1. Very nice and helpful exercises. It is very good for diabetics who cannot go outside for walk, I have already recommended to few of my friends and they are all enjoying the benefits of this video. Thanks a lot and God bless you.

  2. I find this to be the opposite exercise to lower blood sugars. Try this workout 4 days per week for 3 weeks. Then try 4 days per week of one hour of circuit resistance training going to failure at 10 to 15 reps per set. Measure fasting and post prandial blood sugars before, during and after. Then judge for yourself. For me fasting blood sugars fell to 91 after circuit training, 140 with light cardio.

  3. Hi….my fasting blood sugar is 106 and post food intake it is 126. Kindly suggest me the right time to perform this exercise.

  4. Amazing. 40 minutes ago I checked my blood sugar and it was 15.6. after doing this exercise for 30 minutes I checked again and it was 8.3. today is my first exercise and I am loving this exercise. Thank you very much for sharing it. Hope my diabetic friends will be benefited by doing this exercise.

  5. Morning fasting blood sugar was 8.4, during exercise it was 8.4 and after it was 9.4; Shall I avoid exercise in morning?

  6. My glucose was 398. I get so overwhelmed with this diabetes and i stumbled across this and I am so happy I did. I started feeling the burn then the sweat came and I never sweat. Like drips! Thanks for a great work out

  7. I tried following along but you guys were going too fast and I had to stop at the 3 minute mark..and I'm under 50 by the way. Many diabetics have muscles and blood vessels that have been attacked by our diabetes and we just can't move this fast without hurting ourselves, losing coordination and possibly falling. Can you please make a slower version for us? Same moves..just slower. For many of us..it's not about speed & heart rate..but about flexibility and moving in general. And if I can't follow along it totally ruins my rhythm and I don't like lagging behind. So disappointed..especially since the instructor has a great personality. If anyone knows of a slower exercise instructional video please let me know. Thanks.


  9. I'm going to try this . As I find every time I do exercise now I'm tired . So I will see how I go . Maybe I have been doing the wrong exercise and they have depleted my energy. All I like doing now is walking. I use to love exercising. But since being diabetic . I don't enjoy it as much . I just feel absolutely drained afterward . And my vision seems off

  10. Oh my the k you so much. Usually exercise drain me. Since becoming type 2 diabetis. But omg . I kept up with this one . And I don't feel tired . I think it's because you take us up. And bring us back down . Thank you so much

  11. I went to get my blood pressure checked . After having done this workout for 4 days. He says it's much better.

  12. I've been doing this exercise for a a week but just now, after doing this, my bloodsugar raise from 6.3 to 6.8, why is that? T__T for the record it always make my sugar down at least .5 everytime I do this.

  13. I like your evidence based scientific approach, but I would also include top ten Do's & Don'ts when it comes to diet (in the same evidence based scientific approach, again) right on the description box, since it Is such an integral part of overall well being. My wife has already started your program and she loves it. Subscribed, most definitely.

  14. My mum says because I drink water too often I might have diabetes? I mean I don’t think I do since I haven’t experience any other symptoms so this is just to be safe

  15. Yes I keep,saying it . But Charlie gave me my life back. I tried this one on Saturday. . I'm off for two,weeks so i shall be exercising daily

  16. I find. These. Exercises. . Are. Like my daily metformin. If. I don't do the exercise. I don't. Feel so good. Sometimes I will. Say. Not today. . Then. My. Mood and energy levels. Disps. Lol so I havs to do it. In the. Morning about 9am. My. Body heats up. And I have a. Surge of energy. . That I have to use. . So. I believe. My best. Timw to exercise are. Between. 9and 10am. I'm off. For two weeks holiday.. So I shall be tackling the. Deep fight level. 2. That's. A kick arse work. Out. Thank. You. Charlie my man. Lol come to England please

  17. I'm a type 2 diabetic. My sugar levels were 116 when I started this workout and by the end of this workout my levels increased to 132. What does that mean? Can this be explained? I finished this workout in around 40 minutes taking a few breaks in between.

  18. I did this at the beginning, my glucose was 220 and when i was at middle check it went 216 and in the end it was 221. Any idea, why this was not effective for me.

