hi dr. Olivia Joseph here today we are
going to talk about the benefits and some concerns if you take probiotics so currently probiotics are the most
doctor recommended supplement that there is it’s also one of the most common
supplements that people put themselves on and what you need to understand is
not all probiotics are created equally and there’s actually some contraindications to taking probiotics that I want to make you aware of so I have some notes here that I’m gonna
be going over with you so what are probiotics they’re good bacteria and in theory if
you have enough good bacteria it will keep the bad bacteria in check now that’s a theory and i’m going to
explain to you why now before we go any further understand i recommend
probiotics all day long to my patients and I also recommend probiotics at all
ages I mean I will give probiotics to babies
when indicated now when are they indicated so the one thing I want you to
understand is that you’re not going to get enough good bacteria in your gut by
eating yogurt yogurt typically contains at most about a hundred million bacteria
and if you’re going to take probiotics supplementation you need to be closer to
15 billion bacteria even in kids babies all use smaller amounts but even in my
own children i give them five to 10 billion bacteria daily and I personally
take a minimum of 15 billion bacteria daily so you understand in yogurt you’re
getting a hundred million typically at best now another problem with yogurt is it’s
made from dairy and dairy is in the top two most highly reactive and highly
inflammatory foods so if you have a dairy sensitivity and you’re trying to
eat yogurt to get probiotics probably not the
best option now they do make yogurt from coconut
milk almond milk and even soy milk but again yogurt is not your best source
of probiotics as you as you can tell my other biggest qualm our problem with
yogurt is virtually all yogurt is sweetened with sugar which is bad for
your good bacteria in your gut sugar feeds the bad guys so you’re going
to create a higher bad bug overgrowth by eating sugar in general so before you get too upset let’s talk
about ways to really build up the good bacteria so the bad bacteria can stay in
check so taking a probiotic another problem that I have is the number one
gastroenterologist-recommended probiotic which you can buy at walgreens walmart
places like that contains 1 billion bacteria 1 billion and again if you look
at the ingredients what’s one of the ingredients sugar why
would you be mixing sugar with beneficial bacteria they contradict
each other they go against each other so it’s very important that you take enough
bacteria and also the strains of bacteria is important and here’s why there is something that I see more
commonly now than I ever have 13 years in practice it’s called SIBO which
stands for Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth now SIBO is not the same
thing as a yeast overgrowth but oftentimes when you have a yeast
overgrowth you have a small intestinal bacterial overgrowth now with a yeast
overgrowth if you’re treating it with
medication you have to use antifungals with a bacterial overgrowth you have to
use certain types of antibiotics so I refer my patients to a
gastroenterologist I work with and he does a SIBO test on ’em it’s like a breathalyzer
test and what you’re measuring is methane gas if methane gas is present you
have an overgrowth of small intestinal bacteria and if you have an overgrowth of small
intestinal bacteria you have to avoid any probiotics containing acidophilus
which is the number one strain of bacteria you find in probiotics so if you think you might have an
overgrowth of these bad bugs acidophilus is not in your best interest
I will not put my patients on acidophilus until I’ve treated them for
dysbiosis and what dysbiosis means is a bad bug overgrowth and that can be an
overgrowth of yeast or that could be an overgrowth of bacteria in the small
intestine so i will only give my patients with a yeast overgrowth or
bacterial overgrowth a probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii it’s
abbreviated S. boulardii and with boulardii you don’t have to use high doses
i typically only use about five billion 10 billion max of this boulardii because
boulardii is technically not a bacteria it’s technically a form of yeast so why would you want to get people with
bad bug overgrowth yeast because this yeast is like pac-man and it goes in and
it starts eating up and engulfing the bad guys but what I’m doing with my
patients that I know have an overgrowth of small intestinal bacterial or yeast
is I’m putting them on natural antifungals and natural antimicrobial antibacterial and antiparasitic agents such as berberine oil
of oregano thyme olive leaf extract i’m using these antifungals to kill the bad
bugs that are in the gut when I’m doing that I’m giving them this boulardii
bacteria to eat up the die-off that occurs and die-off is exactly what it
sounds like the bad guys die and when they die they release a toxin and that
toxin is air it’s gas it can make you bloated it can
make you nauseous it can create rashes on your skin that
look like hives it can cause sharpshooting intestinal
pain and that’s not a reaction to anything
other than its these bad bacteria and yeast dying off in your small intestine
and when it dies off if you’re using this boulardii bacteria it’s gonna eat it
up like pac-man and sometimes if people are really uncomfortable then I’ll have
them get some activated charcoal to reduce the uncomfortable bloating and
some of the symptoms that they’re experiencing so what I want you to
understand is before you just start popping probiotics because you hear of
the good bacteria is be careful you’re not taking a probiotic that has sugar in
it and if you think you’re getting enough beneficial bacteria from yogurt you’re not getting that much plus yogurt
has sugar in it so combining sugar and probiotics is is not the best idea they
don’t go together Sugar’s going to feed the bad guys while
this good bacteria is not going to get a chance to build up if you have a high
amount of bacterial or yeast overgrowth within your small intestine so if you suspect any of this get a test
how you test for SIBO is a breath test and you can call around many
gastroenterologist do this test i work with a gastroenterologist who does this
testing on my patients there’s a lot of different ways to test
for yeast overgrowth what I do is I look for antigens in the bloodstream so I do a candida albicans antigen
screening when I do food allergy testing on my patients and that’s how I know that
hey it’s okay to put this patient on a probiotic or it’s ok it’s a good idea to
put this patient on a probiotic that has some acidophilus bacteria in it if it
comes back negative but if it comes back positive i know i have to treat that patient
using boulardii and some anti natural antibacterial and antifungal agents before I
ever consider putting them on regular probiotics now understand a lot of
people lose their good bacteria from taking antibiotics but it’s also from
eating food and drinking water that has high amount of antibiotics so
antibiotics are often fed to animals when they’re sick antibiotics are in our water system so
if you’re not using reverse osmosis or really good
filtration system you’re getting antibiotics on a daily basis even if you
don’t take them by eating meat that has antibiotics in it by drinking water that
has antibiotic antibiotics in it as well so you see why these overgrowth of these
bad bacteria and yeast are so common it’s not just from taking antibiotics it’s
from having food allergies food sensitivities but drinking water eating
animals that have been treated with antibiotics disrupt the flora as well a
lot of medications disrupt flora as well such as oral contraceptives and birth
control and that’s probably the most common medication I see women taking
today as some type of hormone therapy and oral contraceptives do disrupt the
good bacteria and promote a bad bacterial overgrowth in your gut without a healthy gut you cannot be
healthy because your immune cells live in your gut when I have a patient who
develops autoimmune disease out of the blue i’m testing their gut to
find out what disrupted their immune system in their gut that caused this
autoimmune disease all out of the blue to manifest when I see people with
chronic inflammation skin rashes eczema psoriasis bloating that doesn’t go away
when they take probiotics digestive enzymes or when they eliminate gluten or
dairy from their diet you have to do some testing to find out
is there too much bad so when you take the good it’s not doing
anything or it’s even feeding the bad even more so i hope you enjoyed this
information on probiotics and continue to follow me there’s a lot more
information to come on functional testing dietary and supplement
recommendations from a functional medicine stand point. thank you

