hi beauties and welcome back to my
channel so today’s video is all about my favorite skin care body care and hair
care for the year of 2019 recently I completed my best of 2019 series that
was related to makeup but I still want to talk to you guys about my favorite
skin care hair care and body care so if you want to find out more than just keep
watching so Happy New Year guys this is actually my first video that I’m
filming in the new year even though I’ve been posting other videos those were
pre-recorded so I hope that you guys had a happy holiday as well as a Happy New
Year I actually had a car accident on New Year’s Eve someone sideswiped me
they were really nice but they sideswiped me so that’s how I started my
year of 2020 nonetheless it is quite late for me to be filming it’s almost 9
p.m. I really wanted to talk to you guys
about my favorite products related to skincare hair care and I’ve already said
it body care I wanted to talk to you all about those products I didn’t want the
Year to go by and not talk about them because skincare especially is really
really important and I love skin care I have to say that a lot of times my
skincare videos aren’t always watched as much and I always tell you all that
people love talking about the color and all of that they just love that but I
don’t know you know does everybody have really great skincare or is that just
something that we neglect I honestly think that one of the reasons
why I have good makeup days most of the time is because I have good skincare I
can’t emphasize to you all enough how important skincare is so we’re gonna
start with skincare and then we’ll talk about body care I’ll talk about hair
care at the end because not everyone has natural hair or curly hair but if you do
have natural hair I will talk about a lot of the products that I’ve been using
this year that have really been good for my hair but I’ll say that until the end
in case you’re not a natural curly-haired girl okay so let’s talk
about skincare I have a lot of skincare here in front of me but I want to try to
focus on the products that I’m still loving I tried a lot of things during
the year but sometimes I’ll use it all up and may
decide hey I don’t think I’m gonna repurchase that it was good while it
lasted but I don’t know that I’m gonna buy it again so I want to focus on
products that not only did I use during the year but I really would recommend
that you go out and try let’s go ahead and get started they probably won’t be
in any particular order these are my Shiseido facial Cotton and their little
squares like this and they’re basically the same as a cotton round I think this
is my second pack that I’ve purchased during 2019 I completely used up one
pack and now I’ve started on this one and this is my favorite thing that you
use whenever I’m using toner on my face that’s when I will typically use this
with toner they’re soft and they’re effective and they don’t fall apart when
you are using them with your toner or whatever product you normally use a
facial cotton with so I really like these you can get them at Sephora I
believe this pack is $12 that’s more expensive than a cotton round but pretty
affordable and they last a long time there are 165 sheets in this package
this is my favorite facial cleanser right now this is from youth to people
it is kale plus green tea spinach of vitamins superfood cleanser the reason I
fell in love with this is it got my skin squeaky-clean without it feeling dry and
when I followed with a toner to remove what was left
the facial cotton that I used didn’t have very much makeup on it so that
meant that this really got my face very clean before I had to use a toner so I
have really been loving this my skin was in better condition like I found myself
breaking out less once I switched to this cleanser I started getting fewer
pimples when I switched to this this is a glass bottle and it has a pump and I
like that but it isn’t travel friendly but they do sell it in a smaller size
because I started out with a smaller size I had a point perks and I also had
one that I got in gratis and I used that first and then just went ahead and
repurchase it I liked it that much if you have oily or combos
especially I think you would really really like this facial cleanser so I
should’ve mentioned this one first before the cleanser but I’m really not
doing it in order because that would be a nightmare trying to stay in order but
this is an instant cleansing balm from good molecules so I received some PR
from good molecules and they sent me several products to try the one that I
have fallen in love with the most right now is this cleansing balm and it comes
with a spatula on the top and this is white so it may be hard to see I don’t
know if you guys will be able to tell how empty this jar is I’m gonna move at
different angles just in case so it’s almost on empty and this is fairly
affordable but you do get less than you would in a typical cleansing balm
container this is 2.5 ounces so it’s less than like my Clinique take the day
off but oh my goodness this is so good good molecules is an affordable brand so
it’s more affordable than Clinique you can get this on beauty lish this is
really really effective at removing my makeup it is as good as my clinic take
the day off just to let you know my skin gets clean
