though many reported feeling better on dr. kepner’s rice and fruit diet he refused to accept that as evidence of success he wanted objective measurements the most famous of which were so-called I grounds photographs taken with a special camera that allowed one to visualize the back of the eye and in doing so he proved that not only could diet arrest the the bleeding using and swelling you can see in the back of the eye of people with severe kidney hypertensive or heart disease but actually reverse it something never even thought possible here’s the before here is the after reversal to such a degree that even patients who could no longer distinguish any objects have been able to read fine print a reversal of blindness with diet the results were so dramatic that the head of the Department of Ophthalmology a Duke where kempner worked was questioned as to whether they were somehow faked he assured them that they were not in fact he wrote in one person’s chart this patients eye grounds are improved to an unbelievable degree not only had he never seen anything like it he doesn’t remember ever seeing a patient with such advanced disease even being alive fifteen month later the magnitude of the improvements Kempner got were surprising reversal ven stage heart and kidney failure simply beyond belief but his campaigner said as his closing sentence of a presentation for the American College of Physicians the important result is not that the change in the course of the disease has been achieved by the rice diet but that the course of the disease can be changed at all now that we have high blood pressure drugs we see less hypertensive retinopathy but still a lot of diabetic retinopathy the leading cause of blindness in American adults even with intensive diabetes treatment at least three insulin injections a day with the best modern technology has to offer like these plantable insulin pumps the best we can offer is usually just a slowing of the progression of the disease so we can in the 21st century slow down your blindness but a half a century ago Kemp and approved you could reverse it kempner started out using his plant-based ultra-low sodium fat cholesterol protein raise diet to reverse kidney and heart failure but assumed it would make diabetes worse he expected that 90% carbohydrate diet would increase insulin requirements however the opposite proved to be true he just took the next hundred patients with diabetes and walked through his door that went on the rice dye for at least three months and their fasting blood Sugar’s dropped despite a drop in the amount of insulin they were taking but this is what blew people away forty-four of the patients had diabetic retinopathy and in 30% of the cases their eyes improved from like this to this that’s not supposed to happen diabetic retinopathy is considered a sign of irreversible destruction what does this mean in real life unable to even read headlines to normal vision the remarkable success dr. Kempner had reversing some of the most dreaded complications of diabetes with this rice and fruit diet was not because of weight loss the improvements occurred even in those patients that did not lose significant weight so muscle and something specific about the diet maybe it was his total elimination of animal protein total elimination of animal fat total elimination of cholesterol or radical reduction in sodium fat and protein in general we don’t know but how do we treat diabetic retinopathy these days with steroids and other drugs injected straight into your eyeballs and if that doesn’t work there’s pan retinal laser photocoagulation in which laser burns are etched over nearly your entire retina surgeons literally burn out the back of your eye why would they do that the theory is that by killing off most of the retina the little pieces you leave behind may get more of the blood flow when I see this along with chem nurse work I can’t help but feel like history’s been reversed like yeah can you believe 50 years ago the best we had was these you know this barbaric burnout your socket surgery but thank goodness we’ve since learned that through dietary means alone we can reverse the blindness but instead of learning medicine seems to have forgotten you

58 thoughts on “Can Diabetic Retinopathy Be Reversed?”

  1. When I lost 90 pounds on a plant based diet, the very same thing happened to me. I'll never forget my eye doctors response. He literally checked twice, because he couldn't believe it. I also got rid of 5 insulin injections a day, and all blood pressure meds.

  2. My return to health on the rice diet has been unbelievable.  

    My hair thinned considerably, but it was required for survival.  No complaints here.

  3. I guess the same case as most would deduce that diet treatment you buy your own medicine in the form of food, the doctor can't make money from food treatment. Medical industry is a industry like any industry, profit is not to be overlooked, even it cost a limb, eyes and even life.

  4. Very interesting video. It's so depressing how backward most modern doctors are. I imagine, the way things are going, in thirty years we'll be back to curing migraine by knocking holes in people's heads with rocks in order to release the evil demons.

  5. I love how the opposite of what many scientists expect to happen in experiments often becomes common sense 100 years later.  Still waiting for more to catch on with the movement.  Too much good not to! #CompassionWins

  6. forgotten no more like ignored, they ignore cause they don't make money off healthy people eating plant based diets.

  7. This rice diet claims you should be eating white rice. This is bizarre. I can understand eating black rice in this diet for eye improvement but WHITE rice??? It makes no sense. Does anybody have an explanation that makes sense?

    Note: 80% of the college students in China wear glasses now, and it is highly likely due to the large consumption of white rice. I did lots of public speaking in China, and I had a parent of several college students ask why so many college students in China wear glasses. She said that she was not raised on white rice, her eyes were prefect, and she has never worn glasses. I asked her what she was raised on and she said, "Corn."

  8. I find it confusing that there is no consensus among the vegan doctors. Dr McDougall says rice is OK, but Dr Furman says you should eat no rice, and his proof is the rise of diabetes in the rice-eating countries.

    I would like to get my eyesight closer to what it was naturally, but it seems it will have to wait until people do more research.

  9. As a vegan it will be more difficult to me to build muscle? animal protein is more efficient in that matter?

  10. This should be a game changer in clinical medicine.  The right people need to see this, but will they?  I will disseminate this information as well as I can.  Thanks for posting.

