hey how’s it going welcome to jivayogalive my name is Charlie and in this video I’m going to show you the best
stretches for hamstrings all right so I’m gonna show you the best
ways that we can stretch our hamstrings and so for this video I’m gonna use the
support of a block and a strap so if you have these handy just grab them now if
you don’t have a block you can use a book and if you do not have a strap you
can use a belt if you have none of the above that is perfectly fine we can
access these poses without these are props but I just want to offer the
variations and so we want to work with having loose hamstrings because often if
people are into more dynamic forms of exercise then they’re going to be
depending a lot on their legs and the back of the legs and usually as well it
wouldn’t any kind of lower back pain can be due to having tightness in the hips
and in the hamstrings so if you wanted to join me let’s get started and we’re
gonna get started standing at the top of the mat and so just making sure that you
have your block handy just take the strap to the side then come up to
standing so just checking in with the feet here we want to make sure that the
feet and legs are hip width apart and that their feet are parallel I’m just
lifting up the toes and then just rolling on to the four corners of the
feet just evenly spreading the weight and then we can just plug the toes back
down and so here we’re just creating a solid foundation for strength
I’m just grounding into the map you can just take a breath here to take a moment
to connect and then we’re going to inhale we’re gonna raise the arms up
overhead maybe taking a baby backbend if it’s there and then exhale we’re just
gonna bend forward hinging at the hips keeping the spine straight NIC and hit
her in line and we’re just folding down here coming down into our standing
forward fold uttanasana and so just allowing the head to hang
the neck to be soft and so if you do have your block handy you can just take
it in front of you and this way we’re just bringing the earth a little bit
closer so this is just a modification just if the hamstrings are a little bit
tight you can even take it on to its higher setting and just see
where works for you or if the floor is accessible you can come on down they can
even be a small back bend or a small bend to the knees just allowing the
belly to sandwich down onto the thighs and so this is a great starting pose to
stop opening up the back of the hamstrings but just moving gently
they’re not coming too deep too quick especially seeing as this is our first
pose so again using blocks taking that bend in the knees and then just allowing
the upper torso just to hang forward I’m taking deep breaths here sending each
breath into the back of the legs just encouraging them to open and you can
really spend some time here I like to spend up to even five minutes just
hanging out in the standing forward fold and you can even work with inhale coming
up and then exhale you can come back into the pose just working a little
deeper each time and then eventually we want to work towards having straight
legs but just allowing that process to be natural not forcing anything you
don’t want to run into injury we’ll just take three more breaths here and then very slowly we’re going to
stand down into the feet and we’re going to slightly bend the knees and come up
to standing just rolling up vertebra by vertebra shoulders coming up then the
neck and then the head you can roll the shoulder blades back down and together
and just take a moment in Mountain Pose and just noticing the difference in the
back of the legs noticing if they’ve opened up a little bit and then we can
move on to our next pose which is pyramid pose so we’re going to keep the
left leg in front and we’re gonna start by taking the right leg back behind us
and so just checking in with the alignment of the feet here you want to
have the arch of the back foot in line with the heel of the front foot and for
balance we can take the front foot slightly out to the left if that helps
or we can keep it in line and then just protecting the hands to the hips we’re
just going to square them off to the front we’re going to inhale raise the
arms up and then as we exhale we’re just going to hinge again at the hips coming
down so spine is straight head is in line coming down down down eventually
coming down to the ground heel block is handy you can have it just so you can
place your hands on top just again bringing the earth a little bit closer
otherwise just coming down onto the fingertips and so the aim here is to
have the legs straight but we can take a small bend to the front leg just in the
beginning and then just rounding the torso down dropping the neck dropping
the head it’s allowing the head to be heavy no tension at all and so we’re
really pressing down into the feet here pressing Downton’s is the heel of the
front foot and really firming into that back foot and so you can feel the
activation of the hamstring in that front leg you can work with inhaling and
coming up and then exhale dropping back down we’ll
just take three breaths here guys and then we can start to come on up out
of the pyramid pose just gonna take the hands back out in front inhale coming
back up the mint is taking the feet together top of the mat we can just take
a moment to bend through the knees just shake it out and then we can take
pyramid pose to the other side so just the right leg is a front foot this time