but not dried out it removes my eye makeup like that and it doesn’t like
bother my eyes it is so good and it smells nice too so really really good
this has been one of my favorite moisturizers this year and I would
purchase this I received it in gratis it had a label here so you can’t see it
here but this is a lot of retro whipping cream I think is what that says under
here and it comes out here I’m not gonna waste any of it but you squeeze this
down and the product comes out here this is a really great moisturizer I like to
wear it at night but you could wear it during the day it’s not too heavy but I
wouldn’t consider it lightweight it feels nice and rich but I wear this at
night and my skin again has been doing so well it has six rare African oils and
ceramides in this product and I don’t know if that’s what makes it so good but
this is good and as soon as it’s empty I will be replacing this again didn’t
purchase it but have fallen in love with this moisturizer it’s awesome other
moisturizer that I purchased this year was the Clinique dramatically
different moisturizing gel I used to get these free all the time whenever I
purchased from the Clinique counter and those little pouches that they gave away
when you bought so much product I used to get them all the time and I took them
for granted and we had a Clinique sale you know at Sephora for employees and I
saw someone buy this I saw a couple people pick this up and I’m like maybe
it’s pretty good so I looked it up and it’s really good for oily skin so I
thought let me try this and it is very good for my combo skin where I get oily
here my t-zone this is awesome it’s a gel moisturizer that’s hydrating but not
too heavy on your skin so if you don’t like for your moisturizer to be really
heavy you will love this you know a lot of clinique products are like
hypoallergenic and really good in that way it’s just good but this is what
combination oily skin and I don’t know if that’s been helping with my skin as
well but I switched to this this year and my skin has just been behaving
really really well so I love this good very good like I’ve been talking about how
hot it’s been in North Carolina so if I start glistening throughout this video
is because it’s hot in this room in that little lamp back there puts off heat and
so does the candle I wanted to mention this drugstore moisturizer because I use
it a lot it’s empty here I think I got like one of two more swipes in here but
this is the elf hello hydration face cream I felt like
this was good for combo skin too with hyaluronic and peptide complex and I
think it’s a gel moisturizer it felt sort of gel like it’s white but it felt
like it wasn’t a cream and it went on very lightweight as well so I like
moisturizers like that that aren’t going to make my skin more oily during the day
and that helped my makeup where will and won’t clog my pores and all that so this
one is really good if you’re looking for a just solid affordable moisturizer that
helps what combination skin so moving on is the genifique YEUX advanced genifique
a word I can’t say but it’s an eye cream I received this in gratis and it’s
almost empty here and I have already read up on it
have a full one that I just opened in my temporary home and I really like this
eye cream there may be other eye creams that are awesome out here on the market
but I really enjoyed this one I could tell it was tingling a little bit under
my eye but not uncomfortable at all and I just felt like it was great for
moisturizing my eyes I can definitely tell when my makeup of my concealer
applies better and when I’m plumped a little bit more under my eye because I’m
using an eye cream so I would recommend if you have texture and dryness
under your eyes you need a little bit of plumping action under your eyes just to
make them look better I would recommend an eye cream and specifically I have
really been liking this one from Lancome because I really was enjoying the eye
cream at the end of the year so this is not a favorite for the year yet I’m
cheating this is not a favorite for the whole year I purchased this in December
but this is the Lancome advanced genifique concentrate act something this
is a this is a serum I can’t read all this and whatever language it is
French this is a serum and it’s very unique
you open when you start opening the cap the product is already there that you
need to use and when you close the cap this little top will go descend back in
it will click I can’t explain you don’t like push this to open it it
just wants you open the container then you’re able to push out the serum but I
like the packaging and honestly I can tell a difference felt like my texture
was getting a little bit better after using this this is a youth activating
serum and it says that I would see a difference in seven days it helps with
ten key signs of youth texture resiliency elasticity firmness sagginess
fine lines wrinkles radiance and evens skin tone and clarity with noticeable
results in seven days I think that my skin has been smoother since I’ve been
using this and you can use it day and night so I’ve not been using it that
long just a few weeks and I think they my skin looks a little bit better may
not look all that great today cuz it’s hot in here
and I have on like a glowy foundation but I don’t know how my skin is looking
