Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel! This is part 2 of the video tutorial on a tatted bracelet with beads. You can find the link to the 1st part at the top right corner or in the video description below. Below the video, you can also find Subscribe button that you can hit to be notified about new videos on my channel. One part of our bracelet is already completed. Let’s make another one and join it to the 1st. String 4 small beads onto the thread and make first 3 rings in the same way as in the 1st part. Let’s make a chain. Tat 8 stitches. Remove one of the safety pins and make a joint in the same way as if there were no bead. Pull out your needle through all the stitches. Slightly tighten your chain and tie a knot. Tat the same elements as in the 1st video. To tat the last chain, make 4 stitches. Remove the pin, and make a join. Tat the remaining 8 stitches. Join the chain to the base of the 1st ring. Cut off the thread, make 2 knots, and hide the ends. Carefully cut off the ends. Let’s add more tatting on the sides. String 2 small beads onto the thread, and run your needle from the bottom upwards through a picot that has no bead. Let’s tat a ring: 5 stitches, a picot, 3 stitches, a picot, 5 stitches. Now let’s tat a chain with a bead. Tat another ring joining it to the 1st one after the first 5 stitches. Now we are going to make a chain of 10 stitches. Make another ring. Tat a chain with a bead. The last ring has to be joined to the previous ring and then to the 1st one. Before you close the ring, run your needle through a picot of the previous pattern to join them. Tie a knot. Cut off the thread and make another knot. In the same way tat the other side. Hide and then cut off the ends. Now we can attach a clasp to one side, and a piece of chain to the other. That’s it – the bracelet is ready! If you’ve enjoyed this video, hit the like button below and subscribe to my channel not to miss the next video!

1 thought on “Beginner needle tatting. Bracelet with beads DIY / Фриволите иглой для начинающих. Браслет с бисером”

  1. Здравствуйте,Настя(можно Вас так называть?).Вы заинтриовали будущими мк по вязанию спицами и крючком.Вы- хороший учитель и хотелось бы с Вашей помощью освоить челнок.Спасибо.

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