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  1. I had or still have getting better i think hpilori tripple therapy didn't work twice so gastrointestinal dr put me on quaddruple therapy it was hard at first couple of days but then i thought yes il buy some sb probiotics and uped them to three a day diarear went plus no bad sideeffects so far 🤞i have one more week to go diet is so important as well im staying well away from sugar and bad processed food and have been eating salds fish chicken and vegetables my symptoms were very bad coughing with flem and weezin really bad they have stopped so far but the snot in my nose has not yet returned i no it sounds gross but thats what this nasty bug does to the body im slowly learning of natural things to take allso i dont take tea or coffee any more and drink licorice root tea and im maybe going to add a slippery elm tablet soon .

  2. Revealing! I've already done a breath test for SIBO, and it went positive. The seric Candida was negative. I`ve started a diet without anykind of carbohydrates, and I felt better. I`ve also tried to take Saccharomyces boulardii from a british company called OptiBac which says that contain 5 billion per capsule, but I felt bad from it, the gut pain came back. What treatment should I follow to get rid of the bad bugs, and for how long? Another problem that I have is that I am from Romania, and I don`t konw how can I procure these Metagenics products.

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  12. Prebiotics- bananas, onions, garlic, leeks, asparagus, artichokes, soybeans and whole-wheat foods, green onions, Probiotics- kefir, kombucha, sauerkraut, kimchi….fermented foods.

  13. Thank you for the valuable information! I have recently transitioned to an OMAD Paleo lifestyle and have experienced some yeast / bacterial die off in the form of gas, skin hives and a nasty bronchial + sinus infection. Not impressed so I finally got my Berberine Caps and my saccharomyces boulardii by courier today. I have started taking the Berberine Caps but I am just not sure at what stage I should introduce ''Pac Man'' ? 😉 Please be so kind as to advise on that.

