[background music] Logan Block: What’s up, everybody? I’m Logan from Sleepopolis. Today, I’ll be talking about the best cheap
mattresses. When I say cheap, I don’t mean low quality. I mean good, affordable beds coming in at
a low price. Throughout the review, I’m going to be talking
about why each of these beds made the list and give you a little bit of information on
each of them, but if you want the full reviews, you can check it out on Sleepopolis.com. You’ll find each of them under the mattress
reviews dropdown. You’ll also find up-to-date pricing information
and exclusive discount and coupon codes as well, but for right now, let’s talk about
best cheap beds. Tuft and Needle is the best cooling mattress. A common complaint that I hear from a lot
of our customers is that they can’t sleep through the night because they’re overheating
and have to kick off the covers while they’re sleeping. Along with what type of bedding you’re using,
the materials in your mattress may be trapping body heat. The Tuft and Needle is a no frills, all-foam
mattress that uses their proprietary foam for comfort. I found that the Tuft and Needle foam not
only did a great job at relieving pressure, but it was also very breathable, so it didn’t
trap a lot of heat. Along with sleeping cool, the Tuft and Needle
has a firmer feel that I really like for back and stomach sleepers. I was also really impressed with the mobility
of the Tuft and Needle so you’re going to feel stuck in the layers as you’re rolling
around and changing positions throughout the night. Finally, the straightforward build of the
Tuft and Needle helps keep costs down so you’re getting a quality mattress at a low price. If you’re a hot sleeper that’s looking for
an affordable mattress, start with the Tuft and Needle. Casper Essential is the best mattress for
back sleepers and that’s because the most important factor when looking for a new mattress
is finding one with the proper support level for your specific sleep position. For back sleepers, that means a firmer feel
that’s going to keep your hips from sinking too far into the mattress. The Casper Essential is an all-foam, bed-in-a-box
mattress that I found to be really comfortable when I was lying on my back. It uses a combination of polyfoam and memory
foam layers for a nice mix of comfort and support. Other benefits of the Casper Essential include
the knit, polyester cover which has some great durability helping to extend the life of the
mattress. I was also really impressed with the pressure
map results when I did the full review of the Essential. You can find on Sleepopolis.com. Finally, I think it’s a great mattress for
kids because of that great support level, the durability, and the low price. If you are a back sleeper, looking at cheaper
mattresses the Casper Essential is the way to go. The Brooklyn Bowery hybrid is my choice for
the best hybrid mattress. If you’re someone who’s looking at bed-in-a-box
mattresses but want a little bit more bounce than an all-foam mattress can provide, then
a hybrid mattress is a great choice for you. Hybrids use a combination of foam and coil
layers for comfort and mobility to give you a bit more of a traditional mattress feel. The Brooklyn Bowery is a perfect example of
this using a combination of memory foam and poly foam over pocketed coil layers for a
medium firmness. The medium firmness is really great for the
back-side combo sleepers out there. The bounce from the pocketed coils means you’re
going to feel stuck as you change between those two positions. Another great feature of the Bowery Hybrid
is the impressive edge support which means you’re going to be able to sleep all the way
to the end of the bed without worrying about collapsing to the side of it. It’s really great for the couples for out
there because it makes the mattress feel just a little bit bigger. If you are someone who’s searching for a hybrid
mattress at a great price, the Bowery Hybrid is the way to go. The Nectar is the best affordable mattress
for side sleepers. When I’m talking to side sleepers, two complaints
that come up often are that they feel pressure at their shoulders or their hips because their
mattress is too firm or their back hurts because their spine is out of alignment. To combat those two problems, I usually recommend
a softer mattress which is where the Nectar comes in. It’s an all foam bed-in-a-box mattress that
uses five inches of memory foam on top so you’re going to be able to sink really deep
into bed. The Nectar is a perfect example of a memory
foam mattress giving sleepers that body contouring hug that’s great for pressure relief. I would say the Nectar has about a medium
firmness so softness on top for comfort and support below for nice alignment. It’s a really nice balance and the Nectar
also comes with the added bonus of a 365-night trial period and a lifetime warranty so if
you are a side sleeper that’s looking for a deal on a mattress, go with the Nectar. Last but not least, is the Awara, the best
latex mattress. Most of the mattresses you’re going to find
online use polyurethane-based foams, but latex is a really nice alternative that offers great
bounce, better cooling, excellent durability. It is also a natural material. The one drawback with latex mattresses is
that they tend to be a bit more expensive. That’s where the Awara steps in. It’s a latex hybrid mattress that offers really
quality materials at an affordable price. The Awara has the firm feel and support that
I really like for back and stomach sleepers and the bouncy latex pairs really well with
the pocketed coils to keep you feeling more on top of the mattress. You won’t feel stuck in bed when changing

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