Hi, I’m Dr. Kevin Hall from the National Institutes
of Health. This video provides a brief introduction to
the Body Weight Planner, an online tool that tells you the calories and physical activity
needed to reach your goal weight and maintain it afterwards. The body weight planner is intended for use
in adults 18 years of age or older and not for pregnant or breastfeeding women. To show you how it works, I’ll use myself
as an example. I enter my current weight, 180 lbs., my sex
(Male), age (44), and height (5′ 10″). Next I need to estimate my current physical
activity level, so I’ll click “Estimate Your Level.” I’ll describe my physical
activity at work as Very Light. A description comes up that says “Sitting
at the computer most of the day, or sitting at a desk” which sounds about right. Then I describe my physical activity at leisure
time. I’ll select Moderate. The description says “Regular activity at
least once a week and this includes walking to work 10 to 30 minutes per day.” That
description also seems to fit. This gives me a physical activity level of
1.6 which is about average. Moving to the next step, I can enter my Goal
Weight which is 160 pounds. Now I can enter how many days I want to give
myself to reach that goal, or I can enter a date to reach it. I’ll select 6 months from now which is about
180 days. Then I’ll go to the next step where I can
enter the changes in physical activity. I’m planning to start walking my dog in
the mornings and I will use the Calculate button to help me determine the corresponding
percentage increase in physical activity. I plan to walk at a moderate intensity for
an additional 30 minutes, 5 times per week. This is in addition to the physical activity
I’m already doing, like walking to work that I mentioned previously. I could also add other physical activity changes,
but I’ll stick with this for now. So, walking the dog gives me a 12% increase
in physical activity above my starting activity entered on the first screen. I’ll go on to the final step where I can
see my results. The Body Weight Planner says that I will maintain
my current weight by eating 2,745 calories a day. To reach my goal of 160 lbs. in 6 months from
now I need to eat 2,320 calories a day along with starting to walk my dog in the mornings. After I reach my goal weight, I can eat 2,622
calories to maintain 160 lbs., assuming I continue with all my physical activity. I hope you find the Body Weight Planner to
be a helpful tool.

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