  11. How much is photocoagulation vs how much is the rice diet? That might explain why photocoagulation is preferred by professionals.

  12. Critics want to discount these important quality-of-life issues that typically get so debilitating as you age: Good vision, frequent and easy bowel movement and easier urination, low-normal weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, blood-sugar, much reduced susceptibility to colds & flu (15-20+ years for me). Combine this with much better mobility, no arthritis, greater ability to work and exercise and have stamina through the day.

  13. Does anybody know of a specific plant based meal plan that's simple and free if possible ? I already looked at Dr Mcdougals plan it's good but to many choices. Thanks Keith

  14. Medicine forgot? I think not. It's the system where a Dr's are forced to look at patients as 'revenue centers'. One can't charge nearly as much for dietary advice (even if it's safer and effective as they can for a complicated and dangerous optical surgery. It's a sad state of affairs that is all too endemic these days.

  15. Dr. Gregor, are these results in respect to dealing with type 1, type 2 diabetics, or both?  I am a type 1 diabetic.  I may need to pay more attention to my glucose levels after eating rice, as sometimes it seems as though my glucose levels increase after rice consumption.

  16. here is a novel option, go on a rice and fruit diet only for 3 months and see for your self.

    the medical system like every other system has been completey destroyed by greed and lies.

    i refuse to to eat anything but a whole food plant based organic gmo diet.

    i suplement b12 and d and gets lots of sun, im 45 and in excellent shape. All the while everyone my age is obese and hyper fanatisize on protien.

    what a waste.

  17. Dr. Kempner’s rice and fruit diet was proven to do things modern medicine hasn’t been able to top in 50 years. 

    Watch below or click the link to watch on

  18. medicine has forgotten because there is no money for them in rice and fruit.  My mother had diabetic retinopathy and a lot of laser surgery 🙁

  19. All old age diet related diseases prove that we are Herbivores, that meat, dairy & eggs are not our natural food. For example if you pour 5-10% water in a brand new car's gas tank, it will still run. But after awhile it will damage the internals of engine & big expensive problems surface that cannot be ignored. Same thing if you replace motor oil with olive oil. It may still run, but the car will not last as long and maintenance costs will go up as the car ages.

  20. this video is great. It really shows how modern medicine works in certain areas. And that's a little sad. Great work Dr, Greger, as always!!

  21. One problem is that diet works in just 33% of patients so the "barbaric" surgeries and injections are still necessary in 67% of patients. I would try diet first but in the most likely case that it would fail I would be happy to be barabarized instead of going blind.

  22. I wished I had followed my Optometrist's advice earlier which was suggested two years ago. Fish oil supplement is the big answer.

  23. I wish I had followed my optometrist answer earlier from two years ago, fish oil is the big answer. Not only treat your retinopathy but heal your cells too to accept insulin

  24. I'm gonna try the diet. I've been vegan for awhile, but my blood sugars are still out of control. I had better control when I cut out fats. I wish I'd known it was reversible before. My doctor went straight to photo-coagulation, not even a mention of drugs/steroids.

  25. Thanks Dr Greger, if you ever come across any more recent studies, follow up to this I would be most interest, I have a cousin diabetic retinopathy and I have sent her this but would be interested if anyone has taken this further.

  26. I am getting worry about this I went eye Doctors today They told me mine got bigger from last year They going get me see spec lest I have type 2 diabetic

  27. My sibling used this neuropathy treatment “gowo shocking plan” (G00GLE it) and was able to lessen her pain by approximately 70%. So I just wanted to tell her story to others suffering from diabetic neuropathy. Search and learn it, you will like it.

  28. I discovered this neuropathy treatment method “gowo shocking plan” (G00GLE it)for my mommy who is suffering from the pain of neuropathy. Reading the guide. I shared the information to my mother and she followed it. My mom felt a positive change right away. I`m just happy that her condition has enhanced because if it. This is really incredible, I`m so thankful it works for her!

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  30. I went on this rice / fruit diet and had w stroke. ..too much sugar! fruit is sugar and carbs are sugar, somebody lie'in!

  31. I am a diabetic that has been off all meds since April of 2018. (Insulin) I did this by the Grace of God and a healthy ketogenic diet. I have lost 50 lbs, and my cholesterol is normalizing-triglycerides are normalizing and my kidney function has improved greatly! My retinopathy has not, as of yet. I do not believe I could eat a high carb diet and accomplish any reversal of any of the diabetic damage I have done to my body. More power to those who appear to have done so. But definitely not for me.

  32. What about Potatoes? Are they good or do they make the eyesight worse? Has it anything to do with high Bloodsugar?

  33. Through choosing “Vαnοjο Fivu” (Google it), you will overcome diabetic issues and set you to a more good life style. My has been using this program conscientiously for more than 45 days. It has been 5 years since he has been using insulin shots. He has been a type 2 diabetes patient for six years. Since reading through this plan and adhering to the plan he is eating better everyday & everyday…

  34. Thanks for the Video clip! Apologies for butting in, I would love your thoughts. Have you researched – Patlarny Sugar Outcome Principle (do a google search)? It is an awesome exclusive guide for reversing diabetes without the headache. Ive heard some incredible things about it and my mate finally got amazing results with it.

  35. So where do we get this diet?????? Why tell us so much about it then disappear without telling us where to find it? What a terrible video !

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