hey guys this is Goku and today we’re
gonna be talking about body language at the poker table you will observe specific things that people do at the table that might tell you about the
strength of their hands we’ll go over 13 most common poker tells, so let’s get right into it! let’s first discuss common tells at the
poker table. players stacks his chips very neatly first things he does
after winning a pot is making sure all the new chips are added to the stack
in a neat way such players will usually play tight and very calculated game if such a player makes another stack and puts it on the side, it’s usually his profit and so you can take advatage of that by betting more than his side stack player stacks his chips randomly such players will usually play a loose game
and they’ll like to gamble more player wins a big pot and doesn’t
finish stacking up his chips because he’s getting involved in another pot. It
usually means they received a pretty good hand. If it were rags, they’d just
throw it away immediately and finish stacking up the chips player shows his hand to someone who
isn’t involved in the pot you should watch the person who looks at the hand
for tells. if he does any sad face or sigh or anything indicating that the hand is
weak, it is likely the other way around and the hand is strong. He’ll likely act in a
manner opposite to the strength of the hand he’s seen. If you don’t spot any
tells from the person watching the hand you should assume the hand is somewhat
strong as players will rarely show bluffs or weak hands player seems nervous.
You’d think surely he’s bluffing but surprisingly he is actually more likely to
have a big hand. Even novice players tend to disguise being nervous when they’re
bluffing and do their best to look calm so when you see a player begin to shake
noticeably, you should assume that it’s more likely that his hand is strong.
Additionally if you see signs of impatience like tapping his fingers on
the table, it’s even more likely because a bluffing player would generally try
not to show any tells and he certainly wouldn’t show impatience a player double checks his
cards. There comes a flash on the board and the player double checks his cards. You can be quite sure he doesn’t have two cards of this suit because he
would remember that. He’s only checking whether he has one card of the suit player engages in a conversation in a
relaxed and rational manner it’s an indication of having a strong hand. If
you’re bluffing, it’s much harder to talk freely, as you’re using a lot of your
energy to disguise the bluff oh yeah, did you hear about that new james bond movie?
I thought I was amazing it’s just they did such a great job Player is smiling at you Well if the smile is genuine then he’s likely to have a strong hand On the other hand if
you see a forced smile there’s a good chance he’s bluffing player is very animated It’s similar to showing impatience and it’s an indicator of being strong. A buffing player tries
to remain as stoic as possible not to trigger I call anyhow Player glances at their chips It’s a strong indicator of having a good hand and wanting to bet the glance we’re talking about is just a brief one when players just stare at their
chips, it’s not a tell, but when they quickly glance it is usually unconscious
and so not an act player takes a long time to act it’s an indicator of a difficult decision player goes out of his way to act weak that’s what it is. Just acting. why would a player who’s bluffing give you the exact
tell that he is. such a such a difficult decision… I don’t
know… should I fold? I don’t have much… I don’t know… what should I do? I have a really bad hand. A really bad hand… but I think you’re bluffing and I’m gonna call your bluff! Player goes out of his way to act strong again real tells that you will learn to pick up are usually small and unconcius movements or changes in the routine of a specific player. When it
looks like an act, it usually is so when someone wants to look like he’s strong
he’s usually weak I have a very strong hand I think I have you beat I’m thinking how much should I bet to get paid off I’m thinking 2 thousand what’s your move? so now you know 13 most common poker tells. next time you’re at the table pay special attention to all the other players and their behavior it’s a good idea to watch this video a couple of times to really memorize all these tells so next time when you go play live poker, watch this video right before you leave and when you come back let me know how many tells you spotted and whether they helped you make better decisions let me know how many times you spot it
and whether they helped you make better decisions thanks so much for watching
and wow you are really quite a player right now keep it up man! if you like this lesson, please share it
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have all the theory you want, but if you don’t practice, you will not improve much. this course gives you everything you need to know to beat the small stakes games but it doesn’t give you practice! you absolutely have to play at least a
couple hundred of hands after every lesson if you want to improve your game I’m sure you’re going to have a ball so see you in the next lesson!

28 thoughts on “Body Language in Poker – 13 Most Common Poker Tells”

  1. Sounds like a 5 year old made this. These aren't poker tells, they're common sense. Although, you give me a good idea of next time I win a big hand and taking in chips, I can stop and bluff the next pot.

  2. Lol. I am a live player. Thanks for the info and thanks for making me laugh. Good information for the novice. For those reading comments be sure you understand as you move up in levels, tells shift.

    A player may do a quick glance because he is aware of your observations. A player may act super strong when he in deed is super strong.

    No two poker games will ever be the same. It’s impossible. The hands will never be the same and the players will be different.

    Focusing on playing from position, capitalizing from other players mistakes, and self growth are all essential in becoming better in the lifetime game of poker!

    “May the flop be with you”

    All Heart

  3. I have a "tell" for ya. On tell #4 he says if they show their hand to another player or someone on the rail that means they are strong. My tell is that if you are playing somewhere where they don't INSTANTLY kill your hand for showing it to ANYONE PERIOD, you are playing in the wrong place, get out of your seat, cash out and leave, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

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