today but this is really good I’m excited to continue to use this for the
rest of 2020 and I probably will re-up on it if I’m able to see smoother skin
and it has anti-aging benefits I just wanted to tell you guys about it even
though it’s not been something I’ve been using all year I don’t want to wait all
the way to the end of the year to tell you all about this Kapari save the face
all I have still continue to use is like a coconut oil I like using this at night
I finished an entire bottle once and this is my second one and I’m probably
half way through this one I don’t know what it is I just love this it just kind
of soaks into my skin and I just like how it feels it feels very silky going
on it is amazing so I will continue to buy this this is not that cheap but it
is good another product that I have really loved this year is this toner
from the ordinary it says glycolic acid 7% toning solution
on sephora’s website it said it’s good for dullness and uneven texture when I
searched their website for product to help me with my texture this came up
that’s one of the reasons that I purchased it to help with texture I can
honestly say that my skin has been smoother since I have been using this
product and I have used this much if you have ageing skin or you just have
textured skin I would recommend using a toner like this
if you have sensitive skin you may want to test it out before you just put it
all over your face I can feel the acid when I use this product so if you have
sensitive skin be careful with it but it is really good for texture speaking of
the ordinary and I don’t know why I keep this in the box this is the ordinary AHA
30% BHA 2% peeling solution this is an exfoliator and that’s why I bought it
if you look up the ordinary is like one of the first products that comes up this
particular one it’s only $7.20 it’s an exfoliating solution to help fight
visible blemishes and improve the look of skin texture and radiance so again
as I’m aging I have textured skin and this helps with texture but let me tell
you this one is FIRE you have to make sure when you use this that your
skin is dry so you wash your face and be gentle I would say be gentle don’t do
all the scrubbing action and make sure your skin completely dries before
applying this and you leave it on ten minutes it exfoliates your skin and it
helps with acne and texture and all of that and I’ve been using this for a
little while as well I got this this year and I definitely would recommend it
since I’ve been introducing all these products I’ve just noticed that my
breakouts have been minimal I do breakout from time to time but these
products have really been helping but again this one is on fire like when you
use this your face is going to be like this is like a dropper okay it’s a
dropper and this is one of those products that look so pretty it’s
something about the color looks so pretty you would just want to put it all
over your face not knowing you’re getting ready to set your face on fire but I think it’s
working so I do recommend it okay I purchased the Dermalogica power couple
double cleanse that is like a mouthful there and these are like travel sizes I
wanted to try it out before buying the larger size and I definitely would
recommend this I have so many skincare products right now to remove makeup that
I may not rush right out and purchase these again because I have several
makeup removers that I need to use up before anything expires but I would
definitely buy this again double cleansing is is all the rage and I do
recommend doing that like using something to break down the makeup and
then using something to like lather your skin and wash your face this is the pre
cleanse and I will use first and just break down the makeup and then I would
go back over it with this gentle cleanser they really do a good job of
removing my makeup and I feel like I’m doing something good for my skin when I
use this Dermalogica has a good reputation as far as skincare so
recommend these let’s talk about a couple of products I use to help with any
breakouts that I do get I like the Mario Badescu skincare drying lotion and I
talked about this before and I talked about shaking it up
me and applying it and it was one of my subscribers that told me you’re not
supposed to shake it up I didn’t know that it’s pink and it separates so you
just look at that and think you’re probably supposed to shake it up but
you’re not you just take your q-tip and dip it down into the sediment down here
and get that on the q-tip and then you just apply it to the zit of course it’s
something you’re gonna wear tonight you can’t walk around with this on your face
you wear it at night and it will reduce the size of your pimple and help dry up
the pimple so this is really good for that and it’s by Mario Badescu
but also for my pimples my occasional breakout I really like this one by
origins I can’t read what’s on the label anymore I’ll have to link it down in the
description box it’s a little bitty blue container here’s but this goes on clear
so this is good if you want to wear it during the day and you can also use it
at night it will go on clear underneath your makeup and this is really good for
reducing the size of a pimple and it just helps the pimple just dry it so I
use this in the spot treatment as well this is a lip sleeping mask by Laneige and
