My name is Ekta Mansukhani and i’m a
Cognitive Behavioural Therapist at Nuffield Health. So I like swimming, I
like dancing and I also like Harry Potter, so I read the books and watch the
films quite frequently. CBT can help with body perception issues and body
image including body dysmorphic disorder. This happens when people spend a lot of
time excessively worrying about their appearance whether it’s in a positive or
negative way. We aim to help clients see themselves in a more healthier and
balanced way. So cognitive behavioural therapy or CBT is a type of talking
therapy that acts on the principle that our thoughts, feelings behaviours and
physical symptoms interact together. Your emotional wellbeing suffers when one or
all of these areas interact in an unhelpful way. CBT aims to pinpoint the unhelpful
behaviours that you may have and replace them with more healthful coping
mechanisms. BDD or Body Dysmorphic Disorder, is a
type of mental health condition that falls under the umbrella of anxiety
disorders. It happens when an individual spends an excessive amount of time
worrying about their appearance. This could be about a specific part of their
appearance or about their appearance as a whole. So each client and their difficulties
are different, we try to identify different types of unhelpful behaviours
thoughts and feelings that the client may have, set some appropriate goals for
them to follow in treatment and help them replace unhelpful behaviours with
helpful behaviours to give them a better quality of life. CBT is the main treatment option we
would offer to someone who’s got BDD mainly because there’s a lot of
practical there’s a lot of practical homework that they can do, so things like
actively practising, going out in public and seeing how they feel, but it also
works on the cognitive side of things, so directly talking about their thoughts
and you know anything that could be quite unhelpful and helping them see
that. If you think you’re suffering from BDD click the link in the description to
find out more.

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