[Music] I’m American I’m a Duchess medic and a physician I work in various sects in Dunellen young for hygienic doctors in classic cosmetic Center expand and but also Raja coiler offers his clinic in London Mayfair today we’re here to demonstrate the PSK Neal invisible needle Bethany I really not to want to use it because patients experience a lot less pain 50 little needles which variable to uses driven the good thing about this was that if you if you use and it’s over exactly the chance of going in bruises very minimal like it’s almost P very very low it’s called the invisible needle is very thin and it’s the best needle world which mean constipate what we’re going to do is they’re going to get bottles and we’re going to do that with one pipe you pick with the new needle personally nor to fit and the other side’s going to use being normal regular bottle unum very curious if you’ll see any difference in redness or breathing or whatever kind of your experience different feelings of these size painful neural elastic so I get for you very important as well you will see that feeling with New Orleans saturation so definitely keep it how much you’re going to treat the right side of your forehead with the adjustable needle okay yeah keep this I’m giving you big thing Rachel [Music] refresh your browser [Music] if you please television experience many differences between lesson right yes definitely the left side is more people it was a perfect demonstration I have to say it because I’m at the left side we saw a little blood spot and the right side we didn’t see anything servants yes the chance of bruising are way less so small with a pimple needle on the right time might get a little brittle left I’m unsure [Music]

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  1. Do old men with an arm missing and paraplegic spit wads have invisible needles that are supernatural which are being taken advantage of by others acts of intellectual property taking advantage of myself ?

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