this one came in the gift set that I bought last Christmas so I had a
regular-sized one it is pink and it had like three or four little small ones
like this I have one more that I have to finish before I’ll go out and purchase
another large size you put this on at night and when you wake up in the
morning this is still on your lips I put it on every night because I just don’t
like my lips to get dry over night and this is the best thing that I’ve ever
used to apply to my lips overnight that still is there in the morning so when I
wake up my lips feel amazing the larger one is $20 and it lasts forever it’s
worth the investment it’s worth it I still love my sleep tight I like to put
this on to help firm my skin it’s a firming night balm I found myself though
not using it that much as I started getting down to the end and I was using
my lot of retro cream I just loved that on my skin so I just said I wouldn’t worry
about whether I was firming I’ve been using the serums and other
but I still love this and recommend that if you want something that gives you an
instant lift this is good so I would put this on at night in the next morning my
skin looks firmer everything looks smoother and it looks
firmer it wears off though throughout the day so it’s not one of those
products where to me it’s not over time making my skin firmer it is meant to
make your skin firmer right now it temporarily firms your skin and then
your skin may go back the way it was but this is really good for firming your
skin so if you got a special occasion you want your skin to look tight use
this it’s called sleep tight and it’s by pharmacy I forgot to mention this
earlier this is a Shiseido essence and this is my second bottle I love this
essence I used to use one by origins that was more affordable I also tried
the SKII that was more expensive and this land is somewhere in the middle I
really like the container it’s absolutely beautiful and I love how this
is on my skin ss is like a moisturizing water that you apply after you cleanse
your skin before you apply other products anything that follows the
essence it’s supposed to be better absorbed into the skin so you use this
and then if you have acne medication or if you have skincare that is meant for
anti aging no matter what the other skincare is the essence is supposed to
enhance the benefits of those other products it’s one of those products and
I always say this that you’re like is this really helping my skin you don’t
know I can’t measure whether it makes my other products work better I just know I
love how this feels on my skin and I’m gonna keep going with it as long as my
skin is in good condition then I like using an essence this is the essence of
choice for me and it’s by Shiseido I talked about these last year and these
are the same ones I think and I still use them I just don’t use them all over
my face these are origins face masks this one is
out of trouble this one is like for resurfacing and this one is for your
pores it’s like a charcoal one I think I’ve had more than
one of this I’ve had a larger one and this is like a another one that I have I
like using these on pimples when I have a pimple I like to use it for that or I
will spot areas like I’ll use this one in my t-zone area to help with texture
or again this one is good for zits I use this on my pores so I don’t always
so that it will last I haven’t used it all over my face all the time but I will
use it in specific areas but origins makes really good face masks if you’re
looking for some another face mask that I started using this year is this one by
purity it is made simple pore extractor this is also really good if you’re
trying to dry up a pimple it has these little granules in it that are good once
you apply the mask and it dries up and you’re like extracting dirt and things
from your pores and then you massage it into the skin and it helps to exfoliate
this one does that too this one has little granules in it that helps
exfoliate the skin after the mask it has done its work and it’s time to remove it
for face masks this year I also use this Lotus Youth preserve rescue mask this is
a smaller one this one is empty I use this and loved it I had a rose mask
I’m sure I’m used multiples of that but they’re by Fresh so I love the masks by
Fresh they’re really good for hydration so got this and gratest towards the end
of the year and I want to tell you guys about it it is Korres Hydra Biome and it
is a face mask that is good for refreshing the skin and moisturizing the
skin and then you can feel it tingling and it’s one of those masks that you
just put all over and you rinse off later and it it’s not gonna get hard on
the skin it’s just one of those like softer masks this one reminds me of the
summer Friday masks this is very similar to the summer Friday except you sleep
that summer Friday overnight and I still love that one as well really really good
face mask I didn’t bring that over here but still loving that these sheet masks
right here are also really really good for just hydrating the skin and they
don’t cost very much you can get them at Ulta I got them
at a department store as well and they’re very cooling and they have
different purposes this is elasticity brightening pore care I really like the
pore care one whenever I want to relax and I just want to do something like
