my thighs would be smaller my stomach flatter and I’s still have a booty but it would sit a bit higher and I keep myoverall shape but sculpt it tighter and I consider myself to be one of the lucky ones you see this list used to be much longer when I believed the way I looked outside could change the heavy strain the can’t this one away heartache that lives inside and so I wonder I wonder about those whose lists are still that much longer those who have fought to get out of bed each day who stood small whilst wishing their bodies away or even worse wishing they were in the skin of someone else someone who isn’t even a someone but rather a digitalized version of what was once just a person a beautiful person a human being a soul inhabiting a body for a short time put here with one purpose to shine but instead we compare I’ve got a bit more than she has there we fix we alter we fall we fall to we deprive with chocolates cheeseless cake less carbs less nutrients love this connection we stopped but not the skin suit wearing soul i am done with living in a time of body war you see I’ve been entrusted with a sacred k and the lock is somewhere deep inside me to be exact it in six in a crevice of the center of my chest one that beats somewhere between 60 and a hundred times per minute and I don’t take this privilege lightly in fact each day I open it kindly and other comparison maiya rights although i might like to be a different size i know that this this is my body at each stretch mark has been uniquely carved and is a constant reminder that yo-yo diets and thinking I’m not enough just a destination i visited in the past one way eating mint restriction where the walls were covered in words my mother had written the fatter you are the less likely it is a man will love you that’s just a fact but now now these marks that decorate my belly remind me that in this body I can carry another body another soul another person’s journey I can’t control and one day I might point to this sweet design until my future daughter or son i got this one from carrying you and from you that one in this body I can dance I can hold things touch things like I can stand it’s got cellulite laugh lines x-men pimples muscles and fungus green eyes and dimples got a booty that don’t lie and a heart that beats anywhere between 60 and a hundred times per minute without ever asking why

3 thoughts on “Body Image | Spoken word | by Lauren Glezer”

  1. This is beautifully real and touching. I am going to share it with the class full of adolescent girls that I teach <3 Thank you for sharing your beauty, confidence and vulnerability.

  2. This was so beautifully worded and touched my heart.Thank you for sharing your beautiful work, I will definitely share this with my English teacher to show our class!

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