100 thoughts on “Back To School Full Body Workout | 2018”

  1. I do burpees and I do pull ups chin up knee raise push up handstand because my abs are seen just like your upper two packs yeah I'm so happy Chris heria 🍻

  2. Exercising hard and long everyday, while having to do 3-5 hours of homework and 8 schoolours sitting in school is really freakin' hard, but…. I. Don't. Care.

  3. I really love the music in the background 🤙🏻🔥 hoping that you drop it soon so I finally have good workout music 🙂

  4. Sir,
    First of all take my respect
    I'm from INDIA
    I do my workout based on callisthenics
    Here it is:-
    5 min warm up
    1> 20 burpees, 35 push ups, 35 squats* 3sets (all 3 sets as a circuit training within 12 min)
    2> 13 pull up, 8 handstand push ups,
    11 pull up, 8 handstand push up,
    9 pull up, 8 handstand push up,
    8 pull up, 8 handstand push up,
    7 pull up, 6 handstand push up,
    4 pull up( those too as circuit within 10 min)
    3> 35 jump squats, 18 plyo pushup
    30 jump squats, 18 plyo pushup,
    25 jump squats, 16 plyo pushup,
    20 jump squats (as circuit within 8 minutes)
    I do it 6 times a week (Sunday rest)

    Now sir
    If you please make a comment on it.
    I ' ll be grateful

  5. I can do 15pull ups yet I can already do 5muscle up 1shot. Many people say they can do 20pull up yet they can't do muscle up. Either is your not explosive enuf or u need proper technic. Good luck this mah tips

  6. This is exactly what I needed, most people at med school think it's impossible to stay in shape… Challenge accepted.

  7. Ребята, пожалуйста посмотрите видео на моём канале, оцените его. Я впервые решил записать мотивационный ролик. Ваша поддержка очень важна.

  8. Everyone says Smash that like button, I feel it is a very over used word at the old U of the Tube…Let's try and roll with something unique, like Bash that like button or Obliterate that like button or Clobber that like button, those are very acceptable and good replacement words. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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