left leg is coming back behind us you can see the alignment of my feet here
the back arch is in the line with the heel of the front foot and then we’re
just going to square the hips to the front inhale take the arms up overhead
and then exhale coming forward just extending through the arms and
eventually coming down I’m just coming down onto the fingertips or using that
block and then we can just drop the neck in the head and so when you’re in the
full expression of pyramid pose if you need a little bit more balance you can
just walk that back foot out then you can just come back in again really
firming down into the feet is activating that back thigh and then when you’re ready to come out
we can just inhale bending slightly into that front leg arms are coming up back
up to standing I’m just bringing the feet together and then our next pose for
stretching into the back of the hamstrings we’re just going to take the
feet wide toes can be pointing forward or they can be slightly turned inwards
we’re going to bring our hands to our hips and take a breath and then we’re
going to extend the arms out to the sides so fingertip to fingertip
extending wide inhale and then exhale we’re going to fold down just hinging at
the hips coming down and then when we can walk the feet a little wider if
necessary just to deepen the stretch and then bringing the head down you can take
the hands to the ankles and just allow the torso just to fall down we’ll just take three breaths yeah and when you’re ready to move on you can
bring the hands out in the front you can inhale up to a halfway lift exhale
coming back down and then we can just start to walk the feet in and then roll
up to standing head and neck coming up last rolling the shoulders back down and
together and then we can transition down onto our bottoms coming into sitting and
just making sure to have your strap handy so we can take the block to the
side and then come into sitting with the legs this extending forward just
removing the flesh from underneath the sitting bones feet can be flexed and
just taking a moment here and so we’re going to move into our seated forward
fold or paschimottanasana I’m so just taking a breath with the spine elongated
and then we’re going to raise the arms up overhead inhale and then exhale
leading with the chest we’re gonna start to fold down and just seeing where the
hands fall so they can come down to the heels of the feet they can be reaching
for the toes even just the shins is perfectly fine or this is where we can
grab our strap and even just wrapping this round the soles of the feet this
way we can really lead with the chest just take it the heart towards the knees
and the forehead towards the toes and those they’re coming into the full
expression now paschimottanasana and then dropping the head down I’m just taking deep breaths and each
breath into the back of the legs allowing those hamstrings to open up mmm in how slowly start to peel yourself
back up coming back up to sitting it’s releasing the strap and over time we’ll
be able to get rid of this strap and work a little closer towards the feet
but don’t be afraid of using these props especially in the beginning they’re just
a great way to let the body or open up naturally and then so our last pose
we’re going to come down to lying again make sure the strap is handy and then
we’re gonna take the left sole of the foot down into the earth and we’re going
to bring this right leg up we’re going to grab this strap here and we’re just
going to wrap it over the foot just taking it into the arch here and then
we’re going to work to kick into the strap I’m so extending this left leg
down along the mat foot is flex he’ll this is pressing down into the floor and
then using the strength of the bicep so we’re going to take a breath exhale pull
down and at the same time kick into that strap straightening the leg and then
just starting to guide the leg towards the face and take a breath here and
exhale maybe pull a little deeper and so it’s very put important here not to pull
the hamstring past its flexibility we’re just working with it and so listening to
the body one more breath here guys and then exhale slowly gonna release the leg
down and just change to the other side so taking this strap wrapping it around
the left foot kicking it up and then extending that right leg down along the
mat so then inhale exhale using the strength of the arms just pulling down
just guiding the toes towards the forehead just feeling that stretch in
the back of the leg feeling it or open up three breaths maybe with each exhale just pulling the
foot a little closer to the face one more and then exhale just releasing the
leg down releasing the strap and then just coming on to your side and then
just pushing yourself up coming back and finding your seat and so those are some
poses that you can work with just to start to work into the back of the
hamstrings especially if you enjoy any other kind of more dynamic workout such
as running hiking even just for all of us but on our feet every day using our
legs countless times give these poses ago and just let me know what you think
namaste thank you so much for joining me on your mat today if you like that video
please subscribe to the channel and leave a comment let me know how you’re
going how the hamstrings are feeling and have a beautiful day
namaste you

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