Hello guys and welcome back to Street Brothers channel Today we’re gonna be doing a full body workout so what we’ll doing first we’re gonna be doing a muscle ups we doing 5 reps strick form muslce up after that we’re gonna be doing a kattlebell squat two of 16 kg 20 reps after squats we’re gonna be doing a pull ups 10 reps regular pull ups full range of motion after that we’re gonna be doing a box jump stick out your hips when you jump up and down 20 reps and the last exercise is regular dips 90 degrees and back also 20 reps we start with a routine this routine is great for endurance and strength we’re gonna be doing 5 sets use 60 sec rest between sets let’s go I’m done with first set use 60 sec of rest and move to next set I don’t know what this looks like to you but this is realy hard this routine is great for all those who want to increase endurance and for all athlets who need it so if you can’t do some of these exercise example muslce up on the beginning you can do pull ups also you don’t need to do high rep range also you can add some exercises if you do fewer repetitions try 5 sets take a small break try with 60 sec rest because it’s realy hard with 60 sec rest passes quickly that’s it , we’re gonna to the next set guys routine is a killer So I added really hard exercises and lots of reps anyone who will try this routine if you can’t do these exercises and this rep range you can determine how you like it i don’t know..instead muscle up you can do pull ups instead kettlebell squat you can do without weight you can do jump squat try to do the type of this It’s really good for endurance and strength for anyone who needs it , try this routine I advise you to work this type of training twice a week you’ll see the results that’s it guys try this routine and write in the comment how you like it did you manage to make all 5 series and that’s it , see you next time and yeah It was difficult for the cameraman too see you

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