15 thoughts on “Breast cancer – causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, pathology”

  1. You forgot about natural therapy! What pisses me off today is that cancer is not a death sentence. Oncologists are obligated to treat their patients with chemotherapy. Chemotherapy is the death sentence! There are several cures for 07% of cancers but there’s to much money at stake for pharmaceutical companies. Chemotherapy is a big business today. Doctors don’t learn about nutrition and nature in medical school. Big Pharma can’t patent nature. There’s no money to be made. Breast cancer cure: cannabis… ask Olivia Newton John

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  3. Breast cancer is caused by acids building up in your lymph fluid (sewer system) because there is NO BREAST MOVEMENT.
    If you wear a bra all day (and to bed) there is a 75% chance you will get breast cancer.
    If you wear a bra all day (but not to bed) there is a 14% chance you will get breast cancer.
    If you never/rarely wear a bra there is a 0.6% chance you will get breast cancer.

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