this for my skin I just put my little sheet mask on and relax and then take it
off and rub the product into my skin I just feel like I’m doing good things for
my skin so I recommend these as well skincare is this nurse Jamie I bought
this because I’ve been wanting it for a while and this actually is really good
it’s very cool as far as how it feels is cool to the touch and so I can’t wait to
try this during the summer I started using it after summertime massage will help
with wrinkles and this is supposed to uplift give your face a beauty uplift it
has little instructions on how to massage and like depuffs under the
eyes when you use it and I’ve been using this quite a bit at night or just any
time I’ll grab it and massage so I actually think that this is helping my
skin as well I will also tell you another thing I use this for I got a leg
cramp I don’t know about you guys but everything I might get a leg cramp at
night probably not drinking enough water or exercising enough I don’t know and I
use this thing to massage my leg crap one time and my back thigh and it worked
so it’s just good for massaging anywhere you need a massage I’m gonna keep using
is one of those products again that I feel like I’m doing something good for
my skin but I’m not sure how well it works so I’m gonna keep using it but I
wanted you to know that I’ve been liking it unless I left something off that’s
all of my skincare and I don’t have sunscreen over here I’m really bad about
sunscreen I always just hope that my foundation
has sunscreen in it I have been using a sunscreen lately trying to kind of get
myself in the habit of using sunscreen but if my foundation has it in it I feel
like I’m covered even though I know that’s probably not enough so I would
recommend sunscreen I’m not on board with it yet but I do know it I should
be let’s move on to body care I don’t have
as many body care products but there are a few things I want to tell you guys
about one thing I want to talk about is the glow motions Coco Cabana bronze glow
or by Sol de Janeiro and I’m gonna try to put a little bit here I didn’t use
this product all the time but if you want to like add some sheen and some
glow to like your legs or something in the summertime this is where it’s at so
I really did like this product is not as heavy and glittery
as some other brands like HUDA Beauty came out with one and FENTY did as well
and they were just too much for me there was just too much but this was perfect
and this one is like I said that’s the shade I think the Coco Cabana is the
shade of this one so I thought it was really good for my skin tone and I
really did enjoy it and I’m looking forward I don’t wear my legs out all the
time that’s why I can’t like say I went I went ham with it because I always
have my legs out but when the summer comes out when it’s the heat of the
summer time I do and I’m looking forward to using this again I really really
loved the Trader Joe’s coconut body butter and this is an 8 ounce container
I turned my daughter onto it and she went crazy with hers this one is empty
almost empty and I just purchased another one this is less than $10 at
Trader Joe’s and it is very very good body cream it smells delicious and I
love it still love my smoothie lightly whipped body cream butter this is
probably my favorite body cream butter even over my bum bum cream this is my
favorite I love the smell of it I love the texture of it it’s just so good this
is by soap & Glory and you can purchase it at Ulta and it is amazing body cream
this is my absolute favorite I also loved my sol de Janeiro and I didn’t
leave the body spray that much but I really loved this kit it has
shower gel the body spray and then the cream I wanted a travel size of this so
I got it for like $25 when they sold the gift set for some reason I don’t use my
bum bum cream that much because I’m always trying to save it for special
occasions I have it because I use it sparingly because I like it that much
it’s one of those products that is too good for everyday I don’t want to smell
like this every day I want to smell like it sometimes when I want to smell like a
summer day that’s when I will use this so I typically save it a long time
because I try not to use it every single day I don’t want to run out of it but
this has been amazing those are the body care products that I thought were worth
mentioning for you guys so let’s quickly talk about hair care talking about these
a while in my favorites this is the olaplex system and I have the number 3 4
5 & 6 the number 3 is like a hair Perfector that you put on your wet hair
before you wash it you leave this on for 10 minutes I sometimes leave it on
longer then you shampoo it out with the number 4 then you apply your conditioner
and then after that you apply number 6 and number 6 is the bond smoother this
says leave-in reparative styling cream reduces frizz nourishes and protects
this whole system repairs the hair it restores the hair it bonds the hair it’s
good for it you guys know about my bad haircut you remember the one I had a bad
haircut this year and my hair was terrible it was in the worst shape it
was in the worst shape I started using this system and I feel like my hair came
back you guys saw in my series that where I just did my best of beauty I had
