COMM: Artist Gesine Marwedel creates intriguing portraits of animals, painted onto human models. GESINE MARWEDEL: It takes around 2 to 4 hours to paint the model, if I paint an animal.
If I do a full body painting with ornaments or something like that, or landscapes, it
takes up to 7 hours. GESINE MARWEDEL: You never know if it will work or not because sometimes I don’t know
the shape of my model before. I never know if I can hide all the parts that I don’t
use for the animal. COMM: It’s important for Gasine to find the right environment for each subject. GESINE MARWEDEL: For the locations, I have to search a long time. For example, I painted
an owl and I had to find a tree with a big hole so that the human could stand inside
of the tree to look at the outside. People’s reactions are always positive. I’ve never
had any negative reactions, even if I paint in public. People are surprised to see an animal
and then find out it’s a human. They love to search for the human position. I really enjoy
seeing them enjoying it.

31 thoughts on “Body Paint Artist Transforms Humans Into Realistic Animals”

  1. i was just thinking…how about when the model needs to use the restroom? 2-3 hrs are okay you can probably hold it more than that i dont think and If they use the restroom? does the paint smear all over the toilet? does the pait dry super fast on the butt cheeks? does the painter sanize the buttcheeks after a dump? what happens when we die?
    oh man too many questions…

  2. I had crazy ideas like this one, I had my little sister that I could use for my creative experiment. Now she is grown up and refuses to contribute to my artistic performance

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