>>The first time I tried heroin, not only did I like it, I loved it. It just gave me a sense of peace that I didn’t have to
worry about stuff anymore. I just wanted to be free of worrying about stuff all the time. You know, I was a correctional officer at the Maryland Pent and that’s
where my disease started. It’s a stressful place and a lot of the correctional officers there used. I wasn’t even thinking at all. I had to use because I gotta to go work and I realized that I was sick. My mother was an open person
so she told the family, you know, “Joy is sick, so
we have to support her.” Now I realize the stress I put them under, for them to see me that way. But, when you’re caught up in the disease, you can’t see nothing but your pain. I didn’t want anybody to look down on me. I didn’t want to disgrace my
family so I just faked it. I figured as long as I looked good, and I went to work everyday, and I wasn’t, or so I thought, I wasn’t hurting anybody. That’s what I thought. The people I admire the
most and still do today is my mother and my grandmother. You know, my grandmother was
the wisest person I ever met. My mother was the strongest
person I ever met. I was raised with my great-grandmother, my grandmother and my mother. I got to run from person to person, getting love and everybody
telling me I’m wonderful. We lived around a lot of
woods and unexplored areas. I loved running in the woods
and finding new things to do. I had a German Shepherd, she used to come in the woods with me, I felt safe because she wasn’t gonna
let anything happen to me. I was lost in the disease of
active addiction for 30 years. I saw me, it broke my heart, I saw me and it was the most traumatic thing that I’ve ever seen in my life and
I cried out to God, please. So my cry led me to a phone call and my life just started
changing drastically.>>We work really hard
to take away aspects of addiction that
prevent proper treatments so we work really hard to take away shame. We often fail to realize
how much social circumstance impacts how people take care of themselves or how they address their health care. So it’s putting together a team of people who have insight into the fact that when we take care of patients, we have to address all aspects and especially, their social setting.>>Now I’m a peer recovery
coach at Hopkins Bayview. So I see people sick just like I remember, when sometimes, most of the
time, their pain fills the room. I talk to them, I inspire them, you know and try to encourage and let them know where I come from, let
them know it’s possible. And the young people, I
try to let them know that, you don’t have to waste 30 years. You can do it now.>>A peer recovery coach can see someone in the emergency room
and then if that person gets admitted to the hospital, the same peer recovery
coach goes up to see them wherever they are and this fear, anxiety of being in the hospital
and all of a sudden, there’s a familiar face of someone who I met in the emergency room, of someone who knows about my addiction and is non-judgemental and understanding.>>I say I’m free all
the time from the disease of addiction because I’m free to choose. I didn’t have a choice when I was using. And I’m free to make my dreams come true. See, I’m truly free today. I’m free to love because now,
I’m learning how to do it ’cause I didn’t know how to before. So, I mean… The sky is the limit, the sky and beyond. (inspirational music)

14 thoughts on “Beating Opioid Addiction | Joy’s Story”

  1. Loads of people desperately making up stories of addiction begging for attention 😫 I don't no how many times I've seen it be described as "warm hug" how original.

  2. i was addicted to heroin for 15 years , 7 was introvienous use…i didnt ever think i could come off it….the hardest thing ive ever had to do in my life.

  3. I can believe you did this your so brave

    Nobody can do this basically
    Everyone should try this
    Everyone should look up to you
    Damn this is cool

    Wow nice job take hold of you life
    Even drugs have weaknesses
    Excellent job mate
    Damn good job

  4. My life is just like hers the exact same i wanna stop herion i want a better life i need help people i promise i do and want it i want out with this devil drug and have more in life

  5. My husband is addicted to meth his been doing cristal every day it hurts to see how he is killing himself and I dont know what to do to help him out please if you are reading this I need help to save my husband life I'm really desperate.

  6. Saying …. I will quit from tomorrow and you are the same tomorrow. The hard part is you know your sick, weak and you need to do it.

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