Hi, I’m Tristan McCauley, from Lucky Seven
Tattoo, and I’m here to talk to you about how to use piercing needles. First of all,
you should not use a piercing needle unless you are licensed to pierce. Using it without
a license, in some states, can get you a fine, it can get you arrested, you can be charged,
with negligence, things like that. You should only use single use needles, using them more
than once, it’s a horrible idea. You want to make sure that when you’re getting pierced,
they only use a single use needle. If the package is broken, torn, punctured, throw
it out. You want to open it up, and it should have a guard on the end of it, a little plastic
guard. This is to keep you from sticking yourself while you’re setting up, things like that.
Just pull that off, and there’s your needle. It’s tri-beveled, which means it’s cut at
an angle, it just cuts a little c-shape. It allows for better healing, heals faster, heals
cleaner, it’s better than a puncture from, like a gun. Another thing is, when you’re
disposing of it, you want to make sure to dispose of it in a red, Sharps container.
You can those from any medical supply store or the health department. That’s the best
way to dispose of it, people know that it’s biohazard, they won’t mess with it. And that
is the safe way to use a piercing needle.

30 thoughts on “Body Piercing Tips : How to Use Piercing Needles”

  1. this video proves to anyone in the industry you've not been piercing for longer than the last 5 years…we used to actually have to make our needles. and not all of them come in a gas-sterilized pouch with plastic guards. but i guess in the 2-3 months you've been piercing you've only had one supplier, so you know it all, right?

  2. I reuse my needles like 50 times then I make them in to crack stems.

    That's standard practice, isn't it?

    This piercer is a tool.

  3. what kind of drugs are you on that you got that out of what i said? i'm speaking of times past, not re-using needles. read a book and be quiet while grown folk are talking.

  4. but what if you like boil it in water, or put it over a flame to burn the "deiseses" of of it then like dip in it rubbing alchohol, thats what i do

  5. i guess in florida u dont need a peircing licens cause i've never in my life heard of a "piercing licens" thats plain ridiculous you can't go to jail for piercing yourself or others with a signed notarized paper of there consent

  6. wait so I know you're not supposed to reuse needles but wat if say you're gonna pierce your ears,could you pierce them both with the same needle or is that still count?

  7. @Jesusdanger26Oh I didn't know that it needed to be explained. A PIERCING needle is kinda self explantory, you pierce stuff with it. If you don't know how to use it then you shouldn't!

  8. I used the same one there times lol one for my ear don't like it so i dint put the the ear ring in it thin I used it a again same spot just got it the way I liked it thin lader I use it for my nose yes not a good idea I know but I'm dumb I use ear ring cleaner that that give u to clean my spot the needle before and after and as it was healing I turned out fine all there and that failed attempt lol

  9. It seem people don't understand you can't and should not re use any piercing needle by doing so your taking a chance at getting something and for some of you who still do piercing your ear then your nose with the same needle is asking to die young some.of the type of illnesses you can get won't show on your piercing but in your blood system and in your body there will be a problem

  10. SO if only a licensed person should be handling piercing needles, why are you teaching the general public on YouTube how to safely use a needle?1?

  11. Thanks for showing these stupid kids to be safe! At least maybe they won't do it with safety pins and depose of them right so other people won't get poked with there dirty neddles with possible Hep C or some other blood desease from dirty needles. Keep making them think. 🙂

  12. Damn Kcir where do you live ? I've been piercing 18 years this year and always purchased sterile pre packaged needles . There's that thing called the internet where you can buy anything and way back longer than 5 years lol

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