62 thoughts on “BIT BY WORLD’S LARGEST TARANTULA! | Kings of Pain (Season 1) | History”

  1. That's a lasiodora parahybana 3rd world's largest.Because the world's largest T is Theraposa stirmi and Theraposa Blondie. The Goliath bird eater. These guys should try the Obt next time😂

  2. these guys has a very thick and the sting could not even penetrate their skin …for me it looks like it was staged

  3. Before anyone says “Only White People would do this”, isn’t there like a African or South American tribe that puts there hands in bullet ant gloves

  4. I mean I watched Coyote Peterson do this but it’s good to see other people’s perspective I hope they credit him I mean he even wrote a book on it

  5. I just watched 2 bloody Cayote Peterson wannabes and things just dont feel the same without the Australian accent 🙁

  6. To he fair these guys let the things sink they're fangs into they're skin and leave them like that for a little while. Coyote would barely immediately pull what ever stung him off and would over sell the whole experience. Still is lame how they stole the idea from them tho.

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