Hello and welcome to Hobby Point channel. My name is Anastasiya. Today I will show you how to needle tat such earrings and a necklace. The list of all the needed supplies and a link to the pattern are in the video description below. The motif isn’t big, so leave a small thread tail. Tat 7 sets of 2 double stitches separated by picots. Make small picots, about 3-4 mm (0.12-0.16 in). If you don’t know yet how to make a double stitch, a picot, a ring or a chain you can watch a detailed lesson on this topic on my channel. The link is at the top right corner or in the video description below. Close the ring and tie a knot. Now we are going to make chains and join them to the central ring. Make 8 stitches, a picot, and 4 stitches. Pull out your needle through the stitches and slightly tighten the chain. Run your needle through the 1st picot of the central ring. From the bottom upwards and tie a knot. Le’ts make another chain, a slightly bigger one. Make 4 stitches, then make a join to the previous chain, 2 stitches, a picot, 5 stitches, a picot, 4 stitches. In the same way as before, join the chain to the 2nd picot of the central ring. For the next chain, tat 4 stitches, make a join to the previous chain, then make 7 stitches, a picot, 5 stitches. Join the chain to the next picot of the central ring and tie a knot. For the next chain, make 5 stitches, make a join, then 9 stitches, a picot, and 5 stitches. Keep making symmetrical chains joining them to the central ring. The last chain needs to be joined to the beginning of the central ring. Cut off the thread that goes to the ball and tie another knot. Hide the ends into the stitches of the nearby ring or chain. If you don’t know yet how to do that, you can watch a detailed lesson on this topic on my channel following the link at the top right corner or in the video description. We will need 5 such motifs to make a necklace. I’ve decided to sew in a pearl bead into the middle of the central motif. Now let’s join the motifs to each other with small metal rings. I’m using 3 mm (0.12 in) rings. Join your chain to the outer picots of the motifs in the same way. Then attach a clasp and an extender chain. Earrings are made using the same pattern. The only difference is that there’s no a joining picot in the 2nd chain. Tat 7 stitches after the join. For the earrings I’m using 6 mm (0.24 in) metal rings. Attach a metal ring to the middle ring of the earring, and with the 2nd ring attach an earring hook. That’s it – our earrings and necklace are ready. I hope you’ve enjoyed the video. If it’s so, hit the like button below and subscribe to my channel not to miss the next video.

10 thoughts on “Beginner needle tatting. Earrings and necklace / Фриволите иглой для начинающих. Серьги и колье”

  1. Спасибо за мастер-класс, очень красивое колье и сережки

  2. Очень красивые вещи вы делаете, каждый раз смотрю с удовольствием на ваше умение. Лайк

  3. И снова здравствуйте! Настюш, а можно цветочки в колье соединять при помощи пико, а вместо цепочки сплести жгутик?

  4. Анастасия, здравствуйте! Спасибо за урок! Можно ли заменить полиэстеровую нитку на хлопчатобумажную?

  5. I am such a fangirl of yours!! I'm working (ha! Tatting) my way through all of your YouTube channel videos.

    Thank you so much for all your hard work putting them online. ♡

  6. Hobby, le agradecería mucho que ponga en pantalla todos los pasos que va trabajando ya que no entiendo nada, pero nada su idioma, pero si los números y signos, gracias desde Chile, esta en el sur de América, hablamos español

  7. Sabes hobby, hay algo que no dices, he tratado de hacer tus trabajos y no he podido sacarlos, o la traducción está mal hecha o no eres sincera al compartir tus trabajos y tutoriales con los que queremos aprender

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