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    Then what about chicken …that too injected with anti biotics

  19. Mind blown! I just started taking high potency probiotics to treat symptoms such as constipation, bloating and a facial skin rash on my cheeks and forehead. Taking a probiotic that did not include Saccharomyces, I saw minimal improvement. When I added a probiotic with Sacc, my condition improved a bit more. However, two days ago I started taking oregano+peppermint oil capsules and my facial rash is almost gone! This facial rash has been on my face for about 6 years! My doctor thought it was a symptom of Lupus ( test came back negative for Lupus) now, after listening to you, I believe I have bad bacteria in my small intestine and not simply an overgrowth of yeast in my gut. I’m going to pause on my probiotic with Lacid and simply take Sacc and the oregano+peppermint. I will schedule another appointment with my Dr. to get her input. Also, I’m taking on a daily. L-glutenmine and MCT oil, do you think I should take a pause on these supplements too?

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  24. I had a long history of stomach issues and around 2 years ago I managed to finally sort it out however, I moved over to the keto life style and 6 months later I started with joint pain in my elbow (I suffered with arthritis a couple of years previous). My poop is starting to wiff a bit and I have wind that I didn't have before. I'm wondering if too much fat is bad for the good bacteria?

  25. You are such a blessing. Thank you so much for your in-depth explanation about probiotics and the conditions you spoke of.There’s so much conflicting information out here, we may be hindering our health rather than helping improving our health. Thank you again 🙂

  26. There is a low carb free dairy yogurt called kite hill made with almond milk has only 2 net carb and 0 sugar I get that from jewel

  27. She's so intelligent how she cares about her patient's GBU you gave as free explanation now i really understand about probiotics.

  28. I'm a registered nurse of 32 years so I don't have the credentials of this doctor however I disagree that probiotics should be given it electively in any pre-emptive way your body should be taking care of that itself I can understand it after a course of antibiotics or some other issue this come up where your balance is affected putting these so-called probiotics in your gut can cause specific overgrowth of unwanted bacteria so you must be very careful what you're taking and what you're getting I don't think that probiotics are the Cure All that people think they're quite helpful after antibiotics and they're quite helpful and infections such as E coli because that tends to be in the gut so I think I have to disagree with her rezoning a hurrah for the use of probiotics.

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  35. Hi Doctor Olivia after been positive to H pylori do a triple treatment of antibiotics didn't work :(.. I am on my fifth month of miserable life 🙁 My diet at the moment is spoon of coconut oil, fruit salad ( papaya, green apple, dragon fruit, watermelon, banana ) is good idea take all these fruits ? I eat everyday salad fruit with at least 3 different one. I am on steam veg with olive extra vergin (one time a week grilled chicken or fish like mackerel) any bad on this diet please let me know anything you can suggest me ..thanks a million in advance G

  36. Great video and information.

    If you cannot afford tests and fancy probiotics, try eating a few raw garlic cloves every day or one or two whole raw onions.

    Season it or drop in a salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar to make it easier to consume.

    Make it part of your lifestyle and watch your health and energy levels improve fast.

    Just saying. Not medical advice.

  37. but why is acidophilus not advisable for those with dysbiosis? and by acidophilus, do you mean lactobacillus acidophilus?

  38. Glad I found this. In April this year I started having unexplained excessive bloating. It has continued, I ended up getting an unexplained infection, then strep throat, etc. I have excessive sugar cravings. My doc recommended a probiotic of course not with this info, I see why it didn't work. I've changed my diet and have been able to ID some trigger foods but now the doc wants to send me to get scoped but hasn't run any other test. This process has been interest. Want to feel better but feeling lost for the proper steps.

  39. Thanks so much for your info Doc. So i have a question, since i was a kid, I always have mouth ulcer or canker sore almost every month. Now I’m 35 and still suffer from it a lot. Do you think it has to do with my gut? I was really thinking of taking 50billion probiotic and now I’m thinking twice after watching your video. What should i do first? I really need to know why i keep having mouth ulcers regularly for a very long time now. I hope to hear from you soon Doc. God bless

  40. I am not opposing her. I simply want to learn more about this; kombucha tea is made with sugar. I have NEVER thought that refined sugar was healthy, although it supposedly feeds the GOOD bacteria in the previously mentioned tea. Is she stating that sugar only feeds the BAD bacteria?

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  43. There is company called viome. Send your gut sample to them and they will tell you which bacteria individual person is lacking. Remember every person is unique and have unique strain of bacteria.

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