(bright music) – Hi, my name is Amy Smith, and I’m a Family Nurse Practitioner who specializes in Integrative Medicine at the Barton Center of
Orthopedics & Wellness. I’m here to bring you
your Barton Health Peek. Integrative Medicine is a
holistic approach to healthcare. It considers your health goals as well as your mind,
body, spirit and community. Wellness and prevention
are valued and natural, and can lead to less invasive
treatments down the road. As more herbal and nutritional remedies make their way into mainstream, it is important to get the
proper guidance and education on health products, dosage,
and possible side effects. An integrative medicine
specialist is familiar with both conventional and
alternative treatment options. This can give you more
choices in your treatment plan in order to meet your health goals. Most individuals can benefit from an integrative approach to medicine. It can help with a
range of health concerns including high cholesterol,
diabetes, insomnia, sadness, arthritis, allergies,
migraines, gastric reflex, and thyroid disease. Treatment options that incorporate
integrative medicine vary. Options may include botanical therapies, nutritional guidance, aromatherapy, exercise, mind body practices including meditation,
prayer and stress reduction. What’s most important is
finding a plan that works for you to help you reach
your health aspirations. I work with you and other
care providers at the Center to coordinate a personalized
care plan for you. Be well, live well. I’m Amy Smith. Thank you for tuning in to
your Barton Health Peek.

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