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  1. Bridge… is tough with this pain, as have Sciatica on both sides. Seems like Sacroiliac pain. will need to save it. These are very good to know… TY!

  2. Oh Nooo …..Sam is Looking Pretty Drugged Up Today!! Ekkkkks…..Thanks for the Video Guys…..Jackie from Canada

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this! I have debilitating SI pain from two car accidents within three months, so definitely something I can use.

  4. Hi I Have Osteoporosis,In This Area. Would These Help,Or would there Be Others to do? At your Earliest,Convenience. Ty in Advance

  5. Hi guys, keep up the good work. Can you help me with something that has taken over my life. Restless leg syndrome- severe. To the point that as soon as I am about to go to sleep, my legs start going into spasms and the only relief is to walk around the house for most of the night. As you can imagine, I'm exhausted. Do you think this can be caused by trauma to the back? All and any advice is most welcome.

  6. 11:14 if I walked in the door and saw my dad like this, I’d panic and walk out real quick. I’d try to forget what I saw and spend the rest of my life trying to stop wondering

  7. Hey Bob and Brad,

    I've been a fan of your videos for a bit and you've really helped me keep my muscles loose after a tough workout and provided me piece of mind that I wasn't suffering from some type of arthritis when I experienced some snapping and tightness.

    I did have a question for a video. I recently have been experiencing pain in my upper thigh, not during normal walking but weight bearing activities and walking up stairs triggers this. After a bit of research and seeing my physician to rule out anything serious or permanent we determined it was a Tensor Fascia Latae (TFL) strain. It's sure been taking its time to heal up. I looked through your videos and did not find anything specific on the TFL. I was wondering if this might be a topic you'd consider demonstrating on your videos and you might be able to suggest some stretches or exercises to expedite the recovery process.

    Thanks guys and keep up the great work!

  8. Hey Doctors,
    I have a question unrelated to the video:
    How can i address my winging in my scapula?. I always get knots right inside and under the shoulder blade which as much myofascial release i do it doesn't go away. Also when i try to strengthen the serratus anterior with protraction, i feel it mostly in my pec minor and also feel a tingling going down my fingers with the protraction. ( i should mention i have minor scoliosis if this helps) ( and i do weight train which with the winged scapula makes it harder for certain muscle activation.)


  9. This is so helpful I’ve just had a bout of this pain and thankfully it went after a few days. Definitely be referring back to this if it returns. Thanks guys

  10. You guys are awesome. My wife came to your site to find treatments for meniscus pain and your advise was so helpful and entertaining that we just watch your videos now for fun. Your intro is tv worthy! It makes us smile each time. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

  11. I think my SI pops, because something is popping down there and what else could it be? After sitting for an hour or walking my pelvis around the SI joints hurts so I have to lie down and it adjusts into place.

  12. How would you address SI, I recently(8wks) had Anterior Approach total joint replacement left side? I cannot do bridges for the risk of dislocation. The SI is all right side.

  13. my SI joints move!!! and so does my sacrum, very unstable! Very painful……. Thanks for all you do!

  14. I am trying these exercises. They are helping a bit. But my leg still has a bit of stiffness or shot of pain throughout the buttocks down to the ankle. I do stop when pain comes from the motions. But I do feel relief from coming back to the exercises. I have not been diagnosed by any doctor. They could not figure out what it was. This pain makes my shift my weight to one side similar to that of sciatic nerve pinch. My posture is suffering. This pain comes and goes after sleep. Like my body fixes itself for a bit. But returns again.

  15. Hello

    I have a question. I did few self adjustment at home and it was said it has to pop after these excersises but it never pops for me and i have done many times of these. Why ?

  16. The link to the book is listed directly under the video. Just hit that little “down” arrow. Its available on Amazon.

  17. physical therapy only works if a chiropractor alines the joint first–lived it. doing physical therapy before alignment did nothing but cause inflammation, get the joints back in line then strengthen the muscles otherwise you just teach the muscles to preserve the miss-alignments.

  18. I wondered if that last one is safe if you have lumbar facet arthritis but I don't see any answers to any of the questions…am I missing them? Alot of good questions and comments on here…good advice on the chiropractic alignment.

  19. Hello! Just discovered your videos and tried a suggested SI adjustment last night and it HELPED. Thank you! Been living with this since last Jan. When I injured it at the gym. Finally starting to have some normalcy and mobility again, but still have a lot of pain when I just do a day of normal activities (walking, some cleaning, cooking, errands exct. ). How often do you suggest doing the stabilization method you posted and other suggested exercises for SI joint pain?

  20. I have mostly right sided, sometimes left, SI pain and about 1.5 hours ago I did that last one and heard a series of pops, but on my left side… It sounded like my pelvis adjusted and I had some temporary relief but the pain on my right side is back with vengeance now. Any idea whats going on? Could that be the source, maybe? Oh- and i am 1 year post partum with my 4th child. Ive had this pain since about my 7th month of that last pregnancy.

  21. Thank you for this! My left SI is KILLING me and the first exercise really helped. I'm going to order this book!

  22. B&B, lots of users watch with a laptop computer and they typically don't have loud sound. The audio on this video seems very low, where it can't be heard on my end with out headphones. Just wanted to share this, in the event you can keep volume levels higher in the future. Thanks for your contribution as content providers!

  23. Thanks Bob and Brad for sharing my book! "Sacroiliac Pain" is available on Amazon.com and OPTP.com. Deborah Riczo, a fellow physical therapist!

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