You’re sweating badly. Dude every part of my body is sweating! They are burning! Please make it stop! So today we are in Gandhinagar, Delhi. And today we’re going to get haircuts. Now don’t ask which hair. Today we’re going to get a fire haircut by
Mr Nazim Ali. Greet them, bro! Adab. This guy has been giving fire haircuts for the
last 30 years! You might have seen many videos where a person… puts fire on your hair. So basically today we’re going to become
the ghost rider. My hair is comparatively smaller than his. So it can happen properly on his head
but for me… I’m scared my scalp might end up getting burnt. Yes, even I’m concerned about him because I
have enough hair to protect my scalp. I agree with him. I was reading yesterday that no one has ever
complained after the fire haircut. I don’t know why I’m getting this feeling that we’ll
be the first ones. Today we’re literally going to change history. So let’s go Pavitra! Are you ready? Give me a high five. Okay, let’s go…come. So today we’re here with Mr Nazim at Sahib
and Sahiba salon. So my first question for you is… how dangerous is it? It looks dangerous for the person who is seeing
it and who is about to experience it. But once you’ll experience it then you’ll feel nothing. So the gel you apply…do you make
it yourself? Yes, I do make it. It’s all herbal. Do you have your own lab or something? No, it’s not like that. All the best. Thanks, bro! Let’s go! One… Two…Three… C’mon Pavitra. Why’re you scared like a kid? So let’s meet in our next birth. I’ll beat the shit out of you! Oh f**k! Oh f**k! We could see Mr Nazim’s experience when he
was doing the haircut. His hands were in sync. Is my hair alright or did you burn it? Everything is perfectly fine. See now they look so good! This flow looks so good. Flow is good but watch my eyes! My eyes are so watery. Your burnt hair was falling as I
showed you there remember? Yes. So your hair is in the same direction
I’ve burned them in. Yeah, that is good. Sir, I already have short hair don’t cut all of it! I already have short hair and he was like now
we’re about to do it. And I was like what are you going to do with
my short hair? Sir my scalp is going to catch the fire. I actually got scared when he was about to burn
my hair just above my forehead. That fire was almost on my face! I thought that my eyebrows are gone. Keep your forehead upwards. Oh My God! This part of his hair as you can see… is burnt more. This part is left. We have to make it even. Yeah, this looks uneven right now. Now we need to make it even. So what happened to me… My hair started burning and they were burning continuously. I thought it was not going to stop. It’s burning! Make it stop! They’re gone. But ultimately it stopped. ‘Ismein tera ghata mera kuch nahi jaata.’ This guy applies the gel and then
it catches the fire. So basically the gel was burning
instead of our hair. Nothing happened man! Yes actually. You actually look ugly. I mean so good dude! Your hair looks lovely. I actually don’t feel the difference. I usually use the hair wax and the effect is
almost the same. Your hair is in good shape. There is now nothing wrong with your hair. There is no reason to cry, dude. I usually don’t apply wax to my hair and my hair
is all set. But I’m pretty sure that once I’ll shampoo them
they’ll be back to square one. I felt nothing on my scalp and my scalp feels good
instead. I think that I look different and neat. This looks good but feels like flaky. Visually it was really fascinating and I was
enjoying while watching it. The experience was also good. But personally, I don’t think that it is good
for our hair. It’ll stay around 25 days but I even doubt that
because this is all spray. If you see it as a experience then it is worth it. But if you’re considering fire haircut every time… then I don’t think you should even think about it. It doesn’t make sense if you want to do it
every time. It’s okay to have it once in your life. But 1000 bucks for this fire haircut! I mean you are giving 1000 bucks for burning gel on your hair! If you like this video and also our hairstyles. Then hit the like button. They don’t actually like our hairstyles
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  3. Fire hair cut is actually very healthy for the hair, I believe you can look up at other videos online, Legit Video especially barbers in Italy. I don't know how experienced he was but outside india fire hair cut is very common and very healthy.

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