allow yourself to come up. That’s not helping at all. Matter of fact,
that’s making the situation worse. I would much rather see you do only the first 20 or
30 degrees of the motion because really the most important part is
getting the shoulder blades off of the ground creating that flexion to get your shoulder
blades off the ground. You can do that in the first 20 to 30 degrees,
and you don’t have to come up, and you’re still really working your abdominal muscles. So, you come down here. You breath in. You
dig your heels as much as you can hard into the ground, here. Try to get a 20 to 30 degree
bend at your knees. And you come up as high as you can, and then
lower down. Same thing. Dig in. And then lower down. Again, if you can get
that little extra all the way up to the top up here, great. If you can’t no worries. You’re really trying to focus on, like I said,
that one thing and that’s developing the strength of the abs, the true strength of the abdominal
muscles. So, there you have it guys. Hopefully this
video will help you if you’re dealing with back pain when you’re doing your ab training
because it doesn’t need to happen, right. We already know. You can’t allow muscles to
do things that they’re not supposed to do or kick in when they’re not really wanted. But you do want muscles that prefer to work
together to work together the right way, and we do that with the ATHLEANX Training System. I tell you guys step by step, workout by workout,
how to train like an athlete, so you allow those muscles that are synergistic to work
together, and you try to eliminate those muscles that
are contributing when we don’t want them to. It’s really all about getting your body to
work the way we want it to, get the body to work the way it’s meant to. We do that, again,
with the ATHLEANX Training Program. If you haven’t already, guys, head to ATHLEANX.COM
right now and get your ATHLEANX Training System. In the meantime, if you found this video helpful,
leave a comment and a thumb’s up below. I’ve had this comment come in multiple times,
that why this video was made. Whatever else it is that you want to see,
leave those comments guys because I will make a video, I promise. I’ll see you guys back here again soon.

100 thoughts on “Back Pain With Ab Exercises (WHAT TO DO)”

  1. If you do a plank with posterior pelvic tilt and glutes/hamstrings tight, does this also accomplish the goal here? I'd rather not do crunches.

  2. My lower back still hurts when doing leg raises and crunches. Maybe because my body type, I am the LENGHTY body type. Can anyone please confirm this?

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    another thing is, currently basically the only exercises from here that i can do on my own (no access to a gym) is the planks (which i do) as well as the suitcase thing but that last one kind of bothers me. i try to keep my back, neck and shoulders as straight as possible but i'm just not sure, isn't that exercise a bit risky? i do it with a 48 pound dumbbell, maybe it's too heavy?

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  5. The 30 degrees is the only part you should do in a sit up that's the only part your abs actually do any more is from the psoas major, also always keep your knees bent when doing sit ups or else your pulling your psoas Major

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  37. Another trick to train your core without lower back pain is doing the 'dead bug'. Tighten your abdominals and push your lower back to the ground while doing it.

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