my hair straight (Siri Interrupts…sorry I can only search by topic for films… I’m not talking to you) my hair was straight and
it was long again I really think that this has really done the most for my
hair to help my hair grow back and grow back healthy because it was all uneven
it was just strange I got a bad haircut and I don’t know if just from natural
hair and you know you can be a little rough on your hair trying to get the
kinks and tangles and stuff I don’t know that help damage it but I
just felt like my hair was not in its best shape and this has really helped it
you guys know I gray around my edges like I probably need to color again I
call it recently but getting a little gray here can my gray hair is more
unruly than my normal color hair but when I start using this system my gray
hair is not sticking out as much and just unruly so it really helps tame the
hair and it helped my hair look smoother and like I said less frizzy
okay said all that it’s really really good for your hair
other shampoo and conditioner I tried to clean this up so it wouldn’t look so
grimy it’s been in the shower but this is the formulate system that I reviewed
here on my channel they sent this to me complimentary but I was able to design
this shampoo and conditioner to meet my needs it’s one of those companies where
you can select what goes into this and I can’t remember what I selected but I
selected it based on the needs for my hair and I really have been using this
ever since I got it along with the olaplex so if I’m not shampooing my hair
with that I’m shampooing my hair with this and it looks like maybe I have
about this much left like it’s at the end but I would recommend this company
this is a really good company really good products and I have been enjoying
it I use a lot of products on my curly hair I was using a hair pudding by
mizani I went to buy it again and couldn’t find it so I knew this wasn’t
the same but I had to have something put on my hair and this is like a hairdress
so it’s more like a creamy scalp oil basically conditioning oil for hair
I was like I gotta have something I don’t have time to run around I need
something that goes on my hair and I really actually started liking this a
lot I love the condition of my hair and how it looked after I started using this
I discovered this this year and I have one here have half of it here and a
little bit of it in my temporary home and I use this on my hair everyday and
it’s like so almost empty but it’s really good and it’s just very thick and creamy
and I like the way it makes my hair look I also discovered the coconut nourishing
oil from Sephora this is good for your hair your body your face you can use it
in all those places since I have the Kopari face oil
I use this on my hair instead of like my face and I’ve been enjoying that and
it’s by Sephora they just started making that product I also use the argan oil of
Morocco penetrating oil this one is almost empty so I have already
purchase another one you can get this at Walmart so I don’t really care what oil
I use on my hair because my hair is naturally curly doesn’t really matter as
long as I’m putting some type of oil on it and so I just grab either of those
had one from Olaplex that I used this year but it is expensive I probably
won’t buy that again I didn’t see anything that was so magical about it
but it was good but didn’t see anything that was so magical about it on my
natural hair also like this it’s called decadence it’s a leave-in conditioner by
deva curl I picked this up as a point perks and I liked it so much I went back
and got like three or four more three like maybe three more and this one is
empty now but I have a few more to use and I may purchase this I really liked
how my hair looked I liked using some sort of leave-in conditioner on my hair
and this is the one that I’ll use sometimes I don’t typically use this if
I’m also using the olaplex number 6 but I will use this as well most of the time
I’m also have been using the deva curl super cream define and control so I’ll
use a small amount of this because if I put too much of this on my hair I get
more shrinkage but if I want my curls to be defined a little bit then this really
helps with that so I use a little bit like a dime sized event I really really
like this Garnier Fructis sleek and shine anti-frizz serum I got to turn me
on to this it really helps my hair look really shiny and it’s not frizzy it
doesn’t get heavy or oily so because this isn’t an oil but it is a shine
serum it is really really good and I love the smell of it and it’s very
affordable so this is good good good stuff this is something I haven’t been
using all year but I want to tell you about it because I think it has been
helping stretch my curls this is also one of the reasons I don’t know that I’m
gonna buy the mizani one because this was maybe half the price is by Shea
Moisture and it says red palm oil and cocoa butter curls stretch pudding and
I hadn’t been using this but a few weeks so really not a yearly favorites but I
wanted to tell you about it because it has joined my routine and I think that
it has really been helping with the shrinkage of my hair today was my wash
day and when I watched my hair I think I have a little bit more shrinkage but
like tomorrow and the next day it will drop a little bit more and that helps I