  19. Charlie. You deserve the the the one million subscribers. Don't you realise how you have changed people lives everyday unsay thank you god for Charlie. These. Exercise. Gave me my confidence back. Lol my body heats up. And I know I have. To go for it. So we'll done young man

  20. This is a terrific workout and it helped me reverse type 2 diabetes. I was diagnosed in March 2018 with an A1C of 7.4. My doctor and I chose to see what would happen with three months of proper eating and exercise. So I went by the glycemic index of foods, cut my portions and did these exercises. My motivation was simple – I had no choice. I lost 30 pounds and, as of June 11, my A1C is 5.6. Every situation is different, but it CAN be done. Thanks for these great exercises!

  21. I am so blessed and thankfull I found glucosezone!! Finally someone explains the most important issues concerning exercising!!
    I myself have insuline resistance. My question is what exercises are the most appropriate for me? Thank you in advance 😊

  22. Hi..i am doing this exercise in the morning with empty stomach.
    On day 1 my sugar level is 107 before exercise & it raised up to 120 after exercise.i felt that i might be doing it wrongly.. but today my sugar level was 93 before exercise & it goes up at 105 after exercise..can you plz guide why sugar levels are going up after exercise..

  23. My random blood sugar is 200.if I exercises daily basis .then how much blood sugar is reduced if my diet is normal.

  24. For Starters I was keeping up with the lady on the right. Now I am keeping up with the Lady on the left. I've lost 13 pounds. Blood sugar in the mornings average in the mid to upper 90's and mostly low 100's. I started playing my own music with the video and mute the sound on the video because music motivates.

  25. Hi! i liked this video, and also i want to use the links of your videos and apply it on a mobile application which is promoting avoidance and prevention of diabetes. that way, your videos will be watchable from the mobile app. i hope you give me your permission. thank you and God bless!

  26. Wonder why I can't get rid of this dawn phenomenon…. it's making me crazy and it's actually gotten worse. This morning 109 and my blood work from last labs my A1C went from 5.7 to 5.4

  27. Hi guys! I will be 65 years old this summer and I truly don't want to feel my age more than is necessary. I consider myself a fitscript champion cause I have worked my way up to Total Body Exercise Level 2 along with chair strength training with the dumbbells along with yoga three times a week faithfully. I have been following you guys over a year and have experienced a marked improvement in my quality of life. I am so grateful for the ease and flow of your routines Charlie and look forward to try new ones as I improve. I see that you guys have tee shirts with the glucosezone logo on them. Is there anyway I can purchase a tee shirt for myself? Once again, keep helping those of us who have experienced limited mobility and have made a change. Thanx!

  28. Loved it…want to see more of this…I hope there will be more videos of these kinds of exercises in the near future….

  29. This is the only video that got me motivated to do something about my diabetes. I started with this 30 min. program, and now I walk 80 min every single day. I am a senior. THANK YOU!

  30. My good friend proposed this “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) for my weight and diabetic issues. This informative guide has shared me the optimal exercise and also diet program to follow. Right after one day on the diet program my own blood glucose levels was down about 35 points, and by day Four it was down about Sixty points. That worked very well, nonetheless, and I felt great. I am so happy which I was able to stabilize my blood sugar levels..

  31. I`ve utilized prednisone as remedy for my pneumonia without knowing that it has risen my blood glucose levels and ultimately caused diabetes. During that time, my A1C is 10.1, which is extremely high. Luckily, I`ve read about this straightforward guideline “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it). Right after Two months, my 2nd tests showed that I was able to lessen my A1C to 6.8, that is .3 above normal..

  32. Thank you sooo much. I was looking for something like this since 1 year. Just want one more help from you…. Could u please suggest me any diet before and after this excersice…

  33. I am 75 years old and these exercises are perfect for me . But I am on blood thinners does exercise effect blood thinners I go have it checked once a month but I jusr started these exercises thank god for youtube thank you for putting it here on youtube.

  34. Checking out “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it) will assist you to cure diabetes and get a healthy way of life. For a time period of 1 ½ months, my hubby has been a keen follower of the plan. It`s been five years since he has been taking insulin shots. He has been a type 2 diabetes patient for six years. Given that reading through this plan and adhering to the plan he is eating better everyday & everyday…

  35. You can also do this simple 60-sec habit to REVERSE type 2 diabetes and lose 1 pound of belly fat every 72 hours! @t

  36. this exercise its very effetive my blood sugar was 133 after i do this exercise its become 88 thanks a lot for this

  37. This is a great work out. I am pre. Woke up at 109. I found and tried video this morning. After I paused at 20 min mark it was 157. It's never been that high level. I thought maybe a mistake. By the time I finished it was 114. Is there any meaning to that shift now that I am aware that I am pre and it "can be reversed"? I am determined to beat this.


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