– What’s up ThenX athletes, I’m Zay Tiggs, and
welcome to another video of OfficialthenX. Today, I want you all to follow along as we do this full body workout. (uptempo EDM music) Alright, so let’s get started. If you guys are following
along using your Thenx app, you’ll find today’s routine on the, Today’s Daily Workout. From their you’re gonna move
into the intermediate side where you’ll find this exact routine. Now, although this is
an intermediate routine I will be breaking down
some of these exercises to easier progressions. So if you are a beginner
feel free to jump. The good thing about this workout is that we’re gonna be
covering everything. From fat burning, to skills
and strength training. And like I said before, this is a full body
workout for all levels. And with that being said, let’s jump into this warm up. We’re gonna be doing some
handstand related drills. We’re gonna start of with
some pike walks over here. Then we’re gonna jump into
some handstand kick ups. And we’re gonna end off
doing some wall walks. Let’s get to it. I’m gonna keep those legs straight, push off that scapula. (upbeat hip-hop music) Those hamstrings stretched out. Now, we’re gonna jump into
some handstand kick ups. Now, if you can’t do these freestanding feel free to use a wall. I’m gonna go ahead and
do these right here. (upbeat hip-hop music) Alright, last but not least,
let’s do some wall walks. (upbeat hip-hop music) Alright, that’s it for the warm up. Let’s get this workout started. We’re gonna start of with
switching lunges, 30 seconds. (upbeat hip-hop music) There we go. Way to workout, get that blood flow going. Next, we’re gonna jump into
some explosive push ups. Let’s go over here. Now, if you are a beginner, and these are a little
too difficult for you, good for you to do these on your knees. Same concept goes. Explode at the top, then down. Alright, we’re going for 15 reps. (upbeat hip-hop music) Alright, there we go guys. Next, we’re gonna jump into bench dips. I’m gonna use this box right here. I’m gonna go right into them to get that pump on my triceps. If you guys need to take a
break feel free to do so. We’re going for 20 reps. (upbeat hip-hop music) Alright, 20 reps. Make sure to keep the full range of motion for each exercise. Moving on, we have five
negative muscle ups. Try to come down as slow
and controlled as possible. (dark hip-hop music) Make sure you grip that bar tight to kinda help with that descend. Got two more. (dark hip-hip music) That’s one. (dark hip-hop music) There you go. Negative muscle ups. If you are on that road for that muscle up this is a great exercise to
incorporate in your workouts. Next, we got chin-ups. Gonna do those right here at the bar. For this exercise, I’m
gonna do these in L-sit just to get that extra core workout. Let’s go for 10. (upbeat hip-hop music) There you go. If you’re still struggling with chin ups, a good way to work towards them is jumping negative chin-ups. You wanna make sure you’re coming down as slow and controlled as possible. To really emphasize on that bicep. Alright, moving on. Next, we have handstand push ups. We’re gonna do them here on the floor. Let’s go for eight reps. If you can’t do these freestanding, you can always use a wall. And if handstand pushups are
a little too advanced for you even on the wall, you can do pike pushups. Let me show you what that looks like. Leg straight, you’re
gonna touch the ground with the crown of your head, back up. (dark hip-hop music) Alright, let’s go for
eight handstand pushups. (dark hip-hop music) There you go, handstand pushups. One of my favorite
exercises for shoulders. Alright, so this last
exercise for round one is gonna be side squats. We’re gonna do 12 on each side. (upbeat hip-hop music) Alright, I’ma switch it up, other side. (upbeat hip-hop music) Last one. Alright guys, there you have it. That’s it for round one. Alright, moving on to round two. We’re gonna kill it and finish it off doing a core workout hanging from the bar. We’re gonna start off
with a hanging L-sit hold. We’re gonna max out with that. After that we’re gonna move
into hanging leg raises. And then we’re gonna end it
off with hanging corner raises, 10 on each side. I’m gonna try to do these three exercises with letting go of the bar. If you guys need to take a break or let go feel free to do so. Let’s go for that L-sit, max hold. (upbeat hip-hop beat) Make sure you’re breathing. Make sure you have the core tight. And, make sure you have
a good grip on that bar. Alright, let’s go for those leg raises. (upbeat hip-hop beat) 10, I wanna end it off, 10
corner raises on each side. (upbeat hip-hop beat) Last one. 10 on this side. And we’re almost there. (uptempo hip-hop music) Alight guys, like I said, if you can’t do all those
three exercises, hanging on, feel free to take breaks. That completes round one. You got two more to go
for this whole routine. Don’t forget to include that
core workout at the end. Thank you guys so much for watching. If you guys enjoyed this video, make sure to smash that like button. Share this workout with a friend. And comment down below and
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some free Thenx gear. With that being said, I’m Zay Tiggs. Until next time. (upbeat hip-hop music) ♪ Listen right here little mama, you bad ♪ ♪ The way I make it feel
like you just copped a bag ♪ ♪ That benny and that Coogi ♪ ♪ You know that I have ♪ ♪ I ain’t tryna ride ♪ ♪ I’ma be patient ♪ ♪ Well, they come when they want to ♪ ♪ I’ma be patient ♪ (triumphant hip-hop music)

100 thoughts on “Best Full Body Routine For All Levels (Follow Along)”

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