also have been using the Eco style professional styling gel this is the
olive oil one I like to use that is my little edge control and it doesn’t like
it’s not too rough on my edges because if you make your edges too stiff like
it could make your edges come out so this is really good for that
I also use the cream of nature argan oil perfect edges I use this one today so
some days I’ll use this one I keep this one here and then I took the gel one
here this one with me and I’ll use both of those two sort of tame my edges
right here to control them and they’re both gentle on your edges but effective
I also use any scalp oil on my hair whenever I’m doing my hair routine this
one is just the B&B super grow old school and I like using the scalp oil
and if I don’t my hair looks too dry so I like to use that I put all those
products on where my hair is wet I also have been liking this not your mother’s
Naturals royal honey and kalahari desert Melon dry shampoo with too long of a
name I got this from Influenster and this is almost empty but the reason I
like this dry shampoo is it seems like it’s really good for african-american
hair I do like it if I need a little bit more time before I shampoo my hair and I
especially like it if my hair is straight because my hair needs to be
shampooed about every three days when my hair is straight I really need a shampoo
it more frequently but if I get a blowout and I spend that kind of money I
want it to last all week so I will use this dry shampoo to help extend my
blowout and this doesn’t make my hair look dry
so it seems to be really good for women of color so I wanted to tell you guys
about this especially if you’re a woman of color you have more coarse or
textured hair that this is a really good one because it just feels like it has a
little bit of slip to it a little bit of sheen not too drying does it make your
hair white but it is a dry shampoo so I wanted to tell you guys about this and
it is again not your mother’s Naturals is the brand this is detangle it by
goodies and I usually like this wet brush I like to use that to get the
tangles out of my hair but I noticed that over time I can destroy that brush
more quickly so I decided to try something different and I grabbed this
one and I just have been enjoying this to detangle my hair I haven’t been using
this that long but I really have been liking it or the wet brush I wanted to
point out if you have curly hair to use some type of detangling brush it will help
keep you from damaging your hair as much if you detangle your hair with something
like this versus just pulling on your hair with a comb and just it just seems
to tear my hair up if I don’t use a detangling brush it will take me forever
and it would damage my hair more I’ve been liking this one more than the wet
brush that I used to use and I got this at Walmart
I’m sure I didn’t provide as much detail as I really would like to on all of the
skin care everyone’s skin is different but I do recommend if you want your
makeup to look flawless you have to start with good skincare soap and water
is just not enough you need to figure out what your skin needs and get some
sort of basic skin care regimen in place with a good cleanser a toner moisturizer
some at least the basics it is it is thundering right now it is
thundering right now it is at least a good idea to use basic skin care
products to help your skin thrive and look great I would just recommend if
you’re really having skin issues that over-the-counter products aren’t taken
care of go see your dermatologist there’s
something there usually they will help and if
not that then just go to Sephora and let someone examine your skin to help you
get the best skincare for you I’m just just preaching I keep preaching about it
I just want to see people have great skin and I hate when people live with
really bad skin even myself like I know there’s probably more I can do for my
skin but I hate when people feel like they have to live with bad skin when
there’s things that you can do to fix it that’s all I have for you today thank
you so much for watching so those are the skin care hair care and body care
products that I have been loving in 2019 some creeped in at the end a lot of
these products I have been using throughout the year I would repurchase
them again and would recommend them to you if you have questions about anything
please leave that down below and I will respond if you’ve not already subscribed
to my channel go ahead and click that subscribe button before you leave and be
sure to give me a big thumbs up if you liked the video so I’ll be seeing you guys
again very soon in my next video so until the next time we meet again this
is Savvy signing out

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  2. I love skincare videos, as well as make-up tutorial/reviews!!! I just tried a sample of the Youth to the People cleanser and I love it. Will be my next Sephora purchase. My skincare is most important to me because I don't get to wear make-up all the time. Thank you for sharing your favorites Savvy!!πŸ’•πŸ’•

  3. Love it, especially the skin care cause I have combo skin also, and it's sensitive to a lot of different products especially if it has fragrance in it, can't use those at all. Thanks for sharing πŸ’žπŸ₯°πŸ€—

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