Hi, I’m Austin McBride with expert village.
Today I’m showing you how to break dance. One of the first power moves I guess you can
learn is a little trick called threading the needle. It’s common pop dancing or up rocking.
It’s a trick that involves just standing on one foot holding your toe jumping, lacing
your other threw and landing in such a manner. So, it’s certain a dangerous of a athletic
maneuver and I’ll just show you it straight out without any up rocking what so ever. And,
that is how we thread the needle.

42 thoughts on “Break Dancing Moves : Threading the Needle Break Dancing Move”

  1. Whoever put thumbs down for bryan doesn't know sarcasm. lmao. Haha damnnn dangerous I better get like a 3 inch mat before trying this.

  2. …ExpertVillage should REALLY look into their 'experts' a bit more… Props on Machine and Lady Juls but this guy and that skinny black guy are wack.

  3. i can do that shit backwards and forwards all day. is it dangerous? NO…
    theres so many videos i dont think they backcheck any of them.

  4. if you jsut starting to earn this start with the footyou grab make it in frint so you jumping over it from the front

  5. "Austin McBride has been doing Break Dancing "
    you cant do break dancing
    it makes no sense thats like saying you can do jerk dancing
    it makes no sense

  6. This dude is so pro. He knows his stuff, so stop riding him hard guys. Good job expert village, keep up the good work.


  7. let mecorrect some engilsh subtitles at 0:26-0:29………-holdinf ur toe ahaha jumping ahaha lacing ahaha………..hahaha bitch gay

  8. I thought threading was an abstract technique of bboying. It is DEFINITELY not a power move, dude. Maybe if you did a flip with the thread…

  9. at 0:38 he says this is dangerous. leaving your house in the morning looking like you do is probably more dangerous than whatever the hell you just did.

  10. mann…..can a REAL bboy please work at Expert Village. I think they purposely do this to piss everyone else off

  11. @Joshua1231711 ARE U FUCKIN KIDDING ME??? JEEZ u think this guys good???! i bet my baby sister or grandma could do that.

  12. I can do them on skates out of a one foot grind called a "cross grab makio" and with both legs with my shoes.

  13. WHAT?! POWERMOVES?? A thread is not a powermove dumbfuck. Oh god this vid is too much to handle. Expertvillage can't be serious

  14. lets try trys *falls on face * proceeds to collect teeth goes to the dollar store to get crazy glue to put them back